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Coney Island (Luna Park / Deno's) Development Discussion Thread

P. 60: Phoenix coaster announced for Phoenix at Deno’s Wonder Wheel

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I think by this point, security at American Dream is used to enough single enthusiasts coming into Nickelodeon, hitting up the coasters, and bouncing. There's so many Youtube videos of people doing exactly that. You'll be fine as long as you're not doing something sketchy like hanging around the kiddie rides and taking video of other people's children.

Just a quick word of warning; I visited the mall with my wife and kids last Friday night to check out the mini golf courses. While they still are advertising parking rates being $2 after two hours, when it came time to settle up at the pay stations before leaving, that number mysteriously jumped to $4. I don't think $4 parking is going to break any banks but just be aware.

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Visited the park on Friday evening for the first time in four years. Deno's new coaster Phoenix was great. Wonder Wheel was fun, but I feel like we used to cycle two consecutive times without any loading/unloading before... not one. Hard to swallow $10/person. Spook-A-Rama is always a hoot.

The star of the evening was the Cyclone. Got a front row ride at night. Out of nowhere, this ride shot way up my top woodie list. Such an incredible and unique ride. Air time was *solid* and the laterals into each turn is still super aggressive in the best way. I can honestly say I was so impressed and I know I didn't feel that way after my first ride back in 2010. Thrilled to see it running the way it was intended to run (no brakes, etc.)

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FYI, it appears that within the last couple of weeks, Luna Park has very quietly dropped the gated admission policy and has returned to their traditional pay-per-ride policy (along with a 4-hour wristband option which, at least online, is cheaper than it was this summer). 
Also, the Cyclone is running excellently! It was running faster than I ever remember it. I was in the front seat of the middle car and still got plentiful airtime. 

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After being delayed for two years, Luna Park is following through on some previously announced plans.


Coney Island's Luna Park breaks ground on new rides, roller coaster, pedestrian plaza

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 

CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Coney Island's famed Luna Park broke ground Tuesday on expansion plans for new attractions and pedestrian plazas set to open for the 2022 season.

The expansion includes a new ropes course, appropriately named the Sky Chaser, along with the Super Flume and the J2SK Coaster, a log flume intertwined with an exhilarating roller coaster creating a brand new unique experience for guests.

In addition to the three new attractions, Luna Park is transforming three streets in landscaped pedestrian plazas between Wonder Wheel Way and the Coney Island Boardwalk.

The new rides will be located in a long abandoned lot nestled between the minor League stadium and Luna Park, and the foundation is already in with the tracks on site.

The city owns the land and leased it to Central Amusement International, which runs Luna park.

"Luna Park will unveil two custom made Zamperla rides," Central Amusement International President Alessandro Zamperla said. "A roller coaster, the J2SK Coaster, and the Super Flume ride."

The plans had been in place but were delayed by the pandemic.

"For the entire year, there was no Luna Park, and there really was no Coney Island," NYC Parks Assistant Commissioner David Cerron said. "And I think that that makes this moment so much more meaningful and exciting."

And while the Luna Park reopened this past summer, crowds weren't what they usually are, and businesses struggled. The new attractions could help.

"It's probably going to bring a lot of people to Luna Park, for things to do for the kids and stuff like that, but it should be interesting," Ruby's Bar manager David McBarnett said. "I don't do roller coasters, but it should be cool."

In addition to the attractions, there will be three newly upgraded pedestrian areas with kiosks and carnival booths. But the plans for those also changed because of the pandemic.

"Instead of having all the containers, all the kiosks, one attached to the other, we actually created some space between them," Zamperla said. "COVID informed us a lot when it comes to construction, safety, and we did change some of the plans."

The plazas will be an open-air entertainment destination with food, games and retail locations, adorned with shaded seating and greenery.

Named after an iconic piece of Coney Island's history, Luna Park is the largest amusement park in New York City and the Big Apple's most famous playground -- with a heritage that stretches back more than 130 years.

Luna Park lights up the famous Coney Island skyline with its timeless charm, historic landmarks, and exciting novelties.

Adjacent to the nearly three miles of sandy beaches, two and a half miles of boardwalk, and other top attractions, Luna Park -- which employs more than 1,200 people -- offers more than 50 games, rides and roller coasters.

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Hey everyone! I went to Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday, and on the way home I went to Coney Island on whim to check out the progress on the new rides. Also, I snagged credits for Phoenix & SkyFlyer at Deno's.


The roller coaster (Tony's Express) is mostly done and the log flume (Leti's Treasure) still needs plenty of work. The pieces that still need to be installed are sitting right next to it, next to a bunch of construction equipment. 

Here are some photos I took:





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