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Coney Island (Luna Park / Deno's) Development Discussion Thread

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Your point is well taken, but as I recall, this is one of the first plans that isn't just a pure sellout to real estate values. I freely admit to not being an expert on the subject of Coney Island's umpteen redevelopment plans, but this one, it seems, tries to keep the historical district as an amusement destination and isn't just a plan to put up high-rises (e.g., look at the current site of Palisades Park 23 miles to the north) in place of rides. It pushes housing to the edges away from amusements. It seeks a development outfit that has amusement development experience (which Thor doesn't have). It seems to have the city's (in the form of CIDC) blessing, although it was Rudy Giuliani's "blessing" that destroyed the rotting John Miller Thunderbolt and put the Brooklyn Cyclones' (Short Season Class A Mets affiliate in the NY-Penn League) stadium in its place. And I think Dick Zigun is on board, and that guy's organization (Coney Island U.S.A.) has been the life blood of the place for a while. Burlesque isn't exactly family entertainment, but the Mermaid Parade is now the single biggest day of the year in Coney Island. My wife and I went this summer and it was such a zoo, we couldn't get anywhere near Astroland or the Cyclone or Nathan's, or anything! It was just too super-packed. If they actually get some happening new rides down there, it would be awesome.


Parachute Drop Tower, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY


Original Steeplechase Park horse, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY


Mermaid Parade 2007, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

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If i'm correct the cyclone can't be torned down....but when astroland can't pay the upkeep, they'll just let it rot untill it's like thunderbolt. And that's where the thing/organisation that keeps landmarks up kicks in.


at least that's what i think....not sure tough

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Can you post the article onto this thread...the site is blocked from my work computer.

Updated 10:48 AM

Plans For New Coney Island Park Unveiled

By: NY1 News


Two months after the Brooklyn amusement park Astroland seemingly closed for good, plans for a new Coney Island were released Monday, as hopes are being raised about saving a piece of boardwalk history.


The Municipal Arts Society released its designs for a new Coney Island amusement park, which they say are based on input from amusement park experts, architects and the public.


Experts say a must-see, awe-inspiring ride, like the London Eye ride, is needed in Coney Island.


"What really drives attendance is that one-of-a-kind attraction that everybody says, 'I got to ride that; I got to try that,'" said real estate developer David Malmuth. "So we need to make something that's visually stunning and a great ride experience where people say, 'I want to do that. I want to go out to Coney Island and take that incredible ride.'"



Inspired by the London ride, designers have come up with an idea similar to a monorail, which would serve both as an amusement ride and a mode of transportation for visitors to get on and get off at all of Coney Island's points of interest.


"We would like to take advantage of this technology and make it a very beautiful, scenic ride looking at the ocean, looking at all the attractions below, actually going through some clouds and steam and some projections as you ride," explained urban planner George Tsypin.


The group of urban planners, top designers, and economists say they would like to see a digital district, where the facades of buildings are screens that link together.


"We're showing the public a lot of very imaginative, almost like 22nd century, ideas," said Kent Barwick of the Municipal Art Society. "Is it all baloney? Everything that we showed has been done, proven, and is working somewhere else. It just hasn't been done here."


Another technology that is not being used in New York, but is used in Australia and Spain is generating electricity from the ocean.


"Today we have platforms that generate energy from the ocean by waves," said architect Enrique Ruiz-Geli. "So you imagine we install a power plant that generates electricity for Coney Island for the theme park, but also for each home. So Coney Island becomes an off-grid, self-sufficient, sustainable city."


While all this seems so futuristic and expensive, this group says there are ways to jump-start activity now with little money. By taking all of the empty lots and transforming now all kinds of arts festivals, experts say Coney Island should once again be world-renowned as the Greatest Seaside Stage.


Meanwhile, the city is says it is working on a deal to buy 10.5 acres of real estate in the area, which includes the three acres that Astroland sits on.


The land is owned by developer Joe Sitt, who had planned to build a Vegas-style entertainment complex but the plans have stalled.


The asking price for the lot is unknown.

