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Disney Challenge

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Seeing as there are no major RCT contests besides Stoksy's I think it would be fun to start a new challenge.


The basic concept is design any type of coaster(the coaster does not have to be Disney realistic meaning B&Ms and big Intamins are fine) to a Disney theme.


The overall challenge is to design a land no smaller than 50 by 50 and no larger than 75 by 75. The land does not need to be themed to a movie, but it can be. The land can also be an interpritation of an existing land. Like if you wanted to make an Adventure land area with a mine train through the woods or a New Orleans area with a Megazeph inspired coaster that is all acceptable.


(NO EXPANSIONS ALLOWED)I will not be creating a workbench and any kind of trainers will be allowed to be used as well as any custom scenery, as long as it is included with park download.


If anyone wants to judge let me know in the thread or pm me. Anyone can join at any time.


Land will be due January 1st 2010. Have fun, everyone!

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I've begun work on the park, which will be themed to an underwater city from "The Little Mermaid".

So far I have built the park's first, and probably only, coaster: The Little Mermaid. In the park, both the entrance plaza and the coaster's station have been constructed.


Entrance Plaza.

Footpaths are not functional as of yet.


Rides station.


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