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Six Flags Extreme Adventures[RCT2]

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mike541x - Well I'm glad that you like it. I will try my best to make the rest of the park equally good.


PriestofSyrinx - Thanks!


Screen is unfinished but...welcome to the Slime Zone...( Thanks for the help, Fat-G!)

Slime Zone.bmp

I don't know if you can notice or not, but I made some minor changes to the layout of Slime Express, too.

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First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


The Main Strip outside of the Slime Zone and Western Area has had a lot of construction lately. A new pizza joint has been built, among more fake-buildings. Superhuman is a brand new wild mouse ride, located just across the midway from Infinite Insanity. Also new is Connoly's, a small sandwich shop.


Superhuman 1.bmp

Fenoglio's Pizza 1.bmp

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100th Post!


coaster1000- Thanks! About that wild mouse, well, I really like Raging Bull's colors, so I made a variation, and painted it on the next hunk of steel I built, the wild mouse.


"After the park received complaints about it's choice of color(lol), the attraction formerly known as Superhuman got a new paint job and was re-opened the following year. Can you survive Superman's personal training course? Find out this year at Six Flags Extreme Adventures on Superman: The Ride!."


I solved that giant mass of guests in the bottom right corner on the first pic, so please disregard that. Thanks!


"Also new this year is Voyage!"


"Come ride the BRAND-NEW Superman: The Ride!"

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Jcoasters- Thanks!


Squid- I will try to re-theme Voyage to Superman. Concerning the train, I will think about it.


Coaster Cow- Well, I thought since Wild Mouses are usually pretty intense(in the game, anyway), I would just theme it to Superman, since he is not really easy-going. I will either put a Bolliger and Mabillard Hyper in, or an Intamin Hyper, and if you want, I could theme that to Superman instead.

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Wow, it is amazing to see how this park has evolved in just a short time, and it looks really good. With no custom scenery, this park seems to push the theming limits of the game without having to use some of the horrible looking themes the game provides. Good job and keep up the good work.

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Airtime&Gravity- Thanks! I HATE those themes, so it is good to know I'm not the only one!


CorkscrewFoley- If you are talking about the supports for the Dive Machine, those came with the game, so there is no cs. Thanks, I'll try my best to keep these updates coming steady!


Voyage has been slightly re-themed to look like you are escaping the clutches of Lex Luther, and re-named Flight. Enjoy!


Another Angle


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What kind of speed are you getting on that mouse in the final few top level turns? The ride it self seems a bit tall for a mouse and the lack of block brakes make my think it might have a little to much speed.


Is that a fountain being used as a sprinkler? If so NICE touch!


Your park is really coming along. Great Job!

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Well it's been a while, hasn't it?


I pretty much stopped working on the park for a good month or two, and then I saw a new thread about why many parks close, and decided not to, let this one go that way. This is Superman: Ride of Steel's station building, with a photo building as well.

Superman Station.bmp

Superman: Ride of Steel's Station

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Station looks amazing and I really think it fits the ride very well.


Breaks from parks can be a GREAT way to get your ideas together. I often take weeks or months off from parks when I get stuck or just bored. It's weird whenever I do it's like when I go back it's all new again and the building process just takes off.


No Super Man pun intended.

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Add a flat segment of track between the loop and cobra to expand the layout a bit. This may give you some flat segments, but you can easily shrink the station a unit to make things look better. (this will shrink the train size down to 6 cars so it's no longer 100% realistic, but it works)

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