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Sounds nice looks nice but will we actually ever see this happen? Coney Island needs something soon something were we can actually see construction start and things begin to transform. When designers start coming up with such extravagant ideas like this most of the time it never seems to come to light.

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So I'm looking at the plans and it all looks great, and start watching the video...sounds interesting...and then...........


What the!?!?! Somene getting a bit too creative with their designs, or have I just not been to NYC in a while and that's considered normal?

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So I'm looking at the plans and it all looks great, and start watching the video...sounds interesting...and then...........


HAHAHA, you beat me to it! I had screen-captured that exact same image, so I could go back and see if perhaps I had just imagined the freak show.


What originally caught my eye was the marquee for Wonder Wheel and Thunderbolt. I expected to see the wheel still operating as part of a new development plan, but THUNDERBOLT??? Hopefully, those weren't the entrances to some "Coney Island's Past" museum or something. I realize that resurrecting the real T-bolt isn't going to happen, but a modern coaster with a similar layout could certainly be a good thing.

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NEW York's world famous Astroland theme park on Coney Island could find a home on the Gold Coast if plans to relocate it here are successful.


The State Government and Gold Coast City Council have discussed shifting the amusement park from Brooklyn to the Gold Coast with its owners.


If successful, the Astrotower, Tilt-a-Whirl, Pirate Ship and other attractions will be packed up and shipped to Australia.


Astroland is one of a number of amusement parks within the huge Coney Island precinct.


US company Thor Equities bought large tracts of the area for $200 million in 2006, including Astroland's 1.25ha beachfront site for $30 million.


Thor Equities and the New York Mayor, Michael Bloomerg, have been wrestling over the final redevelopment of Coney Island. Astroland operators have until the end of January to vacate.

Gold Coast theme parks

Have your say on the feedback form below


Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke said he was impressed by the proposal after meeting with a group of US businessmen earlier this month.


The Gold Coast has previously been scouted by both Viacom and Disneyland operators as a potential home for one of their theme parks, which would add to the city's four existing theme parks.


"It sounds like a great idea to me," said Cr Clarke.


"They want to get it up as soon as 2009 and if it all checks out then I'd love to get behind this ambitious project.


"So long as the approvals are above board and they get their guarantees together, then I think it is a fantastic business concept and fantastic for the Gold Coast."


Astroland is home to the heritage-listed Cyclone rollercoaster and has appeared in many Hollywood movies.


Islander Hotel owner and Commerce Queensland representative Tom Tate said a new theme park would bolster the local economy during tough economic times.


"They asked me to have a look at the proposal and I'm very excited," said Mr Tate.


"This is like having the Ekka on the Gold Coast all year around."


"I like the concept where there is no entry fee and all you have to do is pay for the rides and whatever food and drink you want."


Mr Tate said he had suggested either the Surfers Paradise Transit Centre site or the canefields north of Dreamworld as potential sites.


"I think a lease scenario on the transit centre could work instead of an 80-storey tower. Alternatively, they could look north, he said."


Gold Coast architect Desmond Brooks has been involved in the negotiations between Sydney-based adventure park entrepreneur Sydney Matthews and government officials.


Mr Matthews operates two small adventure parks on the Gold Coast at Mount Tamborine and Currumbin.


Consortium spokesman Timothy Oliver said it would cost a minimum of $5 million to move the amusement park.


Mr Oliver said the project would create at least 300 jobs.


"I'm in constant contact with theme park owner Carol Albert and we're sorting out the logistics of getting the rides over here.


"It will likely take six months to get it all over here," he said.


I did a search and couldn't find any thread on the closing, otherwise I would have put this in there.

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Oh for f***'s sake, Sydney gets blown over for another amusement park. Hello - major tourist destination, city of over 4 million people. Nah, it probably wouldn't work, neighbours would complain and it would get shut down.


Does this mean there will be a new credit in Australia, that wacky worm with the turntable. I've been on it in Brooklyn and I am so claiming it as another credit downunder.


I don't think this would work, unless it was on the main drag of Surfer's Paradise, why would you go to a little place with some flats when the big parks like Movieworld and Dreamworld are nearby if they put it further north.


Albeit it might be a cheaper source of amusement for locals than paying a fortune to go to the aforementioned parks.

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