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Facebook Etiquette Tips: Photos and Tagging

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10-29-2012 UPDATE!

While Facebook has changed quite a bit since I originally posted these "Tagging Etiquette Tips", it's interesting how this still 100% still applies today! If you find these tips tl:dr, just remember this one VERY important thing...




Hey everyone!


I wanted to pass along some of these "Facebook Etiquette Tips" in regards to tagging photos on FaceBook with all of you.


There have been a LOT of photos taken during many TPR events trips this summer and I've seen quite a few photos tagged and added to several of our members FaceBook pages.


I can't stress this enough -


"Please review each photo before you tag someone in the photo."


I kind of have a rule of thumb that says "Anyone not looking at the camera doesn't get tagged."


Hopefully these following tips will help you when deciding which photos to tag (and feel free to add to this list taken from various websites about FaceBook Etiquette):


- Don't tag photos of your friends on Facebook that could get them in trouble.


- Don't tag your friends in unflattering photos. This is probably the best advice we can give to our readers. Tagging photos of friends dressed in old 80s fashions and with bad perms can be funny, but tagging a picture of them taken last week with food between their teeth is not so funny.


- Don't "spam" your friends with photos. Remember that each photo you tag probably ends up in their "photos of me" folder and having to go into each photo and remove tags is actually a lot of work.


- If you are adding a series of 1000 photos and the same person is in all 1000 photos, please, PLEASE do not tag them 1000 times!!! (unless you know for a fact they WANT to be tagged 1000 times!)


- Photos should only be tagged if the people being tagged a) look their best or at least not their worst; and b) are not doing anything illegal or anything they wouldn’t want one of their Facebook friends to see. If there’s something overarchingly redeeming about the picture, post it. If it’s one of three similar shots, don’t even think about posting it.


- If someone un-tags a photo that you have tagged, do not re-tag that photo again. I will repeat, IF SOMEONE UN-TAGS THEMSELVES IN A PHOTO YOU HAVE TAGGED, DO NOT RE-TAG THAT PERSON AGAIN! This is extremely annoying!


- Perhaps letting people tag themselves in your photos may be a better idea.


- Please take caution when tagging children (especially not your own) as some parents can be over-protective (and rightfully so) when photos of their kids are posted and tagged.


- If you really, REALLY want someone to know you're posting pictures of them in your album, tag someone in the posting of the album, e.g. "Great time with @Robb Alvey and @Theme Park Review at East Coast Bash!"


- Please don't post Fatbooth pictures of anyone. Ever. That app is stupid and anyone who uses it has the IQ of a poisonous frog.


I want to ENCOURAGE people to post and tag photos from TPR trips and events on their Facebook page, but just please remember to post and tag the BEST photos! This is so important!


I'm just trying to help make Facebook a better place for everyone else!


An Example!


For example, look at the picture below. (We'll use Big Mike as the example because he LOVES being in pictures!)


Big Mike is the focal point of this picture (as always!) So of course he gets tagged.



I put a "maybe" on rich because he's obviously the 2nd most prominent in the shot, but to be honest, it's not a great photo of him (few are) and I'm not sure he'd want this picture showing up under "My Photos." Besides, he can tag himself in this picture if he wanted to.


All of my "No!" tags are people in the background. DO NOT TAG THESE PEOPLE!!! Seriously I have been tagged in a picture being that guy on the far left in the yellow shirt.


WHY WOULD YOU TAG THIS PERSON?!?!? They aren't even in the picture!


Remember, people can go and tag themselves in a shot if they really want to be in it.


It's far less annoying to have to tag yourself in a shot you'd like to be tagged in than it is to have to un-tag yourself from a bunch of pictures you don't want to be in.


And here are some examples of photos where I have been tagged in lately that I've either left the tag or removed it. Hopefully this will help you with future photo tagging...



It's a good photo, I'm looking at the camera, and the people being tagged are the focal points of the picture. Good tagging job!



It's a horrible, unflattering photo of me. I'm not looking at the camera. Why would someone even post this let alone tag it? It's horrible.



I'm the focal point of the picture, and you can see it's a picture of "me taking a picture of someone taking a picture." It's fine.



Can you even spot Robb Alvey in this picture? I sure can't. But I guess I am somewhere because I was tagged. Annoying!



Again, I'm the focal point of the photo, it's a good picture of someone having fun. Great tagging job!



Similar photo, but you can't even tell that's me. Why bother tagging this one?



