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Six Flags Extreme Adventures[RCT2]

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You can only fill in that spot with foliage if it's "EXTREME FOLIGE".

Just kidding.


Honestly without seeing the whole picture (I mean a full park shot) and knowing what's inside the buildings that surround this empty spot it's really hard to say what might be a good choice to fill in that space. A large show complex may be a good choice, a small area filled with a few rides aimed at the kids could be the way to go, or maybe a super-hyper-giga-strata coaster that only takes up a 12x12 footprint.


I vote for the last option I gave.

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I agree with BelgianGuy. A nice dark ride would also fit in well with the other buildings. I like the fact that it would have 3 walls facing the midway that you could theme nicely and have the track with some outside segments. Would give the park an old timey feel I think.


Great park btw. Love seeing NO CS parks.

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Dark Ride it is! An overview is coming next update, but don't be surprised when you don't recognize about half of the map. There are two unfinished sections, one that I like, and one that I really don't, that you guys haven't seen yet. The one I like is called The Fairgrounds, and features a large woodie circumnavigating the section, called The Whip. The area I don't like is called The Institute for Unsafe Compounds, and features a Massive B and M Twister heavily based on the one from Zippo's Wacky World of Wonders(from NE). Sorry to keep this much from you guys, I got on a roll when I joined TPR, and built up one side of the park, and neglected the other.

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Well, this one just seems to pop back up over and over, doesn't it?


Believe it or not, it's been a year since I first posted this park on here. I decided to release this, as I haven't worked on it at all since the last update. Enjoy, and feel free to continue building!!


Happy 1 Year anniversary to me!


Overview, as promised.

Six Flags Extreme Adventures-Mastersax.SV6

Here you go!

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