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Mitch Hawker's Coaster Poll 2009!

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IMO, with the steel ballot I think it's really all about your top 25 and then your bottom 10. Anything in the middle just doesn't seem to matter that much.


I make sure I rank my top 25 individually, then I use the grouping method for 26 - x untill I get to my bottom 10.


I think my ballot last year was like 1 - 25, a lot of coasters labeled 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, then 31 through 40 ranked individually.


This was much easier for me.



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Ergh, I hate doing the steel poll as I'm far too indecisive on what should go where. I'm confident on my top 2, my bottom 5, but nothing else.


Here's my top 10, as bad as ever:

1. Favourite Woodie

2. Goliath, SFMM

3. Apollo's Chariot, BGE

4. Talon, Dorney

5. Alpengeist, BGE

6. Nitro, SFGAdv

7. Xcelerator, KBF

8. Kingda Ka, SFGAdv

9. Oblivion, AT

10. Steel Force, Dorney



Bottom 5:

107. Favourite SLC

108. Favourite Gertsl. Spinner

109. Revolution, SFMM

110. G Force, Drayton

111. Vortex, CGA



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I was kind of confused by the whole "Favorite" Thing, but I read the list of what they considered these coasters and made many changes to my list. Look here and scroll to the bottom:



Tivolis are:

Timber Twister Bonfante Gardens CA

Cobra Six Flags Discover CA

Jaguar Knott's Berry Farm CA

Kombo Indianapolis Zoo IN

Live Oak Ladybug City Park LA

Poison Ivy's Twisted SF New England MA

Pepsi Ripsaw Camp Snoopy MN

Rudy's Rapid Transit Santa's Village NH

Blckbrd's Trsre Train Six Flags Great Ad NJ

Ladybug Express Adventureland NY

Brain Teaser Darien Lake NY

Autosled Galaxyland AL

Bullet Crystal Palace NB

Tivoli Coaster Marineland ON

Endicott Emerald Mine Wild Zone Adventur ON

Catarinos Plaza Sesamo MX

Catarina Voladora Six Flags Mexico MX

Keverbaan Bellewaerde Park BE

Orca Ride Boudewijnpark BE

Dongo's Race Plopsaland BE

Coccinelle Walibi Belgium BE

Achterbahn Bayern Park DE

Froschbahn Bayern Park DE

Marienkafer Hochbahn Churpfalzpark DE

Marienkaferbahn Fort Fun Abenteuer DE

Marienkaferbahn Freizeit-Land Geis DE

Marienkaferbahn Hollywood & Safari DE

Holzwurm Jaderpark DE

Flinker Fridolin Panorama Park DE

Familienachterbahn Schloá Beck Freize DE

Froschflitzer Serengeti Safaripa DE

Marienkaferbahn Traumland Barenhoh DE

Rasender TausendfuBle Tripsdrill DE

Timber Ride Legoland Billund DK

Karavanen Tivoli Gardens DK

Mariehonen Bakken DK

Familienachterbahn Magic Park Verden DE

Tom y Jerry Parque Warner Madr ES

Linnurata Linnanmaki FI Ride name

Speedy Snake Sarkanniemi FI

Serpent Hopi OK Corral FR

Ronde des Rondins Parc Asterix FR Ride name

Periferix Parc Asterix FR Ride name

Coccinelle Walibi Aquitaine FR

Coccinelle des Andes Walibi Rhone-Alpes FR

Children Coaster Nagashima Spaland JP

Achtbaan Amuse. Tivoli NL

Achtbaan De Valkenier NL

Frog Track Duinrell NL

Achtbaan Dippie Doe NL

Wok's Waanzin Walibi World NL Ride name

Ladybird Grona lund SE

Cirkusexpressen Liseberg SE

Green Scream Adventure Island UK

Ladybird Lightwater Valley UK

New Roller Coaster MetroLand UK

Treetops Oakwood UK

Stinger Paultons Park UK

Snake In The Grass Pleasurewood Hills UK Ride name

Ladybird Wicksteed Leisure UK

Stinger Paultons Park UK

Flying Frog Paultons Park UK


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^Have you actually ridden all those?


Yea.... not sure why many people have to question what I ride..


Well the fact that you're 14 and you've traveled that many places, including Sweden, does seem a little off. But hey, if you've had that many experiences at such a young age, kudos.


There are a LOT of people who vote on their "favorites" by looking at POV's and not actually by RIDING the coasters. It murders the integrity of the poll.

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--Robb "We should totally do a wood and steel ballot for her!" Alvey


So, if Kristen votes "Miner Mike" at Adventuredome in Vegas at #1, and hers probably being the only vote for it, does that then become the #1 steel coaster in the world??





(I know what the answer is, I still think it's cool that she's been able to do so much at her age!)

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Just sent my ballot in.


My Top 20:


1. Millennium Force

2. Maverick

3. X2

4. Favorite Wooden Coaster (Voyage)

5. Goliath (SFMM)

6. Phantom's Revenge

7. Xcelerator

8. Diamondback

9. Magnum XL-200

10. Top Thrill Dragster

11. Medusa (west)

12. Raptor

13. Batman The Ride

14. California Screamin'

15. Flight Deck (CGA)

16. Speed The Ride

17. Wicked

18. Colossus The Fire Dragon

19. Wicked Twister

20. Gemini

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^ Kristen's not even three and she's been to 19 countries and 194 parks!


--Robb "We should totally do a wood and steel ballot for her!" Alvey


Good point.


