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Photo TR: Drayton Manor (Page 19)

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There won't be any new rides this season, that's been confirmed by General Manager Camille Jourden-Mark. I'm interested to see if this person was just wrong, and had no idea what's going on as far as what's "new" or if something really will be changing... guess we'll find out in a few months.

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Wow, awesome report!


I've never really paid much attention to Michigan's Adventure, but everything in your pictures looks great. I love all the colors throughout the park. Very...fun-looking!

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Great Trip report! Really like how this park seems to be a mix between a family park and a chain park.


Its a shame though that Cedar Fair doesn't really help this park out much anymore (Not Getting Deamon Drop and/or that Intamin impulse)


Many people from Michigan go to Cedar Point more times per year than they do Michigan's Adventure, yet its closer...


I guess Cedar Fair doesn't want to take any more business away from Cedar Point... *cough*Geuaga Lake*cough*

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^Well yeah, they quickly reached out and snatched up their (geographically) closest competition as soon as those places started adding major rides. I'm surprised they didn't purchase Waldameer after their new woody went in...or even Darien Lake which isn't much farther away than MI-Adventure. DL would make sense so CF could claim ownership to the two worst Dinn coasters on the planet!


Discovering how close MI-Adv is to Douglas and Saugatuk makes me want to visit there even more now!

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Michigan's Adventure is a nice, smaller-sized park. I enjoyed my day there a couple summers back quite a bit. As far as Cedar Fair investing in the park goes, I think Michigan's Adventure and those who frequent the park should be glad that Cedar Fair has continued to operate the park as it is. Apparently they have found it lucrative to operate a smaller sized park for that region's families to attend, if anything over-expanding and trying to make the park into something much larger than it currently is seems like a recipe for disaster. I do think Demon Drop should have gone to MA, though.

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I don't hear much about this park but it looks like they have a decent collection of coasters and you have some pretty good shots of them, especially the shots of Thunderhawk. And an SLC that's smooth, even in the back seat? My goodness, such a thing exists?


I also think that Demon Drop should have gone there, as Dorney already has Dominator and MA could use a drop ride for some flat ride variety.


Thanks for posting!



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Michigan's Adventure is the weakest park in the chain.


Food selection is weak.

Shivering Timbers is the only coaster worth re-riding.

Flats are low in both quality and quantity.


It gets no love from Cedar Point, because it is out of the way and has a much smaller pool of potential customers.


Water park is underrated though.

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^I actually think Michigan's Adventure is a strong property. For having a limited amount of guests to pull from, it does fairly well, and it doesn't have to be a large regional park. The park does lack flats though, and if a few major flats were added, it could do very well. The west coast of Michigan is a tourist area, and even though the park is away from the main tourist towns, a few major rides might draw people up there. For what it has though, Michigan's Adventure is still a decent park, but it does have room for improvement. Plus, for the price of admission, you do get your money's worth, and my only major complaint is the weak food selection that you pointed out.

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^See, I think Larry has a point there. It's a small park that has been Cedar Fairized into having ZERO small park charm. I like small parks, but not when they're run with a big park mentality.


I think my view on Michigan's Adventure was severely harmed by the fact that I went to Indiana Beach, a really good small park, the next day.

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Hey everyone! For Spring Break, I headed to Nickelodeon Universe and it was all good! SpongeBob is better than ever, Pepsi is still doing it's thing, and the newly opened attraction Brain Surge, opened a week before I went.


I made a music video to Nickelodeon Universe, and I think it turned out great. Feel free to check it out.





Shall we enter?


Glowing ball! I'm impressed.


Sponge Bob is here too, but we'll get to him much later.


Brain Surge is really fun ride! Although it takes forever to load people on the ride, it's well worth the wait!


You can flip forwards, backwards, or stay in the same position. I ended up going in every direction I wanted!


Fairly Odd Coaster is and odd as you think.


It snugs around rides and roof supports, crazy layout if you ask me.


Twisty Twisty Twisty


These helixes surely make you pick up speed, along with some intense spinning!


Nickelodeon Universe has a few unique flat rides that you won't find anywhere else, this being one of them.


At some points on the ride, you do experience airtime!


Some carts spin forwards, some backwards, it's always different.


Who wants to ride a log flume indoors?


It does have a really long layout. This being the top section of the ride, it is themed better than all of the other log flumes I have been on!


This is one of the two awesome drops on the ride!


You glide over the water before making a big splash. Usually, you don't get wet.




This is the mall's drop ride, long and fun. Though, not many big drops.


It's getting ready to drop....


I really wanted to jump in this thing!


Who said this park wasn't colorful? And all of the big coasters in the park are in this shot!


I love how long the ride is! Especially for an indoor coaster, it's one of the best!


It has more helixes than the Fairly Odd Coaster...


I did not get a chance to ride the Dora Wheel, but it sure looks good!


Here is a better picture of Fairly Odd Coaster's layout.


New for 2009 was this rope course. I had to time to try it out though.


