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Cinecitta World set for 2011 debut in Rome

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http://www.parkworld-online.com/news/fu ... _Rome.html


Italy’s largest theme park dedicated to the cinema will open its gates in less than two years’ time. Cincecitta World, in the Castel Romano area of Rome, is set for a spring 2011 debut, and its developers hope to attract over four million guests a year.


Listed by the Municipality of Rome as a major part of its “second tourist hub,” the park will bear the signature of Dante Ferretti, the double Academy Award winner production designer who has been entrusted with the project’s creative vision.


A team lead by Valerio Mazzoli Studios, which is developing the masterplan, and Forrec, which will oversee the project, will help realise the 15-hectare park in four stages, with opening set for spring 2011. The project represents a €500 million ($755m) investment and is expected to create around 2,500 new jobs


Cinecitta World is promoted by Cinecittà Parchi. The company’s shares are split 80:20 between Cinecittà Entertainment and Generali Properties. Cinecittà Entertainment is controlled by IEG (Italian Entertainment Group), and boasts shareholders including Luigi Abete, Andrea and Diego Della Valle, Aurelio De Laurentiis and the Haggiag Family.


Located at Via Pontina, near the coast, the park will sit in the area of Castel Romano where Dino De Laurentiis built his studios in the 1960s. The second stage, set for completion by the end of 2012, will see the construction of The Village, a CityWalk-style development featuring shops, restaurants and cinemas, while for the third and fourth stages, work on which will come to a close in 2014, two further parks are planned, Cinecittà World 2 and “Cinecittà Natura, where visitors will be able to encounter live movies, with authentic sets and stage designs.


The new park already features a teaser site (in English), found here: http://www.cinecittaworld.it/home-1.asp.htm


I think it is good to see that more expansion is to be done in the Italian entertainment industry, and I find the information regarding to additional parks to be exciting, though for all we know, this could end up being as real as Disneyland's proposed third gate...

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Based on the output of Cinecitta over the years, this could either be the best or the worst movie-based theme park of all time.


Tributes to all the actors who played Hercules in the 1950s and '60s, dark rides through the worlds of Mario Bava and Dario Argento, shooters themed to spaghetti westerns . . . this could be epic!

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Not a lot of information about what is going to be in the park. What do they hope to have that will draw 4 million visitors a year? With the opening set less then 18 months away there is not much detail for it to be anything to grand.

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^Those projections were probably done by the same people who set such lofty goals for DCA: "Oh, it's right next to Disneyland...we'll just assume all visitors will go there too!"


The same logic probably applies: "Oh, it's near a famous tourist spot. They'll obviously want to visit a theme park too!"

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That's even more than the guests that visit Gardaland which is considered the number 1 amusement park in Italy (which is not true).


Consider also that in 2011 another park is going to open near Rome at Valmontone (official name: Rainbow Magicland). That park was first supposed to open in 2005 but now after many new artworks and ideas they are starting some major construction.

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The art work has been around a while. Screamscape reported it back in December. The pictures of the ground breaking don't really show much. Maybe if somebody read Italian they could provide a little more information. The do have a website, all in Italian and it looks cool but there is a lack of specific information and I couldn't see anything related to an opening date.



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I am going to have to look up that movie - it looks interesting!


It seems like a strange idea having a Cinecittà theme park to me. When I think of this studio, I think of long-gone 1960s epics and Fellini. Not big commercial Universal-style movies of today. I'd visit being a film buff, but the GP? They'd need something pretty impressive to draw them away from all that Roman culture! Not so sure about this one...

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One of the world's great centres of movie-making tradition, the Cinecitta studios in Rome, are being riven by a bitter dispute over their future. This famous place that once rivalled Hollywood is partly under occupation by striking workers. For more than two months now they have been camped day and night on the roof of the main gatehouse and in an area nearby. The lighting engineers, set builders and others have rigged up a huge speaker. And from time to time they use it to blast recordings of protests into the compound beyond the gate. So the sounds of jeering and chanting and blaring horns drift across the movie-making complex.


The studios that call themselves Italy's "Factory of Dreams" are living a nightmare. At the centre of the row is a plan to restructure the organisation.


