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TPR Goes to IAAPA 2009 - Photos & Videos from the show!


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I must say, I really like seeing all these awesome new concepts and products from the companies. Could the Premier drift coaster be similar or the same as the Drift coaster in rct3?




Can you please elaborate on this? I'm still stuck on RCT2 and not sure what you mean...


Sure thing!


Notice how it drifts in the turns

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Honestly there's nothing from this show (from what I can see) that excites me. I was hoping to see something big from S&S and B&M.


The Timberliner trains do look epic. Too bad I'll probably never go to Holiday World though...


For any enthusiast, regardless of the level of enthusiasm, Holiday World is about as much of a "must go" park as you'll find anywhere. It's a hike from Pittsburgh, but I assure you it would be well worth it.

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^not to mention it's driving distance from Indiana Beach!





Wow, the show looks SO AMAZING! Thank you for all that coverage, Robb and Elissa!


The rocket ride, the Dubai waterslides, all those looping waterslides announced, new X car coasters, new premier rides coaster, cool new flats, cool waterpark expansion for IOWA... Wow!



I have an incredible urge to go to next year's show, or some of the places where they build that stuff!

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It seems the B&M area is smaller this year. I'm just going off the pictures posted, but it seems they and others are "cutting back" this year?


Quality stuff all around!


Historically though, B&M have never made any large announcements at IAAPA, they are too secretive..



Great coverage both Robb and Elissa, one request though.......get to the Intamin stand and pump them for info on Altons SW6!!!!!



Keep up the great work guys...

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Nice to see so many new looping waterslides going in too. looks like a bit hit for them. The Dubai Tantrum slides look awesome too.


Keep an eye on Screamscape and RCDB to as i imagine both Lance and Duane are there as well. Hoping to get confirmation from Maurer about Chinas X-Car.

Screamscape is also reporting that 2 Happy Valleys will be getting new S&S Launched rides.

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USO should have held out for those 4-across MS trains! If the track is the same gauge, I wonder if there is a chance those sleek trains could be retrofit to run on HRRR, or if there will be a problem with the forces on the outer seats?


I hope Chance Morgan has more info about the Unicoaster. Are they going to keep it more of a flat ride like what was shown in the other thread, or do they have a full coaster in the works? The first one was rumored to be built here somewhere in Orlando.


Thanks for the updates!

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I am BEYOND satisfied with this IN DEPTH!!! coverage!!!



Your mom is satisfied with this in depth coverage



Looks like some interesting stuff for the future! I am definatly happy the US's first aqualoop is only 3 hours from home!!!

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Some thoughts on IAAPA so far:


*Those Tantrum slides going to Dubai look epic! Multi-bowl/tornado spots on the same slides that potentially race?


*Moser topspin. I want one


*PAX: I love those crazy looking coasters. How are they? I'd love to see one in the states, maybe getting a mouse or something for a small park (ie Coney Island OH)


*B&M/Intamin: I think their booths have been small for the last few years because they don't usually have anything new. Both of those companies have set models that are tried and true, and have no reason to branch out with anything new.


*Timberjiner trains: The sex. I was a little hesitant about seeing them on Voyage before, but they look REALLY minimalistic. Robb/Hanno, did you try them out? The one thing I'm concerned with is that they might staple and ruin Voyage's fantastic airtime.


*Pancakes: NEED MORE IN DEPTH REPORTS!!!!1!one

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Hey TPR Peeps!


Robb and Hanno are in Las Vegas and getting ready for the start of the big IAAPA Expo Show 2009. For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it's basically the biggest Amusement Park Trade Show in the World. There are booths from companies that range from giant roller coasters to churro stands!


They are all trying to sell their next big thing to the Amusement Parks, Water Parks, and FEC's out there.


We will keep live updates going in this thread today and tomorrow as Robb & Hanno walk the show floor, and be prepared for some video segments as well!



It's that time of year again...IAAPA! ...or the quest for yummy churro.


And it's a very good reason to make a trip out to Las Vegas for!


Oooh! This looks like a place for us to hang out at!


Here's another look at it.


Hooray! Magical Midway! (not so much magic though!)


The show is about to open... Oh the excitement!


Premier Rides.


Not sure what a drifting coaster is but it looks cool!


Hey look! Elissa makes an appearance at the show! (Grr, Elissa is actually sitting in Valencia!!!)




TPR footage everywhere!


A very nice model of Boardwalk Bullet.


Robb interviews Chuck Bingham from M&V who shares some awesome stores from Fireball's construction.


S&S was showing off a new sleek and sexy IAAPA booth!


Stan Checketts, Hanno, and Hanno's photo all lit up on the wall of S&S' booth!


Look at that! It's Tranan and more TPR footage at IAAPA!


"What was that you said about my mother Mr. Robo???"


Robb and Chris Gray rockin out the Millennium Flyer!


Friends from Grona Lund attack!!!




Here we are at Mack Rides...


Mack Rides has some kind of sit and spin!


Will Koch from Holiday World checks out his new Timberliner train for The Voyage!