Sexy roller coaster, ain't it?


Here is a different perspective of the park. Notice how Avatar Airbender goes through the ceiling!


I actually prefer this half-pipe over the one at Elitch Gardens. This one seemed to go faster and had better spins.


I swear that this ride goes beyond 90 degrees!




There was a good looking Lego Discovery Center right outside the park.


No one can place rides crazier than this place!


It got really hot inside the mall (maybe because it was 84 outside) but this swing ride created such a nice breeze.


Tak Attack is one of the few unique rides here.


Provided nice views when you were at the top!


You don't go completely upside down, but it sure does make you move in your seat!


Sponge Bob is happy that you are reading my PTR!


This shows how narrow this coaster is.


A spinner with floater air? Always good!


The over bank turn comes really close to the ferris wheel.


We took a break from the theme park and headed to the aquarium which is also right inside the mall.


I think his official name is Sharkie?


This turtle is the Michael Phelps of the water world.


This has got to be one of the only fish that seemed to hold still.


One fish, two fish, striped fish, awesome fish.


My favorite part was the sea horses! They are killer!


I just want to hug it!


I wish I had tentacles.


The light effects in the tank were pretty creative. This one is a nice pinkish purple color.


Jellyfish sex?


This one seems normal.


You can't see it in this picture, but this jellyfish was over a foot in diameter!


When I came here awhile ago, you could pet the manta rays. Now you can pet starfish, crabs, and what ever this is.


I touched Patrick Star!


Now back to the park! And yes, Fairly Odd Coaster is still spinning!


I was really sad when Six Flags Great America removed their version of this ride. Thanks Nickelodeon for repairing this one!


Lots of laterals and airtime!


Rope course! Looked fun...


Let's head over there!


I love how this roller coaster is themed to a specific episode of SpongeBob.


Floater Air can be experienced on this ride.


That's what I look like when I get salt water in my eyes.


The loop does shake when the cart goes through!


The best part of the ride! No you can't deny.


Bubba Gump wants to say thanks for reading!


Thanks for reading everyone! Much appreciated!


I'll be back!

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Weird request...does anyone have a picture of the Frog Hopper?


I believe it's themed to the Wonder Pets and wanted to show KT a picture of it since it combines her two favorite things! Frog Hoppers and Wonder Pets!!!

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Thanks for responding guys!


Cool TR!


You said that you can flip forward, backward, or not at all on Brain Surge, is there a way you control it or do certain seats spin certain ways?


Between the two seats is a stick that you push forwards, backwards, or you can keep in the middle. During the middle of the ride, you can flip in the other direction, or stop flipping, or flip and stop yourself upside, you can do pretty much anything. It's pretty neat.

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Hey guys! I'm back again with a Photo/Video Trip Report of Little Amerricka! Overall, it was a great park (especially for the kids!) and I had a great day with Jo, Gavin, Jon, and his mama. Mad Mouse is still questionable about it's safeness, but the rides are just oodles of fun!


Here is a quick video I made of the park (POV's taken with permission) and I hope you enjoy watching it!


And onto the pictures....


Welcome to Little Amerricka!


As soon as you enter, you are greeted by this fine coaster, Mad Mouse!


It has a simple layout, but is still very jerky.


Jo thinks she's secure with the pool noodle harnesses.


This would be Test Pilot! It is actually very scary as you go parallel with the ground and turn completely sideways!


This would be..... Wild & Wooly Toboggan


This ride probably gave me the biggest ejector airtime on any coaster I have ever experienced.


Very compact, perfect for death parks like Little Amerricka!


See those little hills at the bottom of the ride? Yeah, more airtime than Magnum.


Mario directs the Tilt-a-Whirl in a circular formation.


If anyone reading this visits Little Amerricka, I recommend riding the Monorail, it's a really great ride!


Little Amerricka is just a fun little park!


Oh what could this be?


If you didn't know it yet, Little Amerricka did buy Kiddieland's old log flume! (FYI, these logs were in the parking lot and no one cared if you were to go up to them...)


I wonder if it'll have the same layout as when it was at Kiddieland....


Okay, this haunted house was pretty scary.


The train ride is probably my favorite attraction here. It is a 20 minute train ride that takes you to the middle of no where!


There was a part where you drove by animals such as bulls, sheep, geese, llamas, and even zebras!


You guys can name this llama.


This goose is laying me some golden eggs.


This would be Meteor. Much better than Little Dipper at Six Flags Great America.


Overview on the layout. Yes, it is a mirror image of Little Dipper.


It was so easy to climb onto the track, but I didn't!


Fastest ferris wheel you may ever experience. Rocking may occur while on the ride.


These would be the ka-kinda craze-eh bumper boats! Lots of splashing will occur during the ride.


In my opinion, this roller coaster that is also called Little Dipper should go closer to the grave yard!


Time to say bye to the Little Amerricka! (Literally!)


Waterloo, I promise to love you! Thanks for reading guys :)

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