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I've been seeing more and more of people getting into podcasts and broadcasting programs, so which ones do you like?


Personally, Im a HUGE fan of JohnJay and Rich (www.johnjayandrich.com). You have JohnJay, the momma's boy who is a dad, and Rich, a Catholic that use to do cartoon voices, with Kyle, the median to all the crazy. Seriously, these guys are crazy!


Who do you like?

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whatever's on NPR when I'm in the car

This American Life

Wait Wait...

bunch of stuff on twit.tv

GeekBox/RebelFM/Gamespy's podcast

4 Guys 1up

A Life Well Wasted

Out of the Game.



That's What She Said (The Office podcast)

Gamers With Jobs

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^ I used to listen to coasterradio, but mike is just not funny or Edhy enough, and the shows not interesting enough. I do listen to the season pass for informationh/interviews and in the loop for the entertainment and coaster stuff, and I like long podcasts. I am currently looking for podcasts and I am starting to listen to keith and the girl which is an awesome comedy podcast.


Future listener of the Robb Alvey and Coasterboy show. For those of you who dont get this you need to listen to the april fools episode of in the loop last year. Robb was like an ewntire group of comedians and in about 45 minutes robb will become your hero.

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I'm on a bit of a podcast kick right now and was planning on starting the topic, but searched and found this one. Right now the podcasts I listen to avidly are:


Real Time with Bill Maher

Mad Money with Jim Cramer

The BS Report with Bill Simmons

Fantasy Focus Baseball

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast

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I mostly listen to the Giant BombCast. It is a great podcast and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes games. The GameStation Podcast is also really good as well. I used to listen to the RoosterTeeth podcast as well before it went to video format and the YogPod but they stoped making them as frequently.

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Theme Parks



Video Games



Radio Free Nintendo



SModcast (Kevin Smith's podcast)

Tell Em Steve Dave (Kevin Smith's friends' podcast, but I like it better than his)

Uninformed Opinions

Gersberms (2 dudes that review Goosebumps books/episodes )

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I really just got into listening to podcasts' this year. I listen to ones mainly comedy based or about the entertainment industry.


I listen to:


You Had To Be There- Sara Schaefer & Nikki Glaser

I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman- Jen Kirkman

Shane & Friends- Shane Dawson & Lauren Schnipper

Scriptnotes- John August & Chriz Mazin

Throwing Shade- Erin Gibson & Brian Safi



Hollywood Handbook

Social Media Marketing- Michael Stelzner


I don't know if anyone would be interested, but I have started my own podcast with one of my friends called "Proceed With Caution". We mainly talk about our personal lives, pop culture(music, movies, tv), and actual real news. You can find us on iTunes. Just click here: Proceed With Caution


Our RSS feed is: http://www.proceedwithcaution.libsyn.com/RSS


I am also up for any suggestions on any podcast I should checkout. I've kinda become obsessed, I mean, I even started my own. Haha.

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I love podcasts, it's pretty much all I listen to anymore. Actually, it's been that way for the last 4-5 years. Here's what I listen to:


Doug Loves Movies

Doug Loves Minis

Dining with Doug and Karen

WTF with Marc Maron

BS Report with Bill Simmons

Solid Verbal (College Football)

ESPNU College Football Podcast

Inside the Magic

DIS Unplugged

WDW Today


I used to listen to Giant Bomb, but just don't play games anymore, so it's hard to listen to a 3 hour podcast about gaming.

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I enjoy listening to the normal coaster podcasts like Coaster Radio and The Season Pass. Both are excellently produced with Coaster Radio having more of a funny side and The Season Pass having fantastic interviews with industry leaders and legends. I also listen to the Hamish and Andy podcasts, they're two hilarious Australian radio hosts with crazy ideas for shows.

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Politics: Rush L., I love the show and the news!

Hannity, same reason

Themepark: Screamin' Horseshoe Queue Podcast, interesting views and a great place to find information.


I listen to a few others but only seldom would I, which are usually Disney based podcasts.

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I recently got back into podcasts thanks to the oh-so inefficient CDOT construction project that I have to drive through to get to school . As of now these are the ones that I like to listen to (in order of preference):



Gadgettes: Girls talking about gadgets (prepare for sore sides with this one)

It's a Thing: Completely unscientific trendspotting


Buzz Out Loud: Tech, pop culture, and how they translate into our lives

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!

Adventures in Design: Graphic design

Car Talk

TWiT: Weekly tech breakdowns

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