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Chance Morgan Builds First Unicoaster Ride

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Here is a strange, but cool, new ride from the people over at Chance Morgan. The ride looks pretty cool, and hopefully some start to show up soon.


The first Unicoaster is finished and final testing has started at the Chance Rides factory in Wichita, Kansas. This fascinating new ride features eight rotating arms with two passenger vehicles on each arm. This ride uniquely allows each vehicle’s passengers to control their own spin, both in forward or backward direction. This passenger interactivity gives the riders a completely different experience each time they ride.



Co-creator Bill Kitchen said, “We were looking for a way to reinvent the roller coaster but on a smaller footprint. The Unicoaster gives riders all of the thrills of a looping inverted roller coaster at a fraction of the space and price.”


For more information about the Unicoaster visit Chance Morgan at the IAAPA Expo in Las Vegas, booth # 3033.


Additional details on Chance Morgan products can be found at: www.chancemorgan.com.



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This looks really fun, but I think it seems dumb to consider it as something that will "give riders the thrills of a looping inverted coaster."


unicoaster is a coaster where those seats are on a track and you might be able to control their flipping with a lever ( ? )


the man who invented it invented sky diving tunnels anyone can just jump into that he wants to send to fair parks, but when i describe it that way its of total exceptional safety rather than something as wacky (long words!)




( " SkyVenture is a state-of-the-art skydiving wind tunnel designed for the general public. SkyVenture completely immerses visitors in the world of high adventure skydiving, without ever having to pack a parachute, pull a ripcord, or jump out of a perfectly good airplane. No experience is necessary. Virtually anyone can fly." )

[the other thing he designed aside from skycoasters!)

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Looks like a good ride, especially after seeing the videos. It's a good twist on spinning flat rides, and perfect for parks with tight spaces/budgets. But, I think for them to capture the looping coaster feeling, the scale would have to be much larger to allow for much greater variations in height.

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But this ride is still pretty much a Rock 'n Roll, like at Knoebel's, which I'm just trying to say, doesn't feel like a roller coaster.


Agreed^ The Rock n' Roll only flips in the one spot then has the free motion to keep going though. I guess they are thinking about the flip action.

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^ How? Just cause it flips? X2 is not rider controlled.


The real question is how fast this thing goes. From here is looks like knoebells looper, but if it runs some kind of program with the arm dropping cars and things like that it could feel somwwhat like a coaster. I cant imagine the gp beeing very excited about something like this, though. If some one had not told me this was a coaster concept I would have just thought this was a flat ride concept.

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