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RCT2 Lost Objdata Help Thread

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I have seen a few of the track sections in my ObjData folder before, seemed to have missed them when I made that list. But if I remember right there was not a complete set only a few straight tunnel sections (one on a slope) to be used to make lift hill tunnels and such on coasters. So in other words there are not enough pieces to make a complete slide of any kind.


It is easy to get straight sections of track for any kind of ride using RCT2GUIEditor but curves and inversions are a different story. They are intact sections of track in the game but in reality (game code) they are bits and pieces that when put together make a section of track. So to get all of a rides track types would be very difficult and time consuming.

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, me not to bright these days!


The file name is ARRT3 and it is available in the RCT & RCT2 Download sticky at the top the forums. You can either just scroll down to the rides section (third post) or just open the thread and do simple search for ARRT3. The "Search this topic..." function is on the left right below the topics name. Once entered it will take you right to the section that has the ride. Just scroll down from there.

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Anyone have Jeep1?

I found it. ...also found a Jeep2.


Califolf, I am still going through my DAT folder looking for Christmas stuff. Up to the letter "K". Finding all kinds of stuff from Gingerbread House walls/doors/roofs, Icicle Lights to hang on roofs, various sizes of Christmas Trees and even a sleigh. I will try to have it done this weekend.





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Diagonal flat roof texture, corrugated roof the ones used in Kumba's Kumba recreation, Full tile Diagonal Tiled Cement scenery piece, Full tile Diagonal Crazy Paving(scenery piece), Full tile Diagonal Brown tarmac (scenery piece), and full tile black tarmac (path) and full tile diagonal black tarmac (Scenery piece)


Thanks in advance.

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^ I have what you need I will post it when I get the chance.


So sorry for the long delay on this Christmas stuff, there was a lot to go through and sort out. Almost all items are pictured. Every zip file includes the picture posted here along with all the DATs. Every DAT has a matching picture to go along with it so you can pick through the folder and take what you want and leave what you don't. ENJOY!


Also, make sure you stop by the Download Thread and pick up all the Christmas Theme/Winter Theme rides, stalls and park entrances that would go great with these objects. Just off the top of my head I know there is a Santa/Reindeer Monorail (MetRSanM), Candy Cane Chairlift (MetRCanL), Reindeer Coaster (AE-REIND), Iceberg Boats (MetRiced) and many others. There are even theme specific items like a ride made just for the Nightmare Before Christmas theme (Mkg-ctph) a couple of Gingerbread theme rides (MetRLbkA & MetRLbkH) and a Disney Matterhorn Coaster by the Amazing Earl (AE-MTRHN.zip). There is even a custom Seuss Christmas park entry available (SEUSS32) and a complete set of stalls inside of gift boxes (TN-GS01).


Just in case you did not here about it there is Christmas contest going on at NE called Roomies' Christmas Giveaway. Don't worry about being "good enough", this contest is not about that. This is also a very small build with map size limit of 40x40. There is a bench available at NE. There are prizes like copies of the original RCT games (RCT & CF+LL), coaster books and even a SIGNED copy of RCT2 by Chris Sawyer himself. This contest is an RCT2 only contest. For more info about this great little contest click HERE Hope to see a big turn out of TPR members.


Random Christmas & Snow Items.zip


Gingerbread Castle - House Items.zip


Nightmare Before Christmas Scenery Items.zip


XF - Ice Scenery Items.zip



Disney Matterhorn Scenery Items.zip


MS - Christmas Decorations and Structure Items.zip


Seuss Christmas Items.zip



Spanish Villa Holiday Building Blocks & Extras.zip

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