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Coney Island (Luna Park / Deno's) Development Discussion Thread

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^ Agreed. WHat I liked about Coney Island when I went there this year was the feeling, the atmosphere of the place. And while a bit of clean-up and ensuring nobody is scared for their life when visiting is necessary, I don't understand the plan to turn Coney Island into some mega amusment park/classy beach district. That's just not what the area is.

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Here's an interesting story


The operator of the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster wants to stop the ride and get off. Carol Albert, who formerly operated the Astroland amusement park across the street, is five years into a ten year lease from the city, but she says that the costs of maintaining the ride are too great now that she's no longer running Astroland. The Cyclone is a city landmark, and so—unlike the Thunderbolt—it's in no danger of being demolished and turned into a Dave and Buster's by amusement giant Zamperla. But this could mean the seasonal roller coaster will miss its traditional Palm Sunday opening day.


Albert has already laid off the ride's workers, and tells NY1, "I'm not happy about it. It's not what I really wanted to do. The cars are very heavy so the wear and the tear on the tracks is enormous. It's very expensive to keep it up. There are a lot of fixed costs attached to it but if you're running an amusement park across the street, it all works out fine. If not, it's very difficult." She thinks it makes sense for Zamperla to take over the ride, but the city wants to open up the bidding to other operators.


The city will issue a Request for Proposals by the end of the year, and the lengthy process could result in the Cyclone staying dormant for part of the spring and summer. "It would be very difficult to issue it, get it back, do the negotiations, get the repair work done and open in time for the season," Albert speculates. A source at the Mayor's office says, "If it has to open a little later than normal so the work can be completed, we'll do that. But we're also hopeful it will remain open later into the season than in previous years."


However, there is a bit of good news coming out of Coney Island, which is consumed by a bitter battle to preserve eight beloved bars and eateries facing eviction from the Boardwalk. Amusing the Zillion reports that Eldorado Auto Skooters, Coney’s famed disco palace of bumper cars, will reopen in 2011: "It’ll be 'Bump, Bump, Bump your Ass Off' at 1216 Surf Avenue in memory of the Eldorado’s heart and soul, Scott Fitlin, who died in October."


LINK:Cyclone News Article

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I'd like to see Zamperla buy the cyclone, I guess, as long as no magor changes will be made, we don't need no tacky replacement trains. But it will make more sense for the Cyclone to be included in the wristband price for Luna Park, and that way it will also run for a larger part of the year. When I was there in Ocotber I went to Luna Park expecting to see everythign open and was disappointed that pretty much nothing else was.

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It's probably a stretch to imagine Coney Island will ever be a "high-class place." But the charm of it was that it was so purposefully low-class. With this not-so-subtle whitewashing, that era of freakdom has obviously passed


I couldn't agree with this statement more....I went to Coney Island only once, on Astroland's supposidly last day (maybe it was the last day, I don't exactly remember), and I really couldn't believe that a place like that actually still existed. The place was packed and there were TV cameras everywhere, and everyone there was simply enjoying the place for what it was. No one wanted anything else, and everyone had a good time. I'm the type of person who could have fun there...not everything has to be squeeky clean, Cedar Fair bland, or Disney perfect to be enjoyable.

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I stopped by Coney Island while I was in New York for Thanksgiving, and I saw pieces for the new Zamperla flying coaster! I don't know if any pictures were posted, but I'll share mine anyways.


A few pieces of track.


Some supports, I believe.


More supports, with the Parachute Jump Tower in the background.


Even more supports, with some track.


Overview of the entire lot.


Closeup of the track on the right.


Closeup of the supports on the left.

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Maybe it's a height issue, or maybe it's just me. I've been on that model of coaster before and didn't have any issues. Was it the best thing ever? No. But it wasn't painful.

There is a technique to riding that helps... You really don't want to push your shoulders into the pads at the top of the ride and try to keep your head still in the middle. If your neck is weaker or you want a less intense ride definitely ride in the middle of the car as the banking transitions are brutal on the outside.


