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Photoshop Contest - Disney Cruise Line's new attraction!!

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How about they bring back old attractions to be part of your Disney Cruise experience. They can redevolp the Rocket Rods to move people around the boat or how about the House of the Future used as either suites or some hip nightclub perched high atop the ship...like the Carnival Cruise ships....of course, you need to have the Orange Stinger back, and how about the Country Bear Jamboree for the theatre attraction....cruise ships always use smaller boats to ferry the passengers to dock when they enter the smaller ports like Cozumel, lets say....so why not bring back the old submarines for that purpose....and of course, to top it all off, lets resurrect Michael Jackson to Captain the ship...Captain EO!!!!!


Disney ship

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I've seen the other Pics, so i had to pimped my Cruiseship again


-Ice Bat approved Carbon Front

-Big Silver Rims

-Underfloor Lights

-Golden Reeling

-Laserlights on the Deck

-Hifonics Brutus Subwoofer for the Kids

-Big Spoiler to get more Performance



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