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Bay Area Bash 2010! May 15th & 16th! SFDK & CGA!

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Happy to answer your questions...


1. You do not need any tickets or season passes for the Party Bus, EVERYTHING will be taken care of for you.


2. You can pay a deposit now, and pay the rest later. As long as you are paid in full before stepping on the bus you're good to go!


3. I would highly recommend that people fly in Thursday night or earlier.


4. Burbank would be the most convenient airport, but LAX works fine (and may be cheaper) as well.


Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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California's Great America Announces Backstage Tour for Bay Area Bash!!!


CGA has confirmed their backstage tour for Bay Area Bash! It is looking like the tour will start in their "Coaster Shop" which will give everyone a good idea of what it's like to do maintenance on a coaster and the parts needed to do so. We'll head out and see behind the scenes at Boomerang Bay and then down the "Center Service Road" and end up by Flight Deck. (Top Gun) I'm told by the park that this should give everyone a chance to get some "nice coaster shots" from some locations that are not accessible to members of the general public.


Last year a couple of us did a similar tour and we got take some cool pics like these:


You can't normally get this close!


"See how cool I am hanging out backstage and what!"


Register for Bay Area Bash here:



Bay Area Bash is:

May 15th - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

May 16th - California's Great America


There are still spaces left on the PARTY BUS!!!


Don't miss Bay Area Bash this year! It's going to be AWESOME!!!



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c0asterfreek, I'm in San Jose too... we should hang out sometime. Are you heading up to the SFDK day? I am still up in the air about great america, but its looking like I have to choose between the 2 days due to funds... and if thats the case I'll go up to SFDK for sure.

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I'm so excited for the backstage tour! I've never been on one and I've always wanted to walk down the "Center Service Road!"



I've got a couple of tips for people attending both days of Bay Area Bash.


At SFDK the rides in the back of the park (the animal area) don't open until 11:30 or so. The only rides that open at 10:30 are the rides on the front side of the hill. You don't want to waste time walking all the way back to Boomerang just to find out it isn't open yet...


SFDK, like all other Six Flags parks, has the $1 l ockers. Backpacks are not recommended, because you will be forced to use the l ockers. CGA has cubbyholes for backpacks and other personal belongings at all of the rides, so backpacks work really well there. Just don't leave anything really valuable in there, unfortunately you can't trust everyone...


Both parks allow un-opened water bottles into the park. As long as the seal on the cap isn't broken you can bring them in. I wear cargo shorts that allow me to carry the water bottle in one of the pockets so I don't have to use the l ockers at SFDK and I can refill it at the water fountains through out the day.


Bring sunscreen. SFDK has a good amount of shade around the park. All of the stations for the roller coasters are covered and a good part of most of the lines have some sort of shade, but sunscreen is still recommended. I don't have too much of a problem with sunburns at SFDK. At CGA, the only roller coaster that has a covered station is Grizzly. Demon has a covered queue line, but the station is open. You spend a lot of time waiting in line in the sun, so be sure to put on sunscreen several times during the day. I've gotten sun-burnt every time I've gone to CGA.


Hopefully these tips help someone... lol.

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To answer some questions that have come in about the Party Bus:


1. Yes we DO have spots left (14 actually) so if you are interested in the Party Bus, please EMAIL ME asap at robbalvey@themeparkreview.com


2. We can make payment arrangements! If you want to pay a smaller amount up front now, and then the rest in 5 weeks when the Party Bus leaves, that's fine too. Again, email me so we can plan.


If you haven't registered for Bay Area Bash yet, please do so here:




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