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[NL] Jarmor's Nolimits Coaster Catalog

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I figured it would be better to have one particular place to showcase my designs than to have several threads scattered throughout the board so here it goes...


My first showcase is dubbed "Diving coaster number 001". Its a 160ft tall floorless dive coaster that features a vertical loop and an immelman. it sits on 2.58 acres of space and would be an instant hit for any park! When designing this coaster I was thinking how can I make this coaster different from other dive coasters yet still hold the dive coaster charm. I tried to be as true to the design as possible with the reverse chain holding section and the water splash. The ride boast the ability to run 4 trains simutanously with little to no stacking throughout its 2732ft of track. All supports are custom with the exception of 23 pre-fabs. As far as clearence...it passes with the 4 across seating lol thats all I can say lol...


Well here are some pictures...







And here is some video which I would consider "b-roll" Its just the layout at several angles so you can get an idea of the ride.


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I think this coaster looks great! From what I cant tell, the track is very smooth and the supports look fantastic. What do the forces look like though, specifically through the turn after the immelmann?


I like how you incorporated the loop too, makes the ride more original. Keep up the great work! Ill be following this thread.


Edit- Does the holding break actually hold the train? It just seems to slow down but not actually stop it.

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Thanks for being interested...


Thru the turn around...the vertical g's are +3.0 and the lat's are -.4 to +.2. That information was gathered at a 25% simulation speed. Unfortunetly the holding chain doesnt work the way it does in real life, but come to think about it in real life it doesnt really stop you either just slows you down to a very slow crawl...


Again thanks for the feedback

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^Are you sure it doesn't stop you? I guess I have never paid that much attention on SheiKra or Griffon, but it definitely seems like you stop. I know you would lose a little accuracy, but what if you converted the holding brake from a lift segment into a brake segment? That way you could have it get to a complete stop before releasing. You could also have the brakes hidden, and then just add a chain as a 3D object!

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Or, with regards to the chain on the drop apex, set it as slow as possible with the accel. Gs at around 2. Just make sure the brakes before it slow the train enough so there isnt a jolt when the train engages the holding chain!


I used the chain-lift-brake idea thing on a few diving coaster ideas, and it works very well if you can get the settings right!

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What he said above. Has this been up for download? I'd love to check it out.

Yeah the download will come when I attempt to finish the station and que. I dont know the first thing about 3DS so im just using the supports and things. But the download will be coming soon!


Again, thanks for the feedback and im looking foward to post the next coaster!

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  • 3 weeks later...

the next installment is what I would consider a conception design. I will post more like this in the future. this was an idea I had but didnt have the skills with 3DS nor did I want to publish it without the consent of the 3DS creators since some sites are no longer around. I made this coaster when Hard Rock Park debut. I figured the "lost in the 70's" themed section needed more to do and I came up with this coaster. The coaster is like a club and the cars are "dancing" in the many themed rooms clubs use to have in the hay day.


I was thinking about having each room feature a different song playing or an option of song picking like Hollywood dreams and HRRRRRRR. Well, here is a video presentation showing off the ride!




Teaser sign...

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First I wanna say thanks to the hundreds of views, and the less than 10 comments lol. But im my heart those less than 10 comments feel like a million. Thanks guys for the feedback. To the others, please...let me know what you think. I want to improve. Tell me what you like, what you wanna see different, your tips.


Moving right along...Here is coaster number 3. It, like the other 2, doesnt have a name but more a product and number. This is "wooden coaster no. 001". I have to say, I felt like I was posessed when designing this coaster. to me, it is one wild ride and never lets up! The task I had with this was to make a successful vertical drop on a wooden coaster while mantaining suitable forces. Here are a few shots.


The problem im running into is supports. Does anyone know an easy way to make custom supports for the turns without taking forever and a day?


As always, comments are appreciated and desired in order to make my skill better. Or does it not require improvement lol




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^I believe they are auto-generated. My only suggestion is to add lateral supports to the high-banked turns...especially those low ones.


Other than that, I like the looks of the layout and I'm interested to experience that vertical drop.

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Before we experience the vertical drop I decided to break the mundane-ness and design this coaster that was insipired by one of the craziest looking coasters out there...


Wanna know more info, you gotta download and experience it!


download and let me know what you think please...



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^ Thanks man...comment appreciated! And they will come as soon as I finish them...


Oo this thing is cool, would I be able to fiddle with some things and send you back the track?


Oh yeah man! I dont object to that...

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