Blue Fire car...measuring my heart rate...it says I'm dead!


We will have a more "IN DEPTH" look at the Timberliner trains later in the update.


HUSS rides...


Zamperla showing off the Beach Shack. Is this the next Rockin Tug?


Hanno and John give the Beach Shack thumbs up!


Zamperla had some of their roller coaster hardware on display.


The Intamin booth always goes for the "minimalist" look. (Should make Wes very happy...)


Check out my sexy new Intamin lanyard.


B&M had a little bit of Behemoth with them.


Another look at the Behemoth train.




B&M was really pushing the flying coaster at the booth.


Bob's Space Racers was showing how to win a Giant Ass Monkey.


Here you can see what the show looks like.


All the redemption games you can possibly imagine.


White Water West is showing off Nessie or what we called the musical water worm!


Yes!!! It's the looping water slide!


We will see you in the Dells in 2010!


My very first employer was representing at IAAPA.


OMG! We need this for the next TPR party!


Do NOT let KidTums see this!!! We would never see her again!


Now THAT...is a lot of plush!


At MagicQuest even you can be Harry Potter.


Hot chicks and simulators. That's what IAAPA is all about.


A four across X-Car train? COOL!!!


Maurer Sohne has some pretty cool models on display!


Hey look! I see some TPR members on that train!


Our good friends at Lo-q. We will be using their Q-Bots at Mirabilandia, Six Flags, Dollywood, and more next year!


IAAPA or Furry Convention? You decide.


Hanno's photos and Robb's video on display at Gerstlauer!


Pax has a giant elephant roller coaster!


These guys make some crazy crazy stuff.


Moscow will be getting the elephant coaster in 2010!


Kristen from Wave Loch shows off the awesome Flowrider! (can't wait to ride the one on Oasis of the Seas!)


KidTums would have a field day! The Mr. Men and Little Misses are AWESOME!


OMG!!! I want!!! Wall of Domo's!!!


Is it just me or have the Rudolph characters always been creepy?


The successor to the mini donut machine... Mini pancakes! I LOVE THIS!!! Robb, get one for our house please!


Six Flags Over Georgia's Deja Vu is bound for Brazil! Sorry Brazilians.


Move over Elissa. It's all about Bette! Where's Piers?!


It's like a Skycoaster meets Ferris Wheel!


Ooh! Let's see what's new over at Proslide!


Rick Hunter of Proslide showing off Holiday World's new Rocket slide.


New Tantrum slide for Dubai 2010.


New Rocket hotness comes to Iowa!


That's a LOT of Proslide at Holiday World!


A closer look at the Timberliner train.


Is this "in depth" enough for you?


How about this?


How's this for in depth?


Camera #1


Camera #2


Here is the ad. And so ends this installment of "In Depth for PKI JIZZ MAN". Join us again next time for In Depth at the Dippin Dots Stand!


Good news! Vault ICEE is still available.


Premier Rides offers new wheels!


Oooh...Wheels... "in depth."


And some new Premier Rides love for Kennywood in 2010.


Indoor skydiving anyone?


They even have an outdoor portable model!


WTF??? Upside down zip lines!!!


Dude! It's the Golden Horse company!!!


We have been on at least one, possibly 12 of these Golden Horse spinning coasters!


That's a ton of Chinese knock-off rides!


Techincal Park. They made that crazy thing we rode at Tivoli Gardens.


There it is! Flying Fury!


Mini drop tower set up in the show floor.


Drop Tower in action.


Look, it's a full size X-Car on display! Or not.


Portable ice skating rink.


Not sure what frightens me more. The bronze staues or the guy in the top hat!


Best new food product of the show. I didn't realize that Italian Ice was so big!


The future of those balloon rides! One was testing on Oasis of the Seas but broke off and went flying away!!!


These guys do the red light green light systems for water parks. Anyone else having elementary school flashbacks? Red Light Green Light 1 2 3!!!


These guys do everything conveyer related! Remember the conveyer on Downhill Double Dipper? They did it! All waterpark fans that hate carrying those giant tubes should thank these guys right now!


Something new from the Starflyer guys and equally insane!


They built one in St. Petersburg!!! OMFG! (Note, St. Petersburg Russia, not Florida!)


Moser always has some crazy looking machine that would kill Elissa!


This is the 'Dead Bodies Floating in Hamster Balls' Attraction.


It's all about the portable ropes course! More parks need these!!!!


This park has the potential for awesome! It also looks like some sort of Ferrari Alien Space Ship.


Sally Corp had a Jeff Johnson animatronic.


Dark Rides Gone Wild!!! TOPLESS BABY!!!


This is Sally Corp's new hotness.


Insert random Hard Rock Freestyle Music Fail Park Joke Here!


Awww pretty lights at night time.


Thanks IAAPA, see you tomorrow for another fun filled IAAPA day! (And don't forget, Robb will be working on more IN DEPTH updates tonight!)


That's it for Part 1 of our IAAPA coverage! Keep an eye on this thread for more LIVE updates coming today!




Thank you to Hanno for tons of photos!

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