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Photo Trip Report: Walt Disney World


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Back in late October yours truly tied the knot and what better way to celebrate a Honeymoon then go to Walt Disney World. My wife, Cassie, and I spent a week in Florida during its awesome heat wave and experienced two record setting high temperatures. Coming from Arizona where it's a dry heat, this humid thing was a little uncomfortable for us but we still managed to have a blast.


Cassie had never been to Walt Disney World and the last time I went was a month before Test Track opened at Epcot about 11 or so years ago. They still had Alien Encounter at Magic Kingdom which scared that crap out of me, they didn't have Mission Space or Nemo and Friends at Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios was still called MGM Studios and the dumb looking giant hat wasn't in front of the Chinese Theater. Needless to say...this was a new experience for both of us.


Day 1:

We arrived in Orlando, took a private sedan to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, walked around the Resort and then hitched a ride on the WDW Buses to Downtown Disney and walked around there. This was a new experience for both of us and it seemed a lot bigger than the one at Disneyland.


At least I got a full rack of Ribs.


Next up...Part 1 of Magic Kingdom


Then we were not excited and a little grossed out by having a naked Mel Gibson stare at us throughout all of dinner.


Dear Plant Hollywood,

Why do you have this creepy thing? Seriously, It's freakin disturbing and no one really likes the movie it's from! What movie is it from you ask? Forever Young. Yeah, exactly! What movie? Who remembers that movie? It had Frodo Baggins in it before he went through puberty.


And we were both excited to see Herbie flying


I was excited they had the bus from "Speed" which was one of my all-time favorite action movies


Cassie was super excited they had the "Father of the Bride" wedding dress on display


Inside and outside all Planet Hollywood's there are props and clothes from famous movies. This is the Boat Forrest Gump jumped off when he saw Lt. Dan on the docks.


"That's my boat"


I was a genius a got the Disney Dining Plan for us and it included Planet Hollywood so we ate in the giant planet.


Got crabs?


MEGASHARK. Now all we need is Giant Octopus and we got ourselves a battle royal


This is the T-Rex restaurant. Not too exciting


Lego Dragon seems way too excited.


Down at Downtown Disney I made a friend with a mop. He was cool...very quiet but still very cool


Although you were not aloud to swim in the lake because there are Gators in Florida.


There was a huge lake right smack dab in the middle of the resort and it provided some amazing views.


Disney's Carribean Beach Resort is split up into differnet "Islands". This was our "Island" and it was the place to be. Only important, cool people stay at Trinidad North.


View from the room = amazing if you like no view


Our room number. Nice thing about our room was that we didn't have any neighbors on any side of us. I guess they knew we were on our honeymoon


Nemo and Dori swimming around the room


Oh look, it's a towelog...Towel Dog


Another note telling us how awesome we are




One of the surprises I had for Cassie was our Mickey and Minnie Honeymoon ears waiting for us at the room...plus some champagne and chocolate


Alright! We made it! I wonder if pirates roam the resort?


Cassie's enjoying the ride


Coming from Arizona we aren't used to green and water. This was definitely a nice site to see


Private Sedan from the airport to the Resort.

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Day 2: Magic Kingdom Part 1


Magic Kingdom is trying to be like Disneyland but both Cassie and I like Disneyland better. I just felt there was more stuff at Disneyland than Magic Kingdom. Although MK did have some enjoyable rides that are not found at DL.


Last time I went to MK there was Alien Encounter which literally scared me so much I didn't want to ride anything else in Tomorrowland. Now they have Stitch's Great Escape in it's place they still kept the same uncomfortable seating arrangements. That was not an enjoyable ride. The MILF Comedy Club was hilarious. They kept picking on this poor guy and kept playing along with it...it was great entertainment. Then there was Mickey's Philarmagic which was surprisingly good. Lots of good effects with 3D and such.


Oh and one more thing...the castle at MK is taller than the one at DL.


Ok, picture time


Cassie doesn't look too sure of my driving.


Next up...Part 2 of Magic Kingdom


Is this bumper cars? Can I bump the people in front of me?


