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Cedar Fair Corporate Development Discussion Thread (FUN)

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It's amazing what a forward thinking management team can do for the company. I had been saying for years that the "good old boys" club at Cedar Fair was leaving millions on the table by stubbornly refusing to accept industry norms such as preferred parking, fastlane, and VIP tours.


There were also trying to not upset the most vocal backwards A$$ people who don't have many to spend on such "privileges". Thankfully new management bite the bullet. You are always going to have people comlain but you might as well increase revenue while they complain.


I really just think it is because they were so "old school," they didn't feel the company needed to change anything.

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Expanded Agreement to Extend Across the Company's 17 Properties


SANDUSKY, Ohio, Oct. 25, 2012 -- Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and active entertainment, and The Coca-Cola Company today announced a 10-year agreement, making Coca-Cola Cedar Fair's "Official Refreshment Beverage" of its parks beginning January 2013.


The new agreement includes product offerings and fully-integrated marketing and sponsorship opportunities designed to maximize marketing collaboration and activation. Coca-Cola beverages will be made available to park guests throughout Cedar Fair's regionally dispersed network, which encompasses 11 amusement parks, 6 waterparks and 5 hotels, including Cedar Point, which has been voted the "Best Amusement Park in the World" for 15 consecutive years. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase the beverages at a broad array of venues throughout the parks, including restaurants, mobile carts and vending areas. Products will include Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®, Sprite®, Coca-Cola Zero™, PowerAde® and Dasani® bottled water, along with energy drinks, teas and juices.


"We are thrilled to be partnering exclusively with The Coca-Cola Company," said Bob Wagner, Cedar Fair's corporate vice president of strategic alliances. "We look forward to developing a comprehensive alliance which enables park guests to create memorable moments with their family and friends while enjoying Coca-Cola's iconic brands. We welcome the opportunity to take our relationship with The Coca-Cola Company to the next level through new marketing initiatives and products which will be debuted next year."


Through the agreement, Cedar Fair and Coca-Cola will co-develop and introduce comprehensive marketing initiatives which will capture the attention of guests through a broad range of mediums, including property specific programs and campaigns tailored specifically to regional preferences. In addition, Cedar Fair and Coca-Cola will launch a fully integrated joint campaign, targeting broader audiences through social media, TV, radio, internet and cinemas.


"We are excited by the opportunity to expand our relationship with Cedar Fair and refresh guests with our broad array of brands," said Stefanie Miller, group vice president of strategic partnership marketing, Coca-Cola Refreshments. "We look forward to leveraging our brands, programs and resources to enhance the guest's experience when they Open Happiness with a Coca-Cola during their next visit."


About Cedar Fair


Cedar Fair is a publicly traded partnership headquartered in Sandusky, Ohio, and one of the largest regional amusement-resort operators in the world. The Company owns and operates 11 amusement parks, six outdoor water parks, one indoor water park and five hotels. Its parks are located in Ohio, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, and Toronto, Ontario. Cedar Fair also operates the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in California under a management contract. Cedar Fair's flagship park, Cedar Point, has been consistently voted the "Best Amusement Park in the World" in a prestigious annual poll conducted by Amusement Today newspaper.


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Ok, now that I'm over my initial amazement, joy, and outright giddiness I've thought about it...


Robb and I always had this theory that whenever Six Flags was on the rise, Cedar Fair was on the down slope...and vice-versa. It really seems right now that we're seeing CF moving in the right direction (new rides, adding fastlane, switching to coke, improving haunt events, etc.) and Six Flags...well...should we be expecting an announcement about them switching to Pepsi!??!


I do wonder if there's something else going on behind the scenes. While I fully understand that amusement parks are such a small percentage of a huge soft drink companies portfolio it does seem odd to lose both the Busch Parks and Cedar Fair parks within a 12 month period.

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I didn't get the whole Coke Pepsi thing until two weeks ago.


Living in WNY we recently got two "Five Guys Burgers" franchises. This was my first run in with the Coke Freestyle Machines.




My eyes have been opened, and this is really good news!




v THIS!!!

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Doesn't really impact me since I really only go to Kings Dominion, Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Carowinds. 3 of those 4 already had Coca-Cola under the extended contract that Paramount had. But it will definitely be nice to see Coke at the Point next season as I'm a Pepsi-hater and a Coke Zero-lover. Great choice Cedar Fair!

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What remaining theme park chains don't have coke yet?



EDIT - Looks like it's only Legoland Florida. Legoland California is Coke. I wonder if that was a deal left over from Cypress Gardens since I think most of the rest of Merlin parks are Coke?

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