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Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in Birmingham


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I was quite excited a couple of months ago when I read that the folks who run the Irn-Bru carnival would be running a similar indoor carnival in Birmingham's NEC this Christmastime. Now, I'm not a big fan of spinning rides and so tend not to ride much at these things but still, for some reason I really love visiting the Irn-Bru carnival because they really pack a lot in, it has a great atmosphere and well, it's just funny to watch your friends get molested by all those carnie rides. So I had good expectations for Funworld.


Overall, what is there is good, but there's not enough. Especially when compared with the Irn-Bru Carnival which has 50% more rides than Funworld but is also 50% cheaper to enter. I think the fact that the place was dead when we went also contributed seeing as there was zero atmosphere during our visit. I hope it's been busier since we were there as everything seemed really spaced out and far apart but that could have been due to a lack of visitors.


But as I said what's there is good. The Ghost Train and Fun House were quite cool and the Dodgems were smashing. The spin'n'spews also got favourable reviews from the group, so all in all we were satisfied. I just wish we weren't totally done with the place after 90 minutes. It really could have done with a couple of bigger travelling rides like a spinning mouse, a top spin or a drop tower just to make the ride selection feel a bit more "complete".


Here's hoping that Funworld returns in 2010 bigger and better. I'll be watching with interest!


I was pleased to check out NEC Funworld. I hope it’s successful enough to warrant a second year that will see this evolve into something that can rival Glasgow’s Irn-Bru Carnival!


Thanks to the Brit Crew for another awesome weekend!


Thanks for reading!


This just looked evil, in a funny way. Funny because I was not riding!


Just a wee bit more spinning fun before we call it a day.


Steve is secretly adding this to his count, I just know it!


I might not count powered coasters but I never pass up a good Dragon Wagon!


Kentucky Derby takeover! My, my, that’s a lot of arses!


Check out poor Lou holding on for dear life!


This thing was crazy! Bouncy Bouncy!


Rob and Steve feel like they’ve recovered enough from the Reflexmas cheer that they could brave the Bouncy Bouncy!


I don’t know if it was just the time we visited but the place was DEAD. And with all the big gaps on the floor between rides the place was really lacking a bit of atmosphere.


The biggest ride in Funworld is probably the Frisbee, which looked pretty cool. The place could have done with a few more rides like this!


We were going to ride the Go-Gator but then we discovered that none of our group actually counted powered coasters! Dignity intact!


TPDave has a thirst for giving Scottish Steve some internal bleeding on the Dodgems! These bumper cars really were quite nippy! We were quite impressed and actually rode twice!


Some people still hadn’t quite recovered from the Reflexmas festivities.


Hey Anth, isn’t that the chick you hooked up with last night? (Anth, you really need to tell your hookup story!)


At least we got to laugh at everyone else getting mixed!


Unfortunatley for us all, Anth didn’t want to amuse us like he did in Glasgow last year and avoided Food Mixer: The Ride!


Yup, we took over the entire Wacky Worm train! Ain’t we just sad and pathetic to the max?!


Woohoo! A credit!


What are you guys so excited about?


Traveling Subway is very much Divv approved!!!


Who doesn't love traveling Subway?


This is the most awesome thing ever. The carnival has this really cool traveling Subway outlet! I’ve never seen anything like it!


Dave just filmed himself the whole way round the fun house. Seriously! Look out for that video!!


Brad was a bit disappointed to find that after squidging his way through all the big noodle things that there was a dead end at the other side and so he had to squidge the whole way back!


Mike’s Fun House Fail #670 for 2009.


Amazon Jungle, or more simply – the Fun House! This one was pretty good!


OMG, I just saw Steve’s rug!


“Grrr… I’m angry ghost train car, Gimme some snow putty!”


Don’t worry guys, Steve’s Rug of Love won’t be in this one!


This looks like something that Scottish Steve would just LOVE!


Okay, well let’s just go here then! I’m expecting this to be quite good seeing as it’s being run as the same people who do Glasgow’s awesome Irn-Bru carnival!


Can anyone point these two in the direction of the Leadership Rehearsals? No?

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That (what I call) "side spinner" (up 2 pix?) looks just evil and awesome at the same time, Divv!


I am taking to love these things, like the one at Sarkannemi in Finland (Football Themed and double benched opposite each other?) and a smaller (also Football themed I remember) one in one of the Japanese parks we went o back in '07; and then there was the one in Heide Park back in '08... what was that section called again? Named after the company that produced all the flats, lol.


Well, they're fun and crazy to ride, I love them too, and it's Your Loss you didn't ride it Divv, lol.


Hope you all have a Happy and Fantasic New Year, everybody!

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When we went on Monday, it was pretty much dead. Good fun for a couple of hours, though; the Dragon Wagon op sent us round the circuit 11 times, at an increasingly high speed, I loved Gory Superman (in the ghost train) mumbling 'Welcome to my house...'; as for the Rhythm Rider/Miami - I think Ben, Chris and I were glad to have managed to stay inside the restraints!

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Well In Reflex i was raving away on the revolving dancefloor... When the girl with the fishnet top,Lets call her Netty on brushed passed me, On doing this netty's fishnet top got caught on my shirt button


We stepped off the revolving dance floor to attempt to unhook ourselves... and after two rotations of Mr Fudge Laughing at me.. and some wacko lady coming over shouting at me JUST STOP IT! , STOP IT! (Comming from the most depressed "Sexy Santa" ive ever encountered) ... I thought bugger this. and ripped off the shirt button to free myself from netty


Lots of visual hilariouty to the Brit Crew , not so much from getting attacked by Netty and random angry "sexy" santa

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Folks, great thread! NEC looked like a lot of fun. Hey, I'd still ride Go-Gator, count or not.


Had wondered how Lou was doing. Lou, you were thought of this week at IOA. Betty Boop was talking pictures with people, but there wasn't enough time for me to get one with her.


Back to topic, keep up the good work and thanks!

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The NEC looked good but really quiet. Had an evening at the SECC in Glasgow after xmas with my 5yr old neice and friends. Had a great time as she is just big enough for some of the big rides and has become a speed demon, can't wait for her to get on the big coasters!! There were a lot of big spin and pukes and fortunately this year got on a lot of them. Birmingham looked lke it could do with a lot more thouh. Hopefully over the next few years they will expand. looked like you lot had a great time though.

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I have a quick question regarding the cadabra ride at Cadbury World.


Do you only get to ride it once or can you go and ride again?


Am planning on going in the next couple of weeks and would like to shoot stills and POV so would need to ride twice.





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