Time for some scenic driving


A view of Tomorrowland from the People Mover


Space Mountain was still in it's rehab when we went there so this was all I got to see of this ride. Luckily I have ridden it before.


On the People Mover...can't do this at Disneyland


Another picture of the castle just because it's that awesome


It looked pretty cool when it was all done


There was an artist in Tomorrowland "drawing" characters with water on the asphalt


The grand finale of It's A Small World...time to wake up


However...they have my favorite animal. Ladies and Gentlemen it's the Duck-Billed Platypus holding it's egg. Seriously, an amazing animal. If there was a show on Discovery dedicated to this animal I would watch it every day


If you haven't seen the Family Guy were Stewie goes to Disney World then you need to. These little people are freaky


Time for a 10 minute power nap on the Small World boat


Small World was a little disappointing because the front was indoors. The one at Disneyland is massive and amazing at night and during the Holiday season


Now all I need is a ball and chain and this would be a great picture of a newly wed husband


Wait for it...wait for it...


...the back side of water!


Wow...it's gets me every time


Animals everywhere!


Is that a real elephant like the ones at Animal Kingdom?


Jungle Cruise is always entertaining.


Interesting fact: Both my Uncle's work on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland back in the 70's. Now you know more about me.


Cassie's vail flowing in the breeze on Aladdin's Magic Carpet Dumbo Rip-off ride


Just one of the many pictures of the castle that will be taken today


Wow! Now that is a Castle!


Decorations on Main Street


Wait...where's the castle? I can hardly see it. Is it really as tiny as Disneyland's?


Scenery around the park. This guy was a Phillies fan


The rodents were out too.


The characters came out to greet us


The Magic Kingdom Railroad Main Sreet Station


Waiting for the park to open


MK was decorated for Halloween


Jim's breakfast of champions...I'm eating Mickey. That might sound disturbing...it is.


Wow...what is this weather? Don't get too much in Arizona. Is this fog? WTF!!


Wearing our ears and off to the park

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Day 2: Magic Kingdom Part 2


Big Thunder was awesome and the Bride room in the Haunted Mansion was eerie and creepy and awesome all at the same time!


The parades and fireworks at Magic Kingdom were amazing. In my opinion (and I might be in the minority here) I think the Wishes fireworks display was better than Illuminations at Epcot...but there will be more on that later during the Epcot update. I was excited to see the Spectromagic Parade because it brought back memories of the Electrical Parade at Disneyland.


Finale 2


Next up: Animal Kingdom Part 1


Finale 1


Getting ready for the finale








Wish upon a star










Now it's time for the Wishes Fireworks show. Unfortunately I was unable to take a picture of TinkerBell but she flew from the top of the castle to...well...I don't know where she ended up but it was still pretty cool


Donald is still better than Mickey


Three little pigs...mmmmm...pork ribs!


Another great Fantasia Sequence. This guy creeped me out when I was a kid and watched it on Halloween


Best Fantasia Sequence ever!


Here comes the ship to ram into Ursela's belly


Ursela was awesome!


Fishes on display




Mickey showing us that he is The Mouse!


The trumpets sound as the parade follows


SpectroMagic has begun!


Main Street is all lit up for the parade about to start


This is a thing of beauty


Castle at night. I can't say this enough...this castle was amazing!


Castle with the sun almost down


Castle at Dusk


Haunted Mansion with the howling dog.


Side note: This was taken from Tom Sawyer's Island which was really fun a seriously brought the kid back in myself and Cassie. No Pirates Lair crap...just Tom Sawyer


Big Thunder = awesome and seemed a lot faster than it's brother in California


George W. Bush's boots


The Hall of Presidents. Now I'm sure you all are wondering why we sat through this amazing show with all the presidents of the USA including the new President Obama.


Well, it was hot outside and thi splace had air conditioning and both of us were tired. I slept a good 15 minutes during this show only to wake up to see the newest president speak. Anything that was before that is a total blur.


