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Who found Manhattan Express rough?

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Okay,almost every review of Manhattan Express I have read,and seeing Robb's video. People have said that it is very rough. Well, I went on it last summer in the very last row and I did not find it rough at all! :shock: Am I crazy? Am I the only one that found it very good?


Let me know what you thought of it.

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It was rough, but not so much that it would cause me pain. What makes me hate the ride is two things: the price, and the lack of adrenaline, fun, and speed. You'd think with a 203' height and a twist & dive (which was pretty fun) it would at least have some fun to it.

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^everything in a tourist area is expensive! i even heard that the in-n-out in san francisco near fisherman's warf has higher prices than the rest of the in-n-outs.

that's the same thing as the McDoanalds down the street from Disneyland. I've never been on Manhattan Express, but $15 is just not worth that.

Brent "the Big Mac's are like four dollars!" Shenton 8)

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It's been four or five years since I rode it, and though I'm no fan of roughness, I have to confess I quite enjoyed it. Maybe I was in a good mood, maybe it was the visuals, maybe it was the discount I'd gotten from Deperado. Whatever. Only rode it once, though, and dunno what I'd think if I rode it now. And as far as it costing whatever: People lose a hell of a lot more than that at New York, New York in the 2 minutes 40 seconds ME takes to complete its run. The last blackjack hand I played at NY, NY cost me 10 bucks and lasted about 20 seconds: the dealer had 21. Yes, it's a ridiculous amount of money for one coaster, but folks have paid 50 bucks and stood on line 6 hours to ride Kingda Ka, or paid loads more to Fastlane their way past the line.

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My one and only ride on it was in March 1999. At the time, I paid "only" $7 to ride. For whatever reason, I don't remember it being THAT rough, but I was not impressed at all with the end of the ride. It was boring.


The twist-and-dive is an element that I'd like to see other manufacturers do, but I don't know if TOGO has it patented.


As much as we pick on TOGO, I have to admit that their vertically adjustable OTSRs really aren't that bad. Unfortunately, they didn't do those on Knott's infamous Windjammer (thankfully RIP---that is, Rusting in Pieces).


Maybe sometime I'll take another ride on it to see how it's aged. But it doesn't sound like it's aged too well based on the reports I've read.



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