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Six Flags Extreme Adventures[RCT2]

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Hello, I'm new to the site and I think I've got something you guys will like.


This park has no custom scenery or hacks at all,because I'm not allowed to download 8cars. The current name is Six Flags Extreme Adventures, but I was never really fond of the name, so any name suggestions would be great, plus it doesn't feel like a Six Flags park to me, but I've never been to one.


Inspiration for this park comes from NE, Nin's SFMM, and other no cs parks. Well anyway, here are some pictures of the "main strip"(could also use a new name).


Sorry in advance if I post the pictures upside-down.

SFEA Entrance 1.bmp

Here we go, the entrance to Six Flags Extreme Adventures!

SFEA Entrance 2.bmp

Another view of the entrance.

Blue-Ribbon Carousel.bmp

One of the park's carousels, Blue-Ribbon Carousel.

Calicuisine- Oceana.bmp

Two restaurants on the left side of the Main pathway.

Cyclone-Company Store.bmp

The parks scrambler, Cyclone, and the company store.

Wacky Caterpillar.bmp

Here's the parks Kiddie-Coaster, Wacky Caterpillar.

Wacky Caterpillar Layout Shot.bmp

Here's it's layout.

Stratosphere Tower.bmp

The generic Observation tower. Blah. At least it has a nice little queue line building.

Concession Building.bmp

Here's my favorite building in the park, this little concession building, which also houses an underground path to the front.

Infinite Insanity Lift Shot.bmp

Climbing the 150ft hill to your ultimate doom! I mean fun!

Infinite Insanity First Drop.bmp

Dangling over the edge at 150 feet.

Infinite Insanity AIRTIME!.bmp

AIRTIME!! This sucker goes over the hill at 16 mph.

Infinite Insanity Second Drop.bmp

Here's the second drop.

Infinite Insanity Twisty Track.bmp

The twisty track section after the second drop.

Infinite Insanity Station.bmp

The end of our B&M coaster journey on Infinite Insanity. Not to happy about this name either, suggestions welcome.

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The scenery in places looks great but others not so much, also looks like your having some angry guest issues. Broken lamps and benches are in quite a few pictures. You need to find out what is causing the vandalism around the park and try to come to the happy place where you and your guests are both content with the park.


Looking forward to seeing what you have blacked out in several of the pictures in future updates.

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Thanks, I knew that there was some vandalism, but not that much. I spent most of my time working on the scenery' not on the guest service. I figured it out, though, many peeps just wanted to go to bathroom. Could you please specify where my scenery is good and where it isn't, dmaxsba, that would help me make it look better.

Thank you again


Anywho, this next update is of the un-named, un-finished Western area of the park. It is pretty small, and I don't plan on making it much larger. There is an empty spot around the railroad because the foliage was getting too repetitive, so I stopped. Also, there is a large plot of land in the front where I might be putting a GCI twister in, the only reason I haven't is because I think the coasters would dwarf the actual town.

Constructive criticism is appreciated!




Pretend the pics are NOT backward...

Fixed Entrance.bmp

I lowered the roof so that the sign would appear as 1 piece of scenery.

Renegade Station.bmp

The area's Intamin Woodie, Renegade. That silver-fence was my attempt at protective netting.

Renegade Turnaround.bmp

My personal favorite part of the ride, the turnaround!

Renegade Airtime.bmp

Intamin Airtime!

Renegade Finale.bmp

Questionable part of the ride, that last helix into 180º turn.

Store-Fronts 1.bmp

Some buildings.

Frontiers Scenic Railroad.bmp

Tired peeps take a relaxing ride on the Frontiers Scenic Railroad! Unfortunately, there's not much scenery to look at. Also in screen is 'Coonscrap, your average highly-themed food court.

Frontiers Scenic Railroad Layout.bmp

This is where the foliage work stopped and desperately needs help!


Hangman shoots peeps down at over 45mph! Also in screen, the Sawdust Saloon.

Unfinished-ness on the Western Front.bmp

Where the GCI would go.

More Unfinished-ness.bmp

The empty path.

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It is so hit and miss...


Around the carousel looks great, the water coming out of the cannons is unique. The ferris wheel has nothing, Infinite Insanity (think the name is fine for the ride) has a really dank looking station and bad florals out front, then you get to the lift it has GREAT non custom scenery all the way up. WELL DONE if I might say. But once you leave the drop nothing but grass.