Got the timer to finally work on the camera. Here's the castle with two sexy people in front


Parade is over and everyone lived Happily Ever After


Ummm...eerie and creepy defines this picture


Peter Pan showing Wendy the way to go to Neverland Ranch


Apu is awesome. I love this little guy in Aladdin


Minnie is awesome. Although Cassie and I were wondering if Minnie and Mickey are a couple, friends, borther and sister, or just dating?


Cassie sitting in the shade during the parade. It was only a record high 92 plus 95% humidty that day


Yay! We are in time for a Parade about Dreams. Woo!

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Day 3: Animal Kingdom Part 1


Cassie and I love animals. We love zoos. We keep telling ourselves that we should start our own "Zoo Review" and travel to all different zoos around the world. I even asked Cassie to marry me in front of flamingos at the Phoenix Zoo. We am I telling you all this? Well, because this is Animal Kingdom and it was probably our favorite park out of parks we visited at WDW. True, there aren't a lot of attractions but the scenery and atmosphere was amazing.


Kilimanjaro Safari's was an excellent way to start off the day. This Safari has so many different animals and all of them were active when we went in the morning. Rafiki's Planet Watch was interesting to see behind the scenes work that Disney does to keep this "Zoo" running and entertaining to all guests and animals.


Picture Time


There's a lizard right there keeping his eye on Jiminey cricket and thinking to himself, "Mmmmm...food"


Next up: Animal Kingdom Part 2


It's a cricket! Watch out for lizards Jiminey


It's Rafiki himself!


Entrance to Planet Watch


Rafiki is cool...he shows us the way to go


Taking the train which shows you the enclosures for animals when they go to bed at night


Time to take the train the Rafiki's Planet Watch


More Gorillas in their habitat


Gorilla just eating food and chillin cuz it's so dang hot


A fat Timon keeping an eye out for Pumba


Timon and his buddies playing around


Long neck = food in high places


There's a hippo in there somewhere...can you spot him?


After the Safari we took one of the trails that showcased more animals. These guys were pretty funny jumping all over the ropes


Geyser explosion! Drive fast!


Lions chillin in the shade


The super rare White Rhino


Flamingo Pond


This elephant was all by himself...he's an outcast


Roaming elephants off in the distance


This bridge almost collapsed but we survived


Mandrill sitting on his very colorful butt


Wildebeast hiding from predaters


This little guy made us stop the tour for a bit waiting for him to cross


Eat eat eat...all they do is eat


More Animals along with a termite mound


Animal in the brush


Hippos with birds on their backs


Vultures are awesome


Here's a bird...he's just chillin


Off on the Safari


Goofy starts off the day


Entrance to awesomeness


Here we are at the Animal Kingdom. Forecast for today...Sticky and Muggy with a temp of 94 and 95% humidity

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Day 3: Animal Kingdom Part 2


Expedition Everest jumped to my favorite roller coaster at a Disney Park. This ride was amazing. Although the Yeti animatronic wasn't working (Cassie didn't even see it the first time and I had to point it out to her the second time) it was still entertaining. The backward bit was really fun. Finding Nemo the Musical was very good. If you haven't seen it then I highly recommend seeing it. The puppets and voices and actors were all really great. Again, the puppets were amazing.


We ate at the Yak and Yeti and I must say that it was a nice change of food compared to burgers and fries. It was very good and once again it was free because of the Dining Plan.


The parade was...ummm...interesting...


After we were done with Animal Kingdom we went and saw La Nouba. I've seen 3 Cirque shows and this one ranks #1 in my book. This was truly amazing. Cassie and I were even part of the pre-show with the clowns. Quite entertaining. Our seats were amazing. If you love Cirque shows then this is one you can't miss.


We got back and we had another basket waiting for us. This time it was fruit and more chocolates.


Next up: Epcot Part 1...Food and Wine Festival!


