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I bet you guys saw this one in the preview thread a few days back But since it is takeing good shape and is getting finished to the point I can show you guys some decent screens here's a topic all of its own for this beast.


First off only the layout is a recreation so don't come tell me your station isn't like the real one, I decided to do the surroundings my way since I didn't find any good recent pictures of the real station and its way too far of a trip to go see it in real life at the moment.


None of the things I'll show is finished so everything can still change


screen from preview thread


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I'll reply


Coaster Cow: I'm not planning on showing a full layout unless I think its themed to the point I want to show it, and thanks for likeing what I have so far


Stoksy: you could call it a design but its more of a semi-recreation of a great coaster, if it gets finished I'll send it to NE as a design so yeah it falls under that category

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More unfinished screens, plz tell me how to improve


and the screen of the pretzel is just foliage and some minor themeing thats done so its very unfinished




EDIT: when we reach page3 I give thefull layout


My best hacked pretzel loop ever,

its made out of 4 coasters


Some shade during the long wait


a shop near the coaster

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hanks for referring to the supports, its fixed, and no there isn't anything better for catwalks ATM


UPDATE: 2new screens

1: finished coaster plaza

2: under construction at the other side of the coaster


MOD EDIT: Pictures deleted due to size. All pics must be 800x600.

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