'There's a soul'


The management says it wants to make Cinecitta more competitive, to put it in the right shape to attract the biggest movie-makers. But the workers say they believe the changes would mark the start of the break-up of the studios, the beginning of the end. "Cinecitta is an institution, an important leading company in Italy and the world," said Francesco Mancini, a spokesman for the strikers. "There's a history, a soul. So for us it's important that it remains for both Italian and foreign cinema."


Back in the 1950s and 60s all the big movie stars used to make their way to what was known as "Hollywood on the Tiber". Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Kirk Douglas and many other screen legends were familiar with Cinecitta's tree-lined avenues.


With ancient Rome on their doorstep, the studios specialised in "sword and sandal" epics. This is where Charlton Heston won his chariot race in Ben Hur, and Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor starred in Cleopatra.


But most of all the studios have been at the heart of Italian cinema.


Fellini's Studios


The late great director Federico Fellini loved the studios, and he remembered coming through the gates as a young man. "They marked the beginning for me," he said. "All encounters, relationships, friendships, experiences, travels for me begin and end at the studios of Cinecitta. "Everything that exists outside the gates of Cinecitta is a huge deposit to be visited, to be raided and brought avidly and tirelessly back to Cinecitta."


Production goes on at the studios today. In the course of the summer they did work on nearly 20 foreign and Italian television projects. And large numbers of visitors pour through the permanent exhibition on the site. But success for Cinecitta has always been measured in terms of its involvement in big movies.


Woody Allen worked on From Rome With Love at the studios a year ago. But before that, the last really major international films made at Cinecitta were Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, shot way back in 2004, and Martin Scorsese's The Gangs of New York, which came out a decade ago.


Part of the problem is that it has been cheaper to produce films elsewhere, like in Eastern Europe.


And Cinecitta's management says it needs to be re-structured to help it compete and lure back the top directors. "The actual economic situation worldwide is changing," said Cinecitta's managing director, Giuseppe Basso. "The movie industry is changing. Cinecitta Studios need to look forward." "We really believe that we need to be the best in every service that we provide. For this reason we are planning to re-organise."


Theme park


Mr Basso talked of needing to make "brave choices".


The plans involve dividing the organisation up into different companies. There will also be the building of a movie theme park, a hotel and a health spa for visiting film crews.


But the workers fear that further down the line the restructuring will lead to job losses. And they say they suspect that the plan marks the start of a move away from an emphasis on film-making, and the beginning of a shift towards other kinds of business activity.


"They have a construction project: they want to build a hotel, a beauty clinic, a gym," said the strikers' spokesman, Mr Mancini. "This worries us. They say it's a way to relaunch Cinecitta but I think it's something that moves in the direction of commercial activity not related to cinema. "They don't want Cinecitta to produce films, they will abandon the set."


And some leading directors, among them Ken Loach and Bernardo Bertolucci, have sided with the workers. They have appealed to Italy's head of state, President Giorgio Napolitano, urging him to intervene.


Cinecitta's management categorically denies that it intends to, as the directors put it, "dismantle" film-making at the studios. It insists that its plans are all about ensuring that big movie production continues.


But some independent, veteran observers of the Italian cinema industry and its economic problems share the workers' concerns. They fear that in the years ahead the valuable real estate on which the studios were built will be sold off to property developers, and that eventually Cinecitta might disappear.

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The 10-looper layout:


Very similar to Colossus, but the first drop has been changed and everything is slightly bigger and smoother.

The track itself is also bigger (75 cm --> 90 cm) and it will use a cable lift.


- length: 875 m

- height: 33 m

- speed: 86 kph


Two more of these are coming to Hopi Hari in Brasil and Chongqing Safari Park in China.




The indoor coaster:


- 20 m high

- has a drop element similar to Alton Towers' Thirteen




source: http://www.coastersandmore.de/rides/eas2012/eas2012.shtml

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Really excited about this park! Good to see some vertical construction has started on the coasters! I wonder what the theme for the enclosed drop one will be? What about "Suspiria" all in red and blues candy colours..!

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