Not a very good picture but definitely very good seats...8 rows up and in the center


The theater from outside looks stunning


That night we got dressed up for La Nouba


And Mickey ends the parade


Pluto was even in the parade. I don't remember seeing him at all at the Magic Kingdom


Donald points the way Daisy


These guys are about to fight. I got my money on Timon mainly because he's awesome


Goofy being Goofy like in A Goofy Movie


Oh isn't Minnie just so cute


Helloooooooooo stilt walkers


Now is this Chip or Dale...if you know the answer then please post because I really want to know


The rodents were out and causing mischeif


Cassie watching the random and funky floats come by


Funny story...we saw this newly wed couple at all the parks we were at. But obviously they were cooler than us because they got to be in a parade


Oh look, we stumbled upon the parade. Rafiki starts it off


I'm going to Dino-Rama and hopefully we can find our Dino...nope, not our Dino


I wasn't quite sure why this was in this park. The dinosaur thing just seemed way out of wack and out of place. If they had real dinosaur exhibits then this would fit right in. But Dino-Rama...seriously!?!


Cassie's meal


Best lunch on the trip...food at the Yak and Yeti


Inside the theater there are bubbles along the walls and Nemo swims though some of them every now and then


We were first in line. Although Cassie's foot is over the line...she's lucky the door didn't smack her foot when it opened


Finding Nemo the Musical Theatre


If you haven't been to Animal Kingdom...there is a giant lake in the middle. This is that lake


More monkey's just monkeying around


This bird posed for a picture


Can you spot the Tiger?


More scenery along the Tiger Walk


More animals grazing out in the field


More tigers resting. Maybe this Tiger just got fed and is in food coma


The scenery around the Tiger exhibit


I think this Tiger knows it's feeding time


Bats are creepy and awesome as long as they don't attack your face


The very top of Everest


Entrance. Want to meet a Yeti? They should have a Yeti character roaming the park...that would freak kids out


There's Everest off in the distance. Not as tall as the real Everest but it has a better ride


More monkeys playing around. I really liked how they had animal exhibits along the main pathways... it was very unique


Underneath the Tree was It's Tough to be a Bug. These are our sexy 3D glasses


The Tree of Life. Tons of animals carved into the tree

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What movie is it from you ask? Forever Young. Yeah, exactly! What movie? Who remembers that movie? It had Frodo Baggins in it before he went through puberty.


God, I saw that steaming pile of crap when it first came out. All I remember is being more and more irritated as droned on.


Congratulations to you and Cassie, Jim! Looking forward to seeing more of your honeymoon. Well, not all of your honeymoon. Just the public part of it . . .

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Thanks for the kind words and comments guys. I wasn't able to keep the report going yesterday since College Gameday was here in Tucson for the UofA football game. After Tailgating all day and going to the game (which was amazing even though my home team lost in 2OT) I was pretty whipped.


I'll try and keep the report coming as best as I can.

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First things first...Dave, yes we experienced the awesomeness of Dinosaur. I think if I closed my eyes and covered my ears it would have been a better experience. That was by far one of the greatest Imagineering feets ever accomplished!


Day 4: Epcot Part 1


Epcot was very different from the last time I was there but it was still a blast. I was very bummed they changed the Journey to Imagination ride...that was a classic. Mission Space was entertaining but we did the less intense one becuase Cassie gets sick with those types of rides. Universe of Energy with Ellen and Bill Nye the Science Guy was awful...I want those 45 minutes of my life back.


The food and wine festival was going on and being on the dining plan we ate our way around Epcot with all the snacks we wanted. I kept telling telling Cassie I took her to Japan, Paris, and Italy for our honeymoon...she was not entertained.


Onto the pics


This was the only picture of the Journey to Imagination. This was a great ride when I was about 10 and it still had the creepy guy in the flying ballon bike thing. Now this ride is topped by South Park when they sing the Imagination song. If you haven't seen that episode then go on YouTube and type in "South Park Imagination Song" Listen and then come back here and post of the forums how awesome that song is.


Next up: Epcot Part 2 and Boyz II Men (no joke!)


Canada...home of Jim Carrey and no one else that funny. Not even Martin Short


I was trying to call Lou but she never answered her phone. Oh well. Jolly Jolly Jolly


An English Pub. Oh how I remember these during the TPR UK Trip.


