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Photo TR: RC goes to Santa Barbara

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I decided to do a photo TR on our trip to Santa Barbara and Ventura this past week. unfortunately no ride credits, but lots of scenery!



We actually stayed in Ventura county in a little, tiny place called Sleepy Cat Inn.



here is the view from the courtyard.



the owners had a very, very sweet dog named Cassie.



you can pretty much see every room from this pic..I slept on the floor to the left.



ah, isnt the countryside beautiful? No really, for some reason I really liked this painting.


well that's enough of our living quarters...on to day one: Mom goes back to the part of Ventura where she grew up.

This was the elementary school she went to (aww)



me and mom looking into her kindergarten classroom.



Me in front of the playground.

I haven't seen a kindergarten classroom in 10 years..wonder how long it's been for Mom


looks as though mom is feeling adventurous today!



Here's an analogy for you kids: Aria is to Lion King, as Elissa is to Chip & Dale!



moving on, Mom then decided she wanted to see the house where she lived.



We then headed over to Ventura Harbor and walked around on the pier a bit. I saw a few classic beach scene photo ops.

This bench was there as a memorial to someone killed in the La Conchita landslide.



I never see these at the beaches in San Diego! some lounge chairs and a refreshment stand.



On day two, we drove into Santa Barbara. It had a lot better upkeep than Ventura and San Diego, and had beautiful Spanish style.

This is the church my Mom went to, West Mission.



I asked to stop at the Santa Barbara Courthouse next.

"wow, is that a giant clock tower?"



The inside of this place and the ceiling had some awesome tile work.



this is one of my fave pics...dad took a picture of the hall and I think I was walking down at the same time.



On day three, I begged my parents to go into wine country Santa Ynez Valley (towns Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, Solvang, Buellton) because Sideways was filmed there and it just looks really beautiful. They finally gave in, and we drove the extra hour and a half to get into the mountains. We stopped for a photo op overlooking, Lake Cuchama I think it is.



for some reason, I look really sad or something in this picture.



ahh thats better...happy me..with my dad.



Mom and Dad together.



We stopped in the little Dutch town of Solvang, which has a lot of great shops. Mom and I split a root beer float, and i bought a pair of tiny Dutch shoe earrings. Here's a big windmill at the end of the town square.



for this last picture, we stopped at the Santa Ines Mission while trying to figure out our map. Here I took a beautiful shot of the Santa Ynez Valley. I think this is my Favorite picture.

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Nice TR, I grew up in Ventura and spent man weekends in Santa Barbara!

It wsa nice to see that this part of the country is still as nice as I remember it, haven't been "home" in 19 years.


Went to DeAnza middle school and graduated from Ventura High in*cough*1978*cough*...


Kasey and I are planning a trip to Ventura in July of 06,I can not wait now!

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