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Cedar Fair Corporate Development Discussion Thread (FUN)

P. 70: Cedar Fair unveils 2022 operating season plans

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Been on the one at Carowinds. Complete waste of money for an attraction. No return value or thrills. I agree with others that it would have been a better call as a drop tower.


What were you expecting?(out of curiosity)


It's just a swing ride. Except much taller.


I like Windseekers, They're nice chill-out rides after hours of riding coasters Its kind of like Iron Dragon at Cedar which is a good chill-out coaster and an awesome starter non-kiddie coaster for kids.


I'm kind of hoping that Michigans Adventure and the other CF parks that don't have them getsa slightly smaller 201 ft tall variant of the ride, because they're actually not bad rides at all.

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These rides look fantastic and scare all those roller coaster and drop tower lovers that are afraid of heights or the overall concept of the how the ride works/ holds you up. I'd say they are a great investment and draw for a lot of guests. I'm not afraid of these at all but really love the views and being that high. It's really serene and a great Ferris wheel alternatative.


CF took a chance on commissioning a bunch of these from a ride manufacturer who's never built anything like it before, which is probably why Mondial needed a large order to create a new attraction. The CF design was thought to withstand winds better than Fun Time's rides. Who knew that downtime would be caused because the ride couldn't go up, down or spin as planned instead of the wind? It'll be interesting to see how Fun Time's largest tower does at SFoT.

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I've been on all Cedar Fair Windseekers (aka Breaking Wind). I've not felt unsafe on any of them. IMO, at the top the ride spins too fast for me to see the surroundings clearly. It's an okay ride, but "nothing to write home to Mother about." As others have said better to be safe than sorry.

Mondial has proven not to knowledgeable from the start with their ride. I remember at Coastermania at Cedar Point last year the ride not running because the seats were crashing into each other, before they modified it. We were just looking up watching that! What part of being on Lake Erie, wind at 300' and it's name didn't they understand?

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Cedar Fair is being safe. After being on three of them (all of them which have had reported issues), I never felt unsafe in the ride.


The fact that the rides stopped when something out of kilter was noticed is a good thing, now they just need to take a look at an easier way to lower people down.

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Yes the ride is safe, but do you want to literally piss yourself 300 feet in the air from being stranded in your seat for 3 and a half hours? Also, there is no coverage from the sun. It would be a pretty miserable 3 and a half hours.

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Cedar Fair LP, which three years ago saw the price of its stock dip to around $6 a share on the New York Stock Exchange, on Wednesday posted a record-high share price during trading and closed on a record high.


The publicly traded company, which owns seven water parks and 11 amusement parks, including Cedar Point in Sandusky, reached a high of $36.48 per unit shortly before 1 p.m. and closed at $35.80 per unit. Its previous high was $36.01 per unit on March 10, 2004.


Cedar Fair, which operates as a master limited partnership, calls its stock shares “membership units.”


The company’s stock opened trading Wednesday at $35.30 a share. The day’s trading volume for Cedar Fair, which trades under the ticker symbol “FUN,” was 304,972 shares. Average volume is 230,097 shares.


Stacy Frole, director of investor relations for Cedar Fair, said company officials were gratified.


“We were definitely pleased. Obviously, you can’t control the market and the first focus is on our operations,” she said.


But investors may be responding to the company’s rising dividend projections and company estimates that it will post a third consecutive record year of operating income at year’s end.


Cedar Fair is on pace to pay out a dividend (or unit distribution) of $1.60 per share for 2012 and it is confident of paying a record dividend of $2 or more in 2013.


“At the end of the day, it comes down to delivering on our operations, and our teams here in the parks do a great job of that,” Ms. Frole said.


Earlier this month, Cedar Fair announced that revenues for its regular May-August summer season that ended Labor Day rose 5 percent in 2012 to $881 million. The company experienced a 4 percent rise — to $41.74 — in average in-park spending by customers.


Company leaders say 2013 could be better, as new e-commerce initiatives are fully operational and customers become more acquainted with premium options, such as its Fast Lane program that allows those who pay extra the ability to go to the head of the line at certain rides.


Cedar Fair will debut a $26 million “winged” roller coaster, the GateKeeper, at its flagship Cedar Point park for 2013. Analysts say the coaster, to be at the entrance, could have a significant positive impact on attendance.




Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and active entertainment, today announced an extended multi-year partnership with The ICEE Company, a premier frozen beverage provider.


"We are very excited to extend our relationship with The ICEE Company," said Bob Wagner, Corporate Vice President, Strategic Alliances. "ICEE is a brand all of our guests enjoy and we are thrilled to extend a long-term agreement with them."


A leader in the frozen beverage category, The ICEE Company offers well-known, guest-approved, frozen beverages including ICEE, SLUSH PUPPiE and Parrot-Ice treats. The popular array of products will continue to be a favorite for park guests of all ages, providing a cool, thirst-quenching treat.


"The ICEE Company is proud to be the exclusive frozen beverage partner for Cedar Fair," stated Dan Fachner, President, The ICEE Company. "Our products, ICEE, SLUSH PUPPiE and Parrot-Ice are treats that are synonymous with amusement parks. We expect the program to be a success for Cedar Fair, The ICEE Company and park guests."

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It's amazing what a forward thinking management team can do for the company. I had been saying for years that the "good old boys" club at Cedar Fair was leaving millions on the table by stubbornly refusing to accept industry norms such as preferred parking, fastlane, and VIP tours.

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It's amazing what a forward thinking management team can do for the company. I had been saying for years that the "good old boys" club at Cedar Fair was leaving millions on the table by stubbornly refusing to accept industry norms such as preferred parking, fastlane, and VIP tours.


There were also trying to not upset the most vocal backwards ass people who don't have many to spend on such "privileges". Thankfully new management bite the bullet. You are always going to have people comlain but you might as well increase revenue while they complain.

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