BTW! If you want to enjoy a real English Pub experience then go on the TPR UK Tour next year. AMAZING!


Winnie the Pooh was hitting on Cassie and I punched him in the face after this picture.


More British stuff to sow the Brits that America tries to replicate there architecture


Bloody Ol England. Jolly Jolly Jolly


Morocco...apparently this is wear Aladdin is from but who cares about him...this is where Jasmine is from!


Cassie and Pocky. These things are delicious and if you haven't had them then fly to Japan and buy some


Coi pond. I wish I could have a fishing pole and fish for my dinner


I think this thing is a Pagota but I could be wrong. If I am wrong then that's the first time in my entire life that I have been wrong. If I'm right then that goes to show you that I am a genius


Japan and Cassie.


Side Note: Cassie was born in Japan but is not Japanese. How does that work? You figure it out


I told Cassie I'd take her to Italy on our Honeymoon. She didn't find it funny when she found out it wasn't the real Italy


PARTIAL MALE NUDITY IN AMERICA! If this statue was somewhere in Europe, King Triton would be in the nude. What is with Europeans and nude statues? Answers please!


Dude...we made it to Italy


Beef Stew kills vegetarians...it's a fact. If you don't believe then take it out with Chuck Norris


Then we ate at Vienna...


We had some other great food from Munich. I belive this is where we had some sort of pretzel sausage or something along that line


I missed Soren by a couple years


Velkom to Germany


Welcome to China. This is Bejing where the Olympics were held. They should add the Bird's Nest to the world showcase. They would have more visitors than they do now


When I was a kid I thought Maelstrom was great. After being on some other great water rides in Europe *cough* Valhalla *cough* this was pretty lame


Scenery around Epcot's World Showcase. This is Norway


Pierogi is amazing. This was probably my favorite of the snacks we had


Food and Wine Festival = AWESOME! Snacks are the way to eat around Epcot. Poland had some delicious eats


Mexico...been there...done that...next


First ride was Mission Space and was pretty entertaining. We did the less intense one but it was still fun.


Epcot...Big giant white ball

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Day 4: Epcot Part 2


Finding Nemo ride was better than Disneyland...End of that story. The aquarium was amazing and there were great colors all around. I liked what they did with the place mainly because I don't remember what it looked like before. The Land section had Soarin which was the same thing as the DCA version. Being with a lady I was forced to go on the Land Boat ride through the greenhouse and whatnot. It was...umm...neat.


I never knew that the best concert I will have ever seen would be at Epcot during this trip. Cassie and I were so fortunate to experience the Eat to the Beat concert series with Boys II Men. Ok...these guys are like 38-40 now and the main singer left the group because he was...I'm not going to say he was good but he was better than the rest. These guys still sucked as much as they did back when I was in High School. Funny thing was singing all these moms there with there husbands and kids rocking out and the kids had no idea what they were experiencing. It was amazing.


Here's my rant about Illuminations. I did not enjoy it one bit. Our seats were great but the show lacked. The first but was great with all the fire and explosions but as soon as they brought the slow moving globe out they lost my attention. Last time I was there they had a show where each country had it's own little bit and it was cool to see each country lit up and then shoot there own stuff off. Wishes at Magic Kingdom was better.


Pictures are worth a thousand pesos


Finale End.


Next up: Disney's Hollywood MGM Studios Part 1 with Lights, Motors I've seen Better and a great place for lunch


Finale 2 (seriously...a weak finale)


Finale 1


Getting ready for a pretty weak finale compared to Magic Kingdom 2 days earlier


?nrettap a ees...ebolg...skrowerif...ebolg...skroweriF


Fireworks...globe...fireworks...globe...see a pattern?


At this very moment I became very uninterested with the rest of the show. IMO, the show at Port Aventura was better then this show


Fire makes men horny...it's science


Now that is a fireball in which we felt the heat. One person's eyebrows burned off next to us they screamed in pain and jumped in the water. Then MEGASHARK came and ate them but GIANT COCKROACH defeated MEGASHARK. How...use your imaginAAAAAtion


More explosions = cool opening


Illuminations started off with a bang...literally


GIANT COCKROACH VS MEGASHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS VS BOYS II MEN in a tag team battle royal to the death.