For the most part the areas that have scenery look very well put together and then just a few squares away you have either no scenery or what seems like scenery items just tossed in. I could understand it if there was nothing but empty space but that isn't the case. These dead spots are surrounded by rides and attractions. I really don't know what to say to help you other than just keep going but take your time. Focus on area and make the most of it with what you have, them move on to the next.



As for the picture order, when you upload them put the first one you want everyone to see in first and the last in last. If you check your post in the preview they will still be in that order and will look like they are all going to be in the wrong order, once you hit submit they will swap places. The first picture that was on the bottom is now on top.

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First of all, you've got the talent, so relax. It looks great so far.


Second... regarding that helix at the end of the Intamin woodie. Instead of that helix, run it out toward the end of the ride in an airtime hill. Turn it around above the final banked turn, then run another hill and then run it back to the final turn on the track you've already laid down. By my guess, you should have one row of unused spaces inside this track area. Put some tall trees in or other tall western scenery. That should fix the problem area nicely.


Regarding the scenic train... have you considered running the train out over the lake, and then putting in a covered bridge halfway across? Put out some fountains out there as well.


Also, don't forget to adjust your terrain! Give the terrain some variance in ground level... it does wonders for both the excitement of your rides and your park's visual appeal.



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Thank you both for the feedback. Real quick, the reason the updates are coming fast is because I've been playing this park for 48 game years, and already had a good chunk worked on. I'm going to be re-doing Infinite Insanity's station, try to get the empty path filled, put in a covered bridge for the train, fill-in a lot of empty spaces, and do some terrain work. Expect the next update, at the absolute latest, Tuesday.


I'm sorry for not saying this in my 1st post, but most of the screens are not finished. A lot of those plain spots just aren't done, so I'm sorry for not being clear. I always work hard on a spot, then take a break and work on another area. That's why there are so many empty spaces. About Infinite Insanity's grass, I plan to put some trees there once I get a path built around the ride. I also plan to switch the queue and exit paths to that grassy area, and connect them to that path. Maybe put a restaurant in there as well.


See ya next update!

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Hey guys! I worked on the Western Area a lot and this is what I got, hope you like it, because I sure do.

Western Construction Teaser 2.bmp


Western Construction Teaser 1.bmp

What's this I see?

Western New Area.bmp

Filling in the empty side of the area.

Renegade Turnaround Updated.bmp

Note: Right side of screen is un-finished.

Western Dead- Spot.bmp

Re-did the scenery around Hangman.

Finished Covered Bridge.bmp

I tried the covered bridge idea. How does it look?

Finished Railroad.bmp

I finished the railroad and am pretty happy with it.

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Reply time!

Cavs Fan- Yeah it is, but I was actually naming the ride after the Styx song. Thanks.


thethrillseeker- Thank you, I suppose I am creative, but you do know that you spelled it wrong, right?lol


Coming to a thread named Six Flags Extreme Adventures near you! Next Update!

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The covered bridge looks great. And you got the final turn on Renegade exactly how I was thinking... heck, if it's got enough speed going into those turns, you could probably bring it out over the entrance line and then back.


Again, try and vary the height of your terrain... it will help a lot!



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I worked on the park for a few more days and finished the corner of the Western Area. The new log flume is called Steel Mill Falls, and the car ride is called Model T. Enjoy!

Wocked Wolverine Teaser.bmp


Model T Finished.bmp

Steel Mill Falls Layout.bmp

Steel Mill Falls Finished.bmp

Finished Western Corner 2.bmp

Another angle.

Finished Western Corner.bmp

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That's great! Looks really good.


I do have a quick recommendation. Where the flume goes underground, use the land tool to change the sides of the wall to wood supports. It will make the tunnel look like a mine entrance instead of a metal tube.



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triggernel- Correct, although the rest of the ride after the MCBR isn't, the beginning of the ride was heavily inspired.


PriestofSyrinx- Yeah, the colors are kind of bland.What would you suggest for an Arrow multi-looper named Wicked Wolverine?


Cavs Fan- Thanks!

Main Strip Teaser.bmp

Sorry for the unfinishedness bordering the path.

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