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Photo TR: Drayton Manor (Page 19)

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I didn't like this park so much when I visited in 2010, with the exception of Thomas Town, which was beautiful. I do remember getting stuck on a long line for G-Force.


On the other hand, I think we rushed through the park to get the credits and move on.


As Neil said, Ben 10 looks like a great addition. I'll have to give it another chance on the next visit.


Super nice photos in your report, btw, especially the shots against the clouds. Very cool.

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It has been a while since I have visited the park. Wasn't my favorite but the weather was not good either so that didn't help. The pirate ride reminded me of another ride but I can't put my finger on it!


Drayton's Pirate Adventure must have the cleanest water in it's ride trough of any ride I have ever ridden! It's absolutely crystal clear. (Sorry very odd to notice this). It's not a bad ride at all and quite well done apart from the last few scenes and how slow the whole ride is. The lift to the station at the end is very anti climatic too.

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Although it's nice to see a positive TR on DMP, I cannot say that it generally stands out.


G Force and Shock Wave are both below average coasters (G Force is dire), and operations at the park are very mixed with ride maintenance questionable in some cases.


Pirate Adventure is absolutely diabolical at the moment also - the ride is rumoured to being removed, and as a result, a lot of scenes are totally broken.


Thomas Land is excellent, however.

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Drayton is a nice park especially with Ben 10 now,It needed a new signiture ride, and I think they have got one, Sure its still not the tallest,not the fastest, but It is quite good fun,fairly thrilling, and its very re-rideable, Queue themeing is VERY good too(Well for a UK park standard anyway)

There's a lot of changes happening at Drayton, It looks like the rumour is true about Pirate Adventure, and its going for an extension of Thomas World(No final word yet what exactly though) Oh yeah and watch out in 2014 as BIG rumours point towards something HUGE for the park,totally ground braking and their biggest investment in the park ever(It was meant to be 2013, but its been delayed)This is no rumour as Colin Bryan(managing director) has hinted that something big is coming, but obviously wont say what, Watch this Space as they say

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