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Cessation-B&M Inverted Coaster [RCT3]

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Very nice job! I don't know why you think it's so crappy. It looks like a wonderful spinoff of nemesis.


By the way, you are officially my favorite "captioner" (anyone who references flight of the concords to a roller coaster is pretty good with me)

Haha I have a philosophy that if you take your RCT3 rides seriously, then you're even more of a loser than the standard, also a loser, RCT3 player

And you are officially my favorite commenter ever for getting the Flight of the Conchords reference!


^Haha, don't wear yourself out, only a few of my rides are decent, as you go back in time, they get progressively worse and worse.

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Reason: You'll f***'n see.

It's a nice day all up in the high mountain part of this ride...ever so nice...

Lockers and fast pass zone...not very special, I may change it if someone gives me the right idea about it.

The retracting gate is completely necessary.

The last time I saw this much bush was Friday night... /*pukes*

Now to the untrained eye, this may look exactly the same as the last update. However, if you look closely...I added tires!

Oy gavult! What an elevation change!

Pure, pure beauty. NOT!

First drop hotness. It's so hot, we're in a relationship.

You spin my head right round right round...wait, that reminds me too much of another website.

Da Gah rass bo wel.

The final turn is so cute you want to reach out and pet it. That said, never try to reach out and pet an inverted coaster. Baaaaaad things happen.

Can you point out the spot that still needs to be themed?!

Overview of the ride. But wait, there's more!

There's gonna be a (themed) splash battle too!

"I opened the window and a breeze rolled in and I j**zed in my pants."

Check out the magical floating queue! ...that WILL be apocalypse themed...in time.

Cluster**** example 1.

Cluster**** example 2.

Splash Battle overview.

New terraforming!

And gotta end it with a sexy picture!




It's NOT as slow as it looks btw.

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