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24 Days of Theme Park Review Videos!

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The imaginative people who developed this park must have had an interesting time coming up with a business plan to present to financial backers.


O.K. this is what we want to do.......


Aside from all of the Fun attractions that you see at every other park, WE want to expose our park patrons to all conceivable forms of bodily functions. Including but not limited to pooping, peeing, farting, and of course projectile vomiting.


So what do you think Bankers???..........................


Plan Approved!!!

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This is a "Classic" video from TPR! I'm not sure what is more memorable...Joey failing on the Monkey Bars with that Danish girl laughing at him or how amazing the park itself is!




This video was shot in 2005 and to this day Joey STILL gets crap for not doing the monkey bars!



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Here is a TPR video that we have NEVER BEFORE RELASED other than on our Coaster Expedition DVD Series! This is the first time this video has ever been made available for website viewing or download!


This is from Beech Bend Park in 2007 during our MidWest Tour. I'm not going to give away too much here, other than this is pretty much what you expect most days on a TPR Trip!





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Manhattan Express!


I'm told by many that this is the end-all, be-all classic TPR video! I'll let you be the judge. Personally I like some of our music videos better but this short little POV that is the hell called "Manhattan Express" and the colorful words we use during the ride can be very hilarious!






I do want to note that this footage was shot in 2004 and I have been on the ride several times since and never have I experienced such a horrible ride as the one shot in this video. I'm told that the new trains did help the ride somewhat. The ride is by all means not "great" at all, but at least it doesn't kill your body like it used to!!

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