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Photo TR: Phantasialand "The Winter Experience" - Night Shot


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Hi there,


spend yesterday afternoon / evening with some friends in the Phantasialand Park (Germany; Bruehl). They are open from November til 10. January 2010 the Winter Season called "The Winter Experience".


The Park closed at 8 p.m., so it was really a nice experience watching in the dark all these light decorations and specials they made for the Winter Season. A special Show, called "The Magical Rose" with illumination show effects, snow tube ride (toboggan run), reindeer riding, snowmobiles for kids, an ice rink and curling was built up over the park.


Phantasialand is not reaching the stylish winter decorations of Disney or Europa Park until now, but it´s gathering experience year to year.


In my opinion, the best fact is, that the Park wasn´t - missing the right adjective - overfilled like in the summertime! I entered the park at 4 p.m. and could ride the Black Mamba and so on with a waiting time of max. 5 Minutes


Because of that - and some hot wine punch here and there ... I forgot to take more photos - The partially unsharpness of my pictures are not a result of my behavior, i missed to take a tripod into the park and have no wide-angle lens for my Camcorder So I hold the cam in my unsteady hands and to get larger pictures I put some shots together in the postprocessing


OK, here are the pictures I shot (hopefully I went back in the next week, so I will make an update)


Yeah, cool!... FIRE & ICE ...


Great Statue, with cool lightning effect.


Panorama of Chinatown

(taken with multi parts of photos)


There is Chinatown - one of the better winter themed parts - This is the Pavillion of the Restaurant "Manschu"


Bad shot of the Snow Tube Ride


Inside Panorama Shot of Mystery Castle...

(A photo of the ride you can find in the Park Index, by an other Trip Report, so I take no photo)


Can you see the frightning Mystery Castle... yes, must take a ride on it - but it was a very short ride, so another one... we were only 6 Persons inside; I like the fast push to the top)


I was a little bit confused, thought there is a roof on the tower, but there were raindrops / waterdrops inside the building??? - fits the athmosphere ;o)


... where is the great one for the bigger kids, called parents??? You have none...


...But I WANT some!!! ...buaahhaa... unfair...


Cool, a snowmobile track for kids, but...


Mexiko, wasn´t so much winter themed; it looked more like funfair lights.


In my opinion this was the best nightshot there.


Token in the near of the Fantissima Theater (Galadinner + on Ice Show) & Hollywood Tour - looks nice in the dark, I think.


"Temple of the Nighthawk" my most ridden coaster as I grow up... (called Space Center) ... since they rethemed them, I never ridden again - now it was closed earlier... :o(


A bit sharper shot of the moon


But I´m missing some christmas & winter decoration inside of Wuze Town


Nice Moon on the building of Wuze Town... and a melody which animate you to go to sleep surrounding you :o)


This animated Puppet wants to be incognito...


Polar Bears??? Are they searching for the right direction to the northpole...


...or is it KNUT with his new family on a christmas shopping tour through cologne? - Hope they didn´t watch out off RODENTS, otherwise Elissa will come and kick you in your white fluffy hindquarters ;o)


Hi there, don´t you have to be at the northpole for preparation?


The Galaxy looks great by night...

in front of the building you have the chance to play curling.


(Did I mention, that on the other side were only fences - they have removed the old dark ride "Gondelbahn - 1001 Nacht" and "Walzertraum", too! Didn´t know of that before, excluded the "Brandenburger Tor" and the attractions around. I´m curios what they will build there in the next years?)


A huge Christmas Tree was put on the large place where the "Brandenburger Tor" was. Behind that is now a skating rink and in the evening the show "The Magical Rose"


A panorama view of "Alt Berlin"


"Alt Berlin" decoratet for "The Winter Experience"


- Look how empty the street is -


The merry go round on its new location at the Park Entrance. Nice view at night.

"Alt Berlin" is one of the better winter themed parts (including Galaxybuilding and China Town) of the park... the other part are well themed also, but not with winter decoration.


In my opinion, next time the should put more decoration in the winter time.


Winter Park Plan, including the route we have walked...

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oodbye Deep in Africa, goodbye Black Mamba...


(This Panorama is including the Hotel Matamba)


... where is the Mamba... can´t find a BLACK Mamba in this darkness... it would be healthier to go home now, cause the poison begins to have an effect after this continuous ride times...


Lifthill building of Black Mamba


After that we had to ride the Mamba... Get 5 times bitten! (There were only about 30 people riding, I would say. You could walk directly throught the station - No waiting time, yeah!)


Some statue in the jungle of Africa, it´s so dark here, hope I wouldn´t get bitten by a Black Mamba...


Building in Africa


Panorama shot inside of Deep Africa


Colorado Adventure - Panorama


An other view of the Colorado Adventure


... Colorade Adventure was a cool ride experience in the dark ...


... Whoa! Don´t be scary...




Oh, nice horse... come to me...

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... and it was awesome!!! The Black Mamba is an absolutely intense right and in my opinion the best inverted coaster in germany, excluding the Eurostar (but it´s destination is now in Russia).


But I got nauseous in the last row, cause the B&Ms are missaranged because of the large seats in front of you. You didn´t saw much of the ride.


The front row was the best experience and how I told, there weren´t much riders yesterday, so you didn´t have to wait. Don´t let you disturb by the weather!


And take a trip soon, you can pay once and come twice until the 10th January! Get the second ticket from 16 p.m. at all entrances, if you paid for a day! After 16 p.m. they take the half price (more informations on the Homepage of the Park).

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Looks great! Phantasialand was definitely one of the highlights of our 2008 Europe trip. Can't wait to visit again - and I would love to see it in the wintertime, with all the lights!


That's so awesome they run the coasters in winter. I wish U.S. parks would do this. Glühwein + coasters = a winning combination!

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