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My drawing of Hersheypark (with a surprise)

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I finally got some images of the completed drawing I was working on over this past spring and summer and that I was also updating you guys too. Many thanks to Flying Phils Photos, Bing aerial and satelite imagery, as well as my own photos from the past few seasons. After I show you these photos, I have a little surprise in store, so keep your eyes open!


HERSHEYPARK 2009 - complete aerial done entirely in pencil by me:


The space at the top will be left blank at the moment as I may add the HP logo there to help balance things out.



Entrance area


Founder's Circle


Comet Hollow and Minetown


Minetown and ZooAmerica


Pioneer Frontier


The Boardwalk


Midway and the Boardwalk


I also plan to do a Candylane overlay of this drawing sometime after I go this weekend. The overlay will be done on tracing paper with the open sections of the park only drawn. Stay tuned for the surprise!

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Now for the surprise! I found one of my very first attempts of ever drawing Hersheypark back in 1997. These photos show the whole thing updated for 1998 because I have Great Bear drawn into it. I'm sure you can see a big change between the two drawings, but I'll let the images speak for themselves.


HERSHEYPARK 1997 - One of my first attempts at drawing the whole park, drawing was dated 1997, but these images have 1998 updates on them.


Park overview




Entrance area


Carrousel Circle


Minetown, Music Box and Comet Hollow


Pioneer Frontier




I found several more drawings of the park that I've done around here, but I wanted to share the current (most recent that I'm working on) along with one of the first attempts I've ever done. Let me know what you all think.

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Yes, nothing was done on the computer with both. I am an artist and love to draw. I've drawn ever since I was little. The only time a computer was used was to download aerial imagery to use as reference for the current drawing. Alot of time and effort was put into it, but in the end, it has paid off.


Right now, I'm preparing to do the parking lots between the Giant Center and Chocolate World. I'm in no hurry to complete it, so when it gets done, it gets done.

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Those are really impressive. So what inspired you to do this? (Perhaps a career in park map drawing?)


The inspiration came from back in 1995 when I purchased the park souvenir map (which have long been discontinued). I figured since none of their park maps were worth anything detail-wise (and to this day, they get progressively worse each season, especially with how the SEA-qual was added this past season). So I thought I would do an accurate, to-scale, drawing.


Well as the computer technology improved since 1997, we've become blessed with websites like Flying Phil, Bing aerial imagery, etc, that have been a wonderful source to help me achieve this and to be able to get to the step where I am currently now. Through this whole process through the years, I've been able to really study the park's layout, and being a regular local visitor every season, I'm able to navigate through the park without a map. I'm excited to be able to change and improve as the park continues to improve and grow.

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You have a talent like myself to be able to look at something and replicate it. These types of things take great deals of time to complete and for that I applaude your effort to do this, even though your art was just for fun. The amount of detail is top notch. Great job man.

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As an artist, I'm impressed with your artwork! I've noticed that your artwork has improved greatly since 1997.


I've made plenty of park maps before, but I've found them to take up a lot of time and effort. Clearly you're extremely skilled at making maps! You should follow everyone else's advice and send them to a design firm or Hersheypark.

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Thanks so much for all your comments! They are very much appreciated! I'll think of you all when I do updates and I'll definitely be sure to post them on here for you all to see.


As for a designing firm with the park's maps, I wouldn't have a clue where to go there. I don't even know what the park would say or anything. Just to draw it in straight pencil for fun alone took a long time, yet add color to the whole thing (especially when they change and update things). I'd love for them to see it though. I'll have to give it some thought.

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I'm a graphic designer. I've been sending out resumes like crazy for the past few months because I am getting laid off in a couple of weeks. A few weeks ago I sent a resume to a design group and I noticed that they did the park maps for Six Flags. Here is the link if you're interested.




Hell, maybe you could freelance for them or something. Even if it's a matter of you creating the main layout and details of the maps and then someone else scanning it and creating a digital vector file that can be manipulated as the park changes each year.


Awesome work!

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^They don't. Hershey deals with Amusement Media Inc, but I don't know if they still do. The last time they had a logo on one of their maps was in 2006.


Thanks Chris. Do you know where abouts I could contact that area? Unless the main people would forward it to the appropriate dept?

I'd email the park directly at Hersheypark@HersheyPA.com Just say which department you'd like to address it to, you should get one confirming that it is being transferred. If you don't hear back from someone there within one or two weeks, try again.


You would probably might need to promote your drawing to them possibly.

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