Oh and New York hope you enjoy the Flying Coaster... Hope it runs better for you than it did here 3 years ago.


I wonder how much work they are doing to it because that looks far from the whole track so far. I also would be willing to bet that the moving floor won't be making a comeback so they will be rebuilding at least that part the station.

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The owners of Coney Island's Shoot the Freak vowed to sue amusement giant Zamperla, charging their Boardwalk business was illegally razed behind their backs.


The company tore down the game and boarded up the property this week - even though eviction proceedings are still pending in court.


Shoot the Freak is one of nine longtime Boardwalk businesses the Italian amusement company is trying to boot. Their lawyer earlier sent Zamperla a letter warning not to meddle with the properties until the eviction battle is settled.


"It's like I've been robbed," said owner Anthony Berlingieri, who found all his equipment and props gone when he showed up at the site Wednesday.


Berlingieri and partner Carlo Muraco plan to ask a judge next week to declare the eviction illegal, block Zamperla from bulldozing anything else, and make them pay for the confiscated material.


The city owns the land and leases it to Zamperla. City officials said they'd review whether the move against Shoot the Freak was allowed.


"Under its lease, [Central Amusement International]'s construction is ongoing in anticipation of the summer opening of its expanded amusement park. We'll review the steps taken yesterday to make sure they are compliant," said Economic Development Corp. spokesman David Lombino said.


Zamperla declined to comment. The company wants all the Boardwalk businesses gone as soon as possible, but especially needs the space where Shoot the Freak sits to build an entrance to its new Scream Zone amusement park, plans show.


Berlingieri said he was devastated by the loss of his game - but not shocked Zamperla would knock it down without asking him. "Everything I worked the last ten years for...is gone," he said. "They've been dishonorable from day one...If you hang out with a bunch of thieves and someone robs you, you're not surprised."


But Muraco said the fight to stay in Coney wouldn't stop just because the property has been cleared. "We'll have to pull [the boards] down and and rebuild Shoot the Freak and reopen, unless they get a court order that says we can't," he said. "If they tear it down, we'll build it up again."




Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/12/23/2010-12-23_coney_islands_shoot_the_freak_owners_say_game_was_torn_down_boarded_up_behind_th.html#ixzz1933Np0gI

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I am no fan of "Shoot the Freak" but Zamperla is behaving nearly as badly as Joe Sitt and Thor Equities. Illegally booting out the local businesses that have stuck around during the hard times is not the way to endear yourself to Coney Island fans. Ham-handed at the least. But it's not just me, the City of New York is finally taking notice that their "concessionaire" is behaving idiotically and has slapped them with a fine:



Coney Island amusement giant slapped with $5,000 fine after knocking down Shoot the Freak

BY Erin Durkin


Friday, December 31st 2010, 4:00 AM



The city slapped amusement giant Zamperla with a $5,000 fine Thursday for illegally razing Coney Island's Shoot the Freak.


The company tore down the Boardwalk game and boarded up the property last week without a permit, Buildings Department officials said.


The city issued a stop-work order to bar further demolition.


Shoot the Freak is one of nine Boardwalk businesses that Zamperla is trying to boot to make way for glitzier attractions.


The eviction battle is still pending in court.


"In the middle of the night they come and raze my place and knock it down without building permits or nothing," said Shoot the Freak owner Anthony Berlingieri. "This is all about greed."


He said he's glad Zamperla will pay for the move but is still devastated the game is gone. "It's an empty lot, like if Shoot the Freak was never there," he said.


Zamperla spokesman Tom Corsillo said it has "instructed its contractor to fully cooperate with the Buildings Department investigation."




Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/brooklyn/2010/12/31/2010-12-31_ya_cant_just_shoot_freak_pay_5000.html#ixzz19hFWcSwm

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The vendor was evicted and he didn't leave. I don't like the way Zamperla handled it, but seriously folks, The Shoot the Freak "booth" was a disaster. There was nothing of value that can not be easily replaced.


If Zamperla doesn't move forward quickly enough Coney Island might not see that Flying Coaster in 2011.

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