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Bay Area Bash 2010! May 15th & 16th! SFDK & CGA!

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Hey everyone!


Bay Area Bash is just ONE MONTH AWAY! Register for this event now:




May 15th at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and May 16th at California's Great



Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has announced that parking will be FREE for Bay

Area Bash attendees. (A $15 savings!) We will have parking vouchers

available that we will mail to you prior to the event.


You will not need this parking voucher if you have a SDFK Season Pass with

the parking option included.


So if you have already registered, and need a parking voucher, send me an

email to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com and we will make sure you get one!


In other news California's Great America has announced a "backstage tour"

that will take you through their coaster shop, behind the scenes at

Boomerang Bay, and up close and personal with Flight Deck (Top Gun) to get

some amazing shots that you can't get from guest areas!




If you are interested in the Party Bus from So Cal to Nor Cal email me NOW!


Remember your $375 can be paid in installments and it includes:


- Ground Transportation from So Cal to NorCal and back

- Two nights hotel lodging (Fri & Sat)

- Both events (SFDK & CGS)

- A BONUS PARK on Friday Night

- Dinner on Friday Night

- Breakfast and Lunch on Sat & Sun

- Event T-Shirt

- Snacks, Drinks, Food, and FUN!!!


If you live in So Cal, DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE PARTY BUS!!! It will be West

Coast Bash fun times 72 hours!


Once again, register for Bay Area Bash here:



Or email me if you're interested in the Party Bus



--Robb Alvey

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so how does that bus work, i mean where do you meet up, i assume you would have to get dropped off, cause i dont think i would want to leave my car anywhere for two days, my wife is says to go, but i think its reverse psycology, and theres a whammy if i choose coasters, or maybe she wants another mom and kids fun day like she had during wcb, i dunno, gimme any info you think helps me decide

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^^ You don't need to get dropped off. The meet up place is most likely going to be our apartment complex where your car will be safe for two days.


^ Yeah, the bonus park has potential to be EPIC!



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Quick question about the bonus park without trying to guess what it is:


If one is using the magic of airplanes to come to California, where should they fly to?


I'm going to talk to my parents tomarow after I get back from KI about trying to get on the Party Bus. I'm a little bit concerned though, since my mom was hesitating a little on getting me my Platinum Pass again instead of downgrading me to Gold. Stupid economy

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^No matter what the park, everyone on the Party Bus will want to come into either LAX (cheaper) or BUR (closer) airports. Then you'll make your way to Valencia (there are several options and some people are sharing or working on rides) to get on the bus, then there's nothing to worry about!

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Ok. So i did the checkout thing for the bus thing. So, im in. Whats the weather like up there? Sandles or shoes?


I'm wearing shoes, because it can be cool in the morning and evening, as said before. It all depends on whether you have problems with your feet getting cold or not. I would consider bringing sandals, in a backpack, into CGA for the water rides, so that you don't get your shoes wet.

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Judging by my conversation with my parents today, something tells me I'm not going to make it Of course, they aren't opposed to dropping $375 on a TPR trip, just the fact that flying would be so expensive. Can you say Midwest Bash?...Because that should totally happen

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backpack bad SFDK - check

backpack good CGA - checck

Sealed water bottle fits in pocket - check

sunscreen good - check

cargo shorts (apparently unofficial male uniform for tpr members judging from trip reports, cargo shorts + hoodie) - check

weather cooler early/late - check

multiple footwear good - check

no farting on bus - check


Do they let you get away with fanny packs, sfmm usually doesn't care. Mostly i just put my cell and sunglasses in it, maybe some motrin.

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Hey everyone!


I have some great news for the TPR Party Bus going to Bay Area Bash!


Our Friday night park visit and dinner will include an OPEN BAR!!!


If you miss out on the party bus, you are officially lame! Seriously, this is going to be an amazing weekend! DO. NOT. MISS. THIS!!!


Oh, and I forgot to mention...we also have TWO HOURS of ERT on that Friday night. I wonder what coaster it could on? Hmm.... Guess you'll have to sign up for the Party Bus to find out!


Spots are still open for Bay Area Bash and the Party Bus. Register here:



--Robb Alvey



ps. And yes you need to be 21 years of age to participate in the open bar. If you are under 21 years of age we have plenty of soda for you...

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