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Mitch Hawker's Coaster Poll 2009!

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We just need to get the fire to roughly 2400 degrees and the steel will melt no problem!


My uncle supplies the steel for Gravity Group...I'm pretty sure I could ask him how hot you need your fire to melt his steel


How about a late Christmas present, Elissa?

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^They could use shark and octopus phermones to lure Mega Shark and Giant Octopus there, then force them to fight in the vicinity of Cheetah. The ride will be destroyed, and SyFy will get the movie sequel it craves: "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus II--Die, Cheetah, Die!"

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Yeah I also don't quite get the Grizzly hate. Sure it's boreing as hell but at least it doesn't hurt or try to kill you like some other woodies!


So it pays to have character, if a coaster is very good or just mean to you, you remember it and vote for it. Bland coasters will fall to the last spot. "The opposite of love isn't hate it's indifference."



On the subject of bias in the poll: First of I personally think it's the best poll out there.

But in my opinion there is one bias that comes from travelling about and infrequent coastervisiting. For example: I visited the states in 2006 for the first and only time (Don't be sorry for me I will be back in 2010 and there is plenty of stuff over here.).

In that year I visited and found it to be very (un)enjoyable. My opinion of this coaster will only slightly be changed over the years because I have only ridden it on one occasion. deterioration or "fixes"made after that will not affect my voting.

Also some coaster you visited only once far away tend to get mythified/glorified. The longer it's been since you rode them the better they get. Reriding those suckers is always a dissapointment but will give your next vote more depth/credability.

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^You bring up a valid point. Even for the Americans who do travel a lot it is sometimes years between riding certain coasters. I went over 10 years between riding The Beast (and it deteriorated over those years) but I still ranked it very high until I rode it again.


Now it has been 5 years since I rode Shivering Timbers and I still rank it very high based on my rides. However, many say it is not the same experience it used to be. I bet many are in the same situation.


But still the Best Poll out there!

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Steel results are up!


The Top 20 steel coasters are:


1 - Bizarro - SF New England

2 - Eagle's Fortress - Everland

3 - Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

4 - Diamondback - Kings Island

5 - Goliath - Walibi World

6 - Piraten - Djurs Sommerland

7 - Nemesis - Alton Towers

8 - Katun - Mirabilandia

9 - Kawasemi - Tobu Zoo

10 - Millennium Force - Cedar Point

11 - Pyrenees - Parque EspaNa

12 - Blue Fire Megacoaster - Europa Park

13 - Behemoth - Canadas Wonderland

14 - Goliath - La Ronde Parc Amus

15 - Goliath - Six Flags Over Geo

16 - Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Euro

17 - Maverick - Cedar Point

18 - Montu - Busch Gardens Afri

19 - Nitro - Six Flags Great Ad

20 - Tele2 Insane - Grona Lund


Some Notes About The Results From Mitch

Six Flags New England's Bizarro is #1 again. Eagle's Fortress again finished #2 (based on rides delivered a year or more

ago as it did not operate in 2009) and Expedition GeForce again placed third in the poll.


Kings Island's Diamondback leads the Class of 2009 with an impressive fourth place debut.


Perennial Top 10 Steel Coaster Goliath of Holland's Walibi World improved three spots to #5 this year.


Piraten of Djurs Sommerland in Denmark fell one spot from its 2008 debut to #6 this year.


Perennial favorite Nemesis is #7 this year, just ahead of #8 Katun.


Kawasemi dropped five spots from its 2008 debut to #9 this year.


Millennium Force climbed two spots from 2008 and closes out this year's top ten.


Falling out of the top 10 this year were Behemoth, which dropped five spots from its 2008 debut to #12, and Dragon Khan at #22.


Other new coasters that debuted well this year include Blue Fire Megacoaster at #12, Tele2 Insane at #20, Manta at #23, iSpeed at #37,

and Fluch von Novgorod at #41.


"Favorite Wood Coaster" outclassed the top steel rides again this year. It would have finished 4th, losing only comparisons to

some European and Australian Steel Coasters in countries where most of the local wood coasters are not as highly regarded.

However, the most interesting result is that "Favorite Wood Coaster" beat each of the top three steel coasters by large margins

among mutual-riders. The opposite is true in the wood poll as "Favorite Steel" lost by healthy margins to each of the top three

wooden coasters.

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The results look pretty good. I'm happy that Tele2 Insane made it into the top 20, albeit barely. It's a bit of an underdog, but in my opinion FAR more intense than just about any coaster on the planet.


I wonder if Diamondback will be able to stay in the top 10 next year. It did get a healthy amount of riders though. Might not be able to pin this one entirely on "midwest nutjobs".


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Wow, I was sure X2 would move up from #28 last year, especially because of the West Coast Trip, but I guess it fell to #44!?!?!?


I'm a little annoyed that so many B&M Hypers are up top and ahead of a lot of other good coasters (Diamondback, Behemoth, Canadian Goliath, Southern Goliath, Apollo's Chariot and Nitro are all in the Top 20...that's more than half of them.)


Some other "fun" coasters I really enjoy are ranked pretty low (CA BTMR, Matterhorn, Montezooma's Revenge, Colossus The Fire Dragon, H2 Vertical Velocity, Gemini, Ninja, SFMM Viper, Gold Rusher, Adventure Express, etc...) but I guess I can understand most of those.

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