Cassie's waiting for the show to start until something nearly attacked her! What was it....


Strawberry Crepes are the way to go.


"Just say I love Crepes...or if you say I love really thin pancakes that is a fair compromise don't you think?"


Time to stake our seats out for Illuminations


So to end this awesome concert I will say this in all seriousness...


This concert blew!


Cassie: "Why are they so good?"

Jim: "It's all a blur to me cuz I've been drinking around Epcot"

Cassie: "What are their names and where is the main singer"

Jim: "I thought their names were Men 4 Boys and I think the main singer is in jail cuz he was 40 and sang a suggestive song too close to a minor and they arrested him"


If I knew any lyrics to any songs they would go here. Instead I will leave it up to your imagination... imaaaagination... imgajajajajajanation... image nation... to think of some lyrics and feel free to post some. I will award the greatest lyrics to the most creative and you will get special recognition


If I knew who this was I would say "This is (insert name here) singing to all the taken ladies out there with there husbands and kids


Our reaction to how amazing this concert is going to be


This place was packed for the first showing so we came early to the second showing to get prime seats. The stage was by far the fanciest of stages around the world. Nothing compares to this experience


That's right ladies and gentlemen...it's the best concert I ever experienced. It's like 20 times better than Metallica and Godsmack and maybe 50x better than Michael Buble


Now that is a lot of lemonade


World's Hottest Pepper should be used in Robb's Ice Wings at WCB this year!


Cinderlla is cool because she has a pumpkin named after her. I want a squash named after me and call it JimmySquash


Alligators make good jerky


Flowers. Give a girl flowers often because they like them. If you end up finding a girl that doesn't like flowers then you are one of the lucky ones because you will save over $2,000 in your lifetime for not buying them flowers...lucky bastards


This is an Atrium on the very fast flowing boat ride in the Land Area. This boat ride has rapids and waterfalls and you get drenched on it


Sea horses are like the aliens of the ocean...I got nothing else to say except Paranormal Activity is hyped up way too much and don't see it


There are 3 fish in this picture. If you can find them then you get a prize thats cooler than Big Mike's prizes for finding his hidden duckies


Nemo and the cleaning crab guy


Which ones the real eye!


This is Mr Eel. He says what's up. He has a boring life. He lives in a rock and doesn't get out much. His brother is in Super Mario 64 and has never been the same. He really wanted to keep the star off his butt but Mario kept stealing it from him. Now Mr. Eel stays in his rock because he doesn't want to end up like his brother and have little Italian plumbers stealing his star from behind


Nemo and Da-Da-Da-Dori


This is a shark. It eats Nemo




Ladies and gentlemen...I present to you the cuddlefish. This is eatable in China and they were serving it at Port Aventura in Spain.




OMFG!! A hidden freakin Mickey! My life is soooooooo complete now


"Are you turtle enough for the turtle club...turtle" Name the movie with Dana Carvey and 1)You win a prize and 2)You are sad and pathetic for knowing the movie


This is a Manitee or what we call a Sea Cow. Or what some people call Meg from Family Guy


Diver was cleaning the fish poo


Mine...Mine...Mine...Oh how these guys crack me up and tickle me with their stupidity


Dori, Cassie, Jim, Nemo's Dad, Nemo and rock


Nemo was bette than the DCA version because we didn't have to deal with the hot and smelly subs

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"Side Note: Cassie was born in Japan but is not Japanese. How does that work? You figure it out"


My wife is Japanese, but was born in the U.S. Same thing, only opposite.


"I think this thing is a Pagota but I could be wrong."


Sorry...you're wrong. It is a torii (toh-REE). That means "gate" in Japanese.


You don't have to fly to Japan to get Pocky. If you look, it's in many stores that sell Japanese stuff. There are places here in SoCal where we get ours, so I'm sure it's out there somewhere.