It's a picture of me. It's funny. Good work on proper use of tagging etiquette!


NO! NO! NO!!!!

Seriously, WTF even is this? Silhouette view of the bus? You can't make out ANYONE in this photo! But yet, I was tagged in it. Beyond terrible!!!


I apologize if I've offended anyone with this update, but I just find poor use of judgment tagging Facebook photos a HUGE PET PEEVE of mine!


If I want to be tagged in your photos, I'll do it myself.


Thank you.




12/21/10 Update!


I just want to bump this again to remind people to please once again read this post. With Facebook's new profile page, it automatically chooses 5 photos for your profile to be displayed (as of right now you cannot choose which photos those are.) I just had to weed through about 500 horribly tagged photos to delete them to find 5 good ones (and trust me, finding a good photo of me was difficult!)


So please, to keep annoyance levels down,



Edited by robbalvey
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If it's people I know and I'm sure they'll be ok with it, I tag them. If it's something that I know people like (like CoasterPalooza's smashed pennies) I tag once and send them a note asking if it's ok. If yes cool, but in moderation out of respect for that person. If no, tag is removed and person's wishes respected. This has worked well for me in the past. You want to let somebody know you're thinking of them, but you don't want to annoy or embarass that person.

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Also, similar to the collage of profile pictures, there now seem to be tons of random collages which contain small messages, where a different friend is tagged for each message.


These may have been somewhat interesting at first, but are now completely over-used and are simply an annoying way for people to pass their spare time. If I am tall, I do not need you to tag me as "the tall one" on your pointless collage...I'm already aware of this. Same goes for "the funny guy," "the chick magnet," "the jock," ect...


Most people enjoy having their pictures on Facebook for the purpose of showing others what they look like. Feelings of your friends can be expressed through messages of wall posts...there is no need to clog up their photo albums with this nonsense.

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Also, similar to the collage of profile pictures, there now seem to be tons of random collages which contain small messages, where a different friend is tagged for each message.

Ugh. I will permanently block anyone from Facebook that tags me in one of those!!!!

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I'm not sure if this is totally off topic, but for those of you tired of getting invites for MafiaFishFarmVille or whatever games that give you 50 notifications of pointless invites.


Here's the solution


1. Look up the name of the application in the search bar.


2. Go to the application's page.


3. Click block application.

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^ Yes, I do this for every application.


As much as I love Facebook, they have made it so it could be very annoying.


I don't want to hear about any Mafia Wars or Farmville BS. I don't want to be tagged in anyone's "birthday calendars", etc.


So hopefully some of these tips will sink in and make FB a better place for everyone.



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^ Try making your scale say "I'm not acting like a douchebag" when you step on it.


On another note...how do I get rid of this crap from Facebook...


If I click on the link I get this...of course I'm not going to click "allow" but again, no way to block it. Please help! I can't stand this crap on my wall and I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to start blocking people that use this stupid applications.


This stupid crap appears on my wall *not* my news feed. I can click "remove" but that doesn't block it. And I get no option to "block application."

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^ Oh dude, that's kinda creepy. Almost as much as that wikipedia page. Sorry, I'm not sure that I know how to remove 'em, because I don't think I have had stuff like that posted on my wall before. But I'll look into it.


And btw, you lost me with that last statement. Couldn't tell if you were joking around or knew that I was. Hmm...


EDIT - Robb, here is the fix -


Settings > Application Settings > Show "Allowed to Post"


I hope that works.

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^ I have tried this and I get the page below. I don't see any global settings to turn off applications or the ability to turn off specific applications.


I've tried clicking on every pull down menu I get and nothing.


It's just really annoying. I probably get at least 10 of these things a day on my wall.


Seriously I'm going to block the people who use these stupid apps.




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On another note...how do I get rid of this crap from Facebook...


I think if you use Homer's trick of going to the app's page and clicking block, it will disallow any access the app has to your profile altogether.

I tried that for Friend Secrets and Friends Exposed but the Friend Secrets app that came up was not the same thing that was posted to my wall and Friends Exposed is just a group page, no app page comes up to block.


It's just very frustrating right now and it's almost causing me to stop using facebook all together when I wake up in the morning and see a bunch of crap I need to remove and I can't seem to find a way to block it.


Trust me, I already have all apps blocked and none of this crap shows up on my news feed, but somehow certain things still come through to my wall and nothing I've tried seems to fix it.



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