Didn't really mean to question him or imply he was lying, but you know what kind of ridiculousness is sometimes brought about by these polls. I wish I had been able to go overseas by age 14. Hell, I wish I could have gone overseas by the time I turned 25 (a month from now). Maybe one day......

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Just submitted my ballot. As I only had one new credit this year it was a rather quick process.


1. Favorite Wood Coaster

2. Storm Runner

3. Nitro

4. Nemesis

5. Xcelerator

6. Piraten

7. Tornado (Sarkanniemi)

8. Katun

9. Kingda Ka

10. Fahrenheit

11. Bizarro (SFNE)

12. Olympia Looping

13. Lisebergbanan

14. Supersonic Odyssey (only new credit)

15. Speed Monster

16. Kanonen

17. Batman the Ride

18. Fav X SC2000/3000

19.California Screamin'

20.Fav Intamin ZacSpin




61 Fav Vek Susp Loop SLC

70. Fav Vekoma Boomerang

80. Manhattan Express

90. X:\No Way Out

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Here is my absolutely depressing travesty of a list:


1. Aftershock

2. Favorite wood (Giant Dipper, SCBB)

3. Medusa (SFDK)

4. California Screamin'

5. Flight Deck (CGA)

6. V2: Vertical Velocity (SFDK)

7. Invertigo (CGA)

8. Vortex (CGA)

9. Favorite Hurricane/Windstorm (Windstorm, Fun Forest)

10. Ice Mountain Bobsled

11. Space Mountain

12. Favorite Gerstlauer Spinner (THBS, SFDK)

13. Favorite Wild Mouse (Psycho Mouse)

14. Journey to Atlantis (SWSD)

15. Quicksilver Express


17. Matterhorn Bobsleds

18. Favorite Zyklon Loop (Looping Thunder)

19. Favorite Loop-Screw (Wild Thing)

20. Favorite SLC (Kong)

21. Demon (CGA)

22. Favorite Boomerang (BCtC, SFDK)

23. Favorite Wildcat (Wildcat, Puyallup Fair)

24. Favorite Arrow Cork (Corkscrew, Silverwood)

25. Favorite Powered Coaster (Kiddie Coaster, Wild Waves)

26. Favorite Tivoli (Timber Twister)

27. Big Timber Log Ride


Was fun!

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Voted in the steel poll. Here is my top 10:


1) Favorite Wood Coaster (Balder)

2) Tele2 Insane - Grona Lund

3) Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

4) Bizarro - Six Flags New England

5) Piraten - Djurs Sommerland

6) Maverick - Cedar Point

7) Winjas - Phantasialand

8) Mindbender - Six Flags Over Georgia

9) Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure

10) Goliath - Six Flags Over Georgia

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1. Millennium Force

2. X2

3. Goliath (SFMM)

4. Nitro

5. Storm Runner

6. Tatsu

7. Apollo's Chariot

8. Bizarro (SFNE)

9. Ride of Steel (DL)

10. Blue Fire Megacoaster

11. Fahrenheit

12. Big Bad Wolf (RIP)

13. Behemoth

14. Euro-Mir

15. Olympia Looping

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Just sent mine in, it took me a while, but I wanted to rank all 112 of them.


Here's what came out on top:


1. Montu - Busch Gardens Africa

2. Goliath - Six Flags Magic Mountain

3. Talon - Dorney Park

4. Flight Deck - California's Great America

** Best Wooden Coaster (Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce)

5. Dueling Dragons - Universal Islands of Adventure

6. Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Europe

7. Tatsu - Six Flags Magic Mountain

8. Batman: The Ride - Six Flags Magic Mountain

9. Kumba - Busch Gardens Africa

10.Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure


Lol, I just noticed, all of my coasters have Box-track (9 B&Ms, 1 Giovanola)

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1. El Toro- Six Flags Great Adventure

2. Favorite Steel

3. Phoenix- Knoebels

4. Beast- Kings Island

5. Lightning Racer (Lightning)- Hersheypark

6. Lightning Racer (Thunder)- Hersheypark

7. Hurler- Kings Dominion

8. Wildcat- Hersheypark

9. Twister- Knoebels

10. Blue Streak- Cedar Point




1. Favorite Wood

2. Millennium Force- Cedar Point

3. Storm Runner- Hersheypark

4. Diamondback- Kings Island

5. Griffon- Busch Gardens Europe

6. Nitro- Six Flags Great Adventure

7. Apollo's Chariot- Busch Gardens Europe

8. Top Thrill Dragster- Cedar Point

9. Kingda Ka- Six Flags Great Adventure

10. Maverick- Cedar Point

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I'm still doing my poll. But here is what my list will be.



1.) Blue Fire

2.) Expedition Ge Force

3.) Favorite Wooden Coaster (Colloso @ Heide Park)

4.) Alpengiest

5.) Griffon

6.) Medusa (SFDK)

7.) Goliath (SFMM)

8.) Black Mamba

9.) Silver Star

10.) California Screamin


I only rode X. I would put that on there but since now it's X2, I don't think that is right. X however would have come in the top three.



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I just did the steel poll. This will probably be the last year I rank them all individually because my steel count will be over a hundred after the IntimidaTour (it's currently at 80-something).


Top 10:

1. Maverick

2. Tatsu

3. Space Mountain

4. Top Thrill Dragster

5. Xcelerator

6. X2

7. California Screamin'

8. Millennium Force

9. Goliath

10. Riddler's Revenge


Bottom 5 (1 is worst):

1. Favorite Windstorm (Windstorm at Fun Forest Amusement Park)

2. Canyon Blaster (Adventuredome)

3. Desperado

4. Screamer

5. Santa Monica West Coaster

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