Oh, and I didn't see any mention of eating Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup...aka CHOUP!!! at Epcot. Possibly the best stuff to eat at the Food and Wine Festival.


Wonderful Photo TR. This just whets my appetite for a return visit (hopefully) in 2011 when I want to take Diana there for her 21st birthday.



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This continues to be awesome. I'm happy to see that you did ride Dinosaur and experience it in all of its amazing glory.


And the only band that should be allowed to play at Epcot is Starship.




This would be the greatest movie ever made. SyFy better get working on this now!



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Day 5: Disney's Hollywood Studios Part 1


Boy has this place changed since the last time I was here. It was MGM Studios last time I visited, it didn't have a giant Mickey hat right in front of the Chinese Theater, Backlot Tour actually had a Backlot, no Rockin Rockafeller Center Roller Coaster and no Lights, Motors, it was boring.


The great movie ride was the same...outdated animatronic. Good Tower was running better than I remembered it being and Cassie was extremely surprised by it. She's been on the one in DCA and I told her this one was better and she didn't believe me. Then we rode it...lots of times.


Lights, Motors, Action has an amazing opening. The Ballet Chase scene was long and awesome. But me being an action junkie wanted the show to keep going and not have people explain whats going on. I don't care what you are about to do...just do it! You can do it!


Rockin Rollercoaster was awesome. This was my first Vekoma launchy daunchy flippy clone coaster and it had a very nice layout. I still find the Premeir Launch Flight of Fear coasters to be more intense but this ride was still fun.


Then there's the Sci Fi Dine In where we ate lunch and the food was great and we got to watch old school horror movie trailers. Neat-O Man!


Pictures for the people who hate reading


The cars as seen from inside the great lunch Dine In


Next up: Day 5 Disney's Hollywood Studios Part 5 with Fantasmic and some lucky guy kissing Belle!


It was themed to a Drive In Theater and they had old school horror movie trailers and play old school MGM cartoons. Yes ladies and gentlemen...you read that right...MGM cartoons. Not Disney in Disney's Hollywood Studios but MGM in Disney's Hollywood Studios


Here's your "table" car inside


Time for lunch and time for lunch inside cuz it's another record high today in Florida


Rockin Roller Coaster. It Rocks, It Rolls, It's...Aerosmith? Really? Oh well...still a fun ride


Here's all the crew and stuntmen. Again, I thought they could have kept the pacing a little faster for this show


Utter destruction at the end of the show


The finale was awesome but it happened so fast that this was the only picture I got of the awesomeness


That's what you call a black guy on fire


Guy skidding toward certain death: "Did I fill out my insurance pepers this morning? Nope. Crap! I'm done for"


The white guy even had a ginger jetski and the black guys had a black jetski. This shows that gingers can jump


After watching the near misses again and again and began to wonder if one of the cars accidentally moved slighlty to either side. It would make for interesting entertainment


Now after the ballet chase and about 20 minutes of talking they got into another chase...this time with black cars and a guy wearing white...again, not racists at all


Instead it was Herbie and I was a little bummed.


Guy: "Imagine Lindsey Lohan doing the crab walk naked."

Girl: "What?"

Guy: "Just do this for me!"

Name the TV show


They said that had a special guest car (get it...car instead of star...I know, I didn't get it either) and I thought it was going to be Lindsey Lohan


Car jump over the cameraman


The giner nearly escapes the blacks


The smell of burnt rubber


Ok, here we go. Ballet Chase where the red car is the good guy and the black cars are the bad guys. So the gingers are good and the blacks are bad...that's not racists at all!


Follow the yellow brick road. Have you ever wonderred where the red brick road goes? Watch the movie and ask yourself that question. You'll freak out throughout the rest of the movie wishing they went on the red brick road


It's my mother-in-law!


