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Universal Studios Grinchmas 2009 Media Day


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Grinchmas 2009 Media Day



Twas’ an unsmoggy day, near Downtown LA, so the Studio invited us to come down and play!


A silly young man, and his young brother too,

brought their cameras to share the festivites with you.


The building facades were covered with snow,


as Grinchmas would start in a few days, or so.


Several banners were hung,


there were cut-outs for tots,


and a new Whoville tree, in the large Upper Lot.


The stage was all set,


the kids were imported,


“We will quickly get started!” the Mayor retorted.


The Grinch burst onto the scene, and was issued two fines,


when Sherriff Lee Baca realized he had forgotten his lines!


The Mayor then used the classic two-finger point,


while the Policeman still wanted to lock the Grinch in the joint.


Cindy Lou Who was sad, she just wanted to read,


so the Grinch said: “Just this once, I might do a good deed!”


The Whobilation continued, and confetti went: BANG!


Max the dog barked, while every Who sang.


Then chaos ensued, as the kids played in snow,


and they talked to a stranger they didn’t quite know.


The Mayor was proud of his big Christmas Tree,


“Snow is NOT fun; rid your faces of all that glee!”


A visit from Dec.19th-31st would be nice,

and be sure to buy tons of Grinchy merchandise!






Backlot Tour Update


Despite the Media Day for the "Reopening of Courthouse Sqaure" a few months ago, Courthouse Sqaure is still closed to trams,

as construction continues in the surrounding areas.




As you may know, King Kong will return to the Backlot Tour in Summer 2010,

in a brand new building as: King Kong 360 3-D.


You can see where the new attraction is being built in reference to the collapsing bridge.


Guests will disembark the trams to visit all the Whos down in Whoville.



"See you at Grinchmas!"


Remember: Beetlejuice is the reason for the season!

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13 Days...from a random day until December 31st. Interesting. I'm assuming its in reference to the 12 Days of Christmas. I have always found it funny that seemingly no one knows when the 12 Days of Christmas actually are...








...They are the 12 Days between Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany- Jan. 6th. Yet all of the parks will have their decorations down before then. My traditionalist parents leave their decorations up until the 6th every year- its funny because most people seeing that assume they are just lazy or something.

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Excellent pictures and captions- I really enjoyed reading.


A tad off-subject, but have they bothered to repaint the Whoville set since it's initial construction? If it appears in public eyes, it should be given the same treatment as any other building or ride in the park- occasional touch-ups that keep it looking nice.

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