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Collider [RCT3] (Pics and Vid)

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Geez, it's been almost one and a half years since I posted here, and about a full year since I even looked around at this sight, and it's been a dark time... Anywho, I really miss the quirky nature of the forums, so I figured I might as well come back here with a bang. So, without much more ado, here is Collider, an extended steel rollercoaster that can satisfy anyone's need for a good thrill ride. Though the fun part is that this entire project was finished within 4 days, a new record!


Comments of any sort are GREATLY appreciated.




The final helix before the trim and brake run.


Going up to the highest vertical point on the track.


Nice artistic shot of the diving loop thingy,


Launched lift hills are, in my opinion, AWESOMESAUCE!


Our first happy group of people to leave the station.


I got a little carried away and did some stupid amount of detail scenery inside the queue. Sadly, I can't get the friggin' camera to take a good shot of it! Gah!


Here's an overview of the station front.

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Wow, I was shocked to see your location, always great to see someone from Orem. (Actually it never happens really).


Loved the video and pictures (although I never did get into RCT3 I stopped at RCT2 and went over to NoLimits). But I still love the layout of your ride and the excellent music.

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