I would hate to be the mucnhkin popping his head out of the sewer. What kind of little person lives in the sewer system? I wonder if he smells. Do you know a munchkin killed himself on the set of Wizard of OZ and you can see it in the original release. Pretty freaky, huh? Not as freaky as living in the sewer. Think of all the rats. I guess rodent lovers like the sewers. But then there's cockroaches and crocs...and I'm not talking about the shoe wearing crocs I'm talking about the animal. Anyway, munchkin's rock! Hug a munchkin today!


Now starring Will Smith...it's Casablacka


It's an incredible journey through movies made by MGM yet this park is called Disney's Hollywood Studios and not MGM Studios.


Cassie has a thing for the movie Mary Poppins so she took a picture of the horse.


Hello Good Tower...you are good. Me likey your goodness that makes DCA look like badness


Last day, last time we have to wait for the bus at our resort

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Day 5: Disney's Hollywood Studios Part 2


Toy Story Mania was a blast. We were very lucky because the line was about 2 hours long but a nice couple gave us their FastPass tickets before we were able to get them and we walked right on. Even though I kicked Cassie's butt in the score she still thought that was one of the most fun rides she's been on.


Star Tours hurts. End of story.


The Beauty and the Beast musical was entertaining. I was fortunate enough to see the Broadway musical when it was in LA a long time ago. I honestly don't remember how long ago it was but I remember it being amazing and just incredible. This was nothing like that but they still put on a good show. Plus Belle had a great voice and the lucky Prince got to kiss her.


Best Cast Member Award goes to the little old man who gave Cassie and I reserved seating for Fantasmic. We were walking up to the theater and this little old guy saw our Mickey and Minnie ears and escorted us to the reserved seating. We had no one in front of us and they were great seats. Thank you old man who's name I forgot.


After Fantaszmic's stage burnt to the ground it was time for our Honeymoon to be over. We hitched a ride back on the best airlines ever (Southwest) and started our new married life.


Thanks for reading now comment


Umm...is the stage suppose to stay on fire like that?


Then fireworks go off and all is good in Imagination Land


Mickey does one last bit of playing with water (He doesn't get out much)


More fireworks


Now everyone steals the ferry boat from Spalsh Mountain and rides it around the lake


Mickey's sword just came


Fire, water, earth, wind...where's Captain Planet?


Mickey tries to save the day with water. I guess Mickey is a firefighter at heart


Fire is hot. You touch fire and you burn


Burn lake burn!


Poor Mickey is about to get owned by fire dragon (and no, not the one from Islands of Adventure)


Then here comes the dragon who is about to reek hell on earth


Now more water awesomeness and then all the prince's and princesses come out and party


Now some crazy looking apes came out in a dark light and I felt like I was on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


More water playing. What is the difference between a mouse and a rat? Anyone?


Mickey comes out and starts playing with water. Do Mice like water?


That's right...we are now cooler than Big Mike because we got the hook ups.


We were pretty stoked we got upgrading to awesome seats on our last night


Alright, time for Fantazmic and here are our seats


Thank god the prince didn't have a "Priest during the wedding in Little Mermaid" moment. If you don't know what I mean then...well...I got nothing.


Now they dance and belle has on her evening dress


Now Gaston comes out and wants to "Kill the Beast".


Side Note: No Gaston's were killed during the show


What do you think they are reading? Gardening? Cooking? How to clean clocks? Porn?


Belle realizing she loves a big, hairy beast


Wow...that guy's ugly. Down in front ugly man!


Everyone's on stage now.


Side Note...Chip is awesome!


Everyone got involved and Belle sure can kick high


One thing from the Broadway show was the song Be Our Guest was amazing and nearly got a standing ovation. This rendition of the song was pretty amazing for the size stage they had


I'm amazed how large the characters are compared to Belle because that is not a normal sized Candlestick, clock, or teapot


Seriously...the guy who played him was amazing and hilarious. He was doing hip thrusts during his song toward Belle and the audience


Here's Gaston...he was awesome and I want to be like him.


As for the guy on the ground with his butt facing Gaston...I don't want to be like him and he should be ashamed of himself


Here's Belle...she was hot...and she could sing


On our way to the Beauty and the BEAST theater

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