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This coaster was was inspired by I305's supports but with a different twist to it. This coaster is full of high-speed twists and turns. And stomach churning drops and tons of airtime.



[comments and suggestions on the ride please ]


THEtrance teaser.


THEtrance teaser.

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See? Here is another coaster that has to be like I305... Really? They are starting to get really old. When Dragster came out did everyone have to build a strata-coaster like Dragster? NO.... So why does everyone feel the need to make a Giga like I305? I'm sure your coaster is good and all, but be original... Make something that everyone and their dog is not already making. Like I said, I am sure your coaster is good. I mean it looks good and all, its just I am starting to lose interest in even downloading these. *End Of Rant*

~Matthew *is sick of all these giga coasters* Stout

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well excuse me. i said i was only inspired by the supports. i added my own twists to everything. I only liked the lift hill okay? everything else has unique elements and mega super air time. ahah.


So dont mis judge, just like how people mis judge lady gaga. ahah i love her.. people need to stop saying she has a penis... ANYWAYS. off topic

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