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Walt Disney World, Fl to be twinned with Swindon, England

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I read that yesterday Why on earth did they choose Swindon of all places? I'm unfortunate enough to being working in Swindon at the moment, and I'm just glad I don't live here to be honest (I live 40 miles away in Bath). Ugly concrete jungle spring to mind as a way to (politely) describe the place. Certainly nothing 'magical' or 'Disney' about it, that's for sure.


I'm sure there would have been much better towns to choose from. Apparently Blackpool and Weston-super-mare were also in the shortlist. I mean, I know Blackpool isn't exactly the nicest town in the UK, but at least it's got the Pleasure Beach, and W-s-m has at least got the seaside and pier. Swindon has nothing that I know of!

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Heard about this on the breakfast news this morning. Just had to look it up.



Here's the link.




I wonder if any high streets will be renamed Main Street or estates changed to Pirates of the Caribbean Road


Let's hope that there's a "Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (MiLF) Street."

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This sounds very "unique." I wonder exactly what doing this entitles to that town. Hey, what if they build a Castle in the center of that roundabout?


Speaking of the roundabout, that thing is more like a pentagon in a square with each corner being a roundabout. I'd hate to see that thing with traffic.

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