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Photoshop Contest - Disney Cruise Line's new attraction!!

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Hey TPR!


DCL recently announced some extra additions for it's new ships coming in a few years. These are all pretty cool, a massive waterslide, some awesome restaurants and virtual portholes to name but a few, but we want to know what YOU guys would add to one of the DCL ships!! Give us an idea of what wild and crazy stuff you want to see on a Disney cruise! Use your imagination and try to make us laugh!


A couple of rules:


1. Only one entry per person. You can upload as many attempts as you like, but in the description of your one entry, you must write "Official Entry".


2. Keep it PG 13.


3. I will close the contest to new entries on the 4th of December, voting will open up shortly afterwards!


4. The winner will get the biggest bag-o-crap we've ever sent!


That's all the rules! Have fun!!

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Here's a link to our post about the new ships with some great photos you can use: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=819839#819839


And I'll attach some additional photos here as well.


NOTE! You don't NOT *have* to use these photos below. Any photoshop idea you can think of that includes the theme of "Disney Cruise Line" will be accepted!









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Imagine having the glorious leader, Chairman Mao, looking over you as you sleep every night on a Disney Cruise. What a magical journey you will have! Even the kids will enjoy it. They'll be learning about Communism and they won't even know it!


Disney is proud to present the Chairman Suite.

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Maybe we could see about getting a Formule X - style coaster. Thrilling, yet compact enough to put on a ship. Let Imagineers go nuts with the theming, I don't care what they do as long as the coaster goes over the ships edge at some point.

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