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Colin fries a turkey


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Hey guys,


As all of you know yesterday was Thanksgiving, the day all the Pilgrims ascended upon America and promptly killed all the Indians. Cool. Anyways, everyone knows the post slaying tradition is to eat a turkey. Well this year I decided to deep fry my turkey to be different. Read on to see if I burned my house down!


And that's how you fry a turkey.




Pretty much the best turkey you'll ever have.


I got most of it, enough to keep my happy.


Getting ready to carve the turkey...


Now all I have to do with this is filter it and throw it in my car!


An hour later, and this is what you have. Doesn't it look amazing?


Almost done!


Always have a fire extinguisher handy!


I needed more oil then I had to cover the whole thing, so I just rotated it to evenly cook the turkey's legs.


In she goes!


Almost there! I got it up to 325 before putting the turkey in, then lowered it to 275* as it cooked.


The first thing you want to do is heat the oil.


My fryer setup outdoors. I moved it on to my porch, but basically it's a gigantic propane tank coupled to a fire device with a huge pot of hot oil. AWESOME!


Here is my turkey. I let it soak in brine overnight, and then covered it with ginger. Sounds odd yes, but man is it good.

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Did you use peanut oil? I've heard that's the best kind for deep frying turkeys. There was a local story in our paper about a guy who used olive oil and came very close to having the setup catch on fire because of the flash point of the oil.


Anyway, I'm glad yours worked out and that you enjoyed it. I have yet to try deep fried turkey...maybe one day.



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Your oil temps were a bit low. Ive been frying turkeys for years and I usually get it up to 375-400 first then add the bird, since you'll lose anywhere between 25-50 degrees. Then adjust the oxygen on the burner to hold it at 350.


Another tip is to put the turkey in first then add water. Pull the turkey out and measure the water to see exactly how much oil you need. It should take 3 minutes per pound.

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There's several things about frying a turkey.


First, i'm assuming you used peanut oil, which is the norm. Good for you.


Second, it didn't look like you injected it, which is a requirement. Cajun creole butter, or creole garlic is what I usually inject. The turkey tastes so much better, if you do it again, I highly recommend injecting it. That's the only way to go.


Third, temperature seemed to be ok. Usually, you get it to a high temperature, then the turkey naturally brings it down to 350-300 degrees once you put it in.



Just trying to give some tips to anyone who tries to fry a turkey. If anyone has the option to fry or bake a turkey, frying is the only way to go.


Below is a pic of a perfect cajun fried turkey


how good does that look? Donkey style

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We deep fried a turkey. We used a BBQ flavor and injected it into the turkey. Man was it good!! Once you have deep fried turkey, you'll never go back to cooking it in the oven, and this is coming from someone that doesn't like turkey.


Great report. I think I'm going to finish up the leftover turkey now!

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