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Mitch Hawker's Coaster Poll 2009!

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Lets see, I'll go through the results one by one.



1 The Voyage Holiday World - I surprised that the Voyage has bounced back to number one since I've been hearing complaints about roughness. I'm happy that It's regained it's crown because GG is one of my favorite companies.

2 El Toro SFGAd - El Toro is my favorite ride so I think this a well deserved placing.

3 T Express Everland - I thought the TPR bump would put this at number 1 once again. It must not be aging well.

4 Boulder Dash Lake Compounce - This is a great ride and I'm glad it's holding it's own against some newer rides.

5 Ravine Flyer II Waldameer - I was surprised with RFII's lower ranking last year, it looks awesome. I'm happy that it went up a few spots.

6 Balder Liseberg - This was expected although I'm amazed it placed behind RFII.

7 Prowler Worlds of Fun - This was completely unexpected. I had heard good reviews but nothing this good. I'm completely astounded that it beat out Thunderhead has GCI's #1 ride.

8 Phoenix Knoebel's - I am amazed this didn't place higher but happy that a classic like this could make it into the top 10.

* Fireball Happy Valley Song - Yet another GG masterpiece in the top ten. I really want to ride this eventually. China has gotten a great ride.

10 Thunderhead Dollywood - I'm disappointed that Thunderhead didn't place so well. I have high standards for this ride.

11 Aska (S) Nara Dreamland - I could have sworn this ride was SBNO.



1 Bizarro SF New England - I'm glad this ride still up there at the top. It deserves it.

2 Eagle's Fortress Everland - The POV's of this ride are insane and I really hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as BBW.

3 Expedition GeForce Holiday Park - Expedition GeForce is yet another world renowned ride and it's right where I would expect it to be.

4 Diamondback Kings Island - This is a surprise. I expected Diamondback to be rated much worse because of some of the so so reviews it's been getting. I predict that next year it will drop a few spots.

5 Goliath Walibi World NL - This ride looks awesome, I cannot imagine why it's ranked lower then Diamondback.

6 Piraten Djurs Sommerland - I'm startled to see that the mega lites have dropped a few spots. I suspect that this is due to the fact that more of them are popping up and they are becoming less unique. Both rides supposedly have a tad bit of roughness I hear.

7 Kawasemi Tobu Zoo - same as above

8 Nemesis Alton Towers UK - This is one of the sickest rides on the planet. It's probably one of my favorite rides from POV's. I don't see why it's higher on this list.

9 Katun Mirabilandia - I really don't have a good sense of this ride even after the POV's so I can't comment very well.

10 Millennium Force Cedar Point - I loved this ride so much and the only reason why it isn't higher is because of the CP fanboys raving about it and making people hate it. The drop is just crazy too!

11 Pyrenees Parque EspaNa - See Katun.

12 Blue Fire Megacoaster Europa Park - I'm so happy that Mack's first coaster was a success. I can't wait to see some of the creations they put out in the future. They are going to break into the coaster company wars. I can guarantee it.



I'm so sad that Maverick didn't get into the top ten. It's just so awesome. I wasn't expecting it to, but still

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On the Voyage rank, I don't think it has gotten rough this last year at all. In fact, I think it got better. On the non-coaster event runs, it was running excellent. What put it over the top for me was the rain soaked track during ERT on Saturday at the coaster event this year. When the ride impresses the coaster designer (Korey with Gravitity Group rode during ERT) who rode it quite a bit.

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3 T Express Everland - I thought the TPR bump would put this at number 1 once again. It must not be aging well.

I don't think that would be the case.


There was another coaster group who rode it this year and it would seem as though they didn't like it as much as the TPR group did.


I also want to point out that this group is a lot more "die hard" and some of them don't even consider T-Express a wooden coaster because of the way it is manufactured and several of them ranked it low because of this very reason.


And I have now heard from two people who were on that trip that several people were going to rank it low "to spite us."


I just think that is so incredibly immature and lame.


But whatever. Adults can be children. It is what it is.


Although for many of us who rode T Express last year and then rode Balder this year, Balder was giving AMAZING rides that actually equaled or beat out our T Express rides!



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Looking at the early results, no real big surprises in my opinion. The one thing that does stand out though, is how good Intamin really is in making kick arse rides. Not only do they have a bunch of coasters ranked in the steel top 10, but to have three woodies in the top 6 is very impressive. ...No wonder they're my favorite. Also, I want to say congrats to GG for having three woodies in the top 10.

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^^When you have to resort to immature tactics (rigging a poll) on an already immature subject (coaster enthusiasm), you reaaaaally need a girlfriend.


I'm glad to see the Voyage back at number one, that's pretty cool, maybe the Timberliners will help even more! It's kinda lame to see Diamondback at 4, figuring as it's very similar to Behemoth, I have a feeling it'll have a more proper rating next year when its new ride smell wears off.

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Awww, I have not been on any of the top rides. However, in my opinion based on the pov I like Apollo(my current coaster tied for number 1 with Tatsu) better than Diamondback. Intamin is still being great, and in a few months at WCB I will ride my first GCI.(if Terminator were longer I think it would have made the top list)

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^ Has Cali ever even had a Top 10 steel or wooden coaster? I'm thinking maybe Ghostrider back in the day, I can't think of any Cali Steel coaster ever being at the top.


Glad to see Intamin is the King of Coasters imo, now if they can get their saftey and reliablilty in check maybe we can get more of their products built here in the USA.

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The results all look pretty standard and expected to me. The only big surprises to me are Diamondback and Prowler being so high. I think this is the only time we'll see Prowler ranked over Phoenix.


Anyway, I look at the top 10 lists as more of a guide to "coasters you are likely to enjoy" than anything else. Getting caught up in the exact order is retarded.

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Getting caught up in the exact order is retarded.


Very well put, Joe!


Agreed. The preliminary results make sense to me, even if I don't agree with the exact rankings (Diamondback and Voyage did make my top ten, though). Looking forward to checking out Prowler next summer.

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^ Has Cali ever even had a Top 10 steel or wooden coaster? I'm thinking maybe Ghostrider back in the day, I can't think of any Cali Steel coaster ever being at the top.


Glad to see Intamin is the King of Coasters imo, now if they can get their saftey and reliablilty in check maybe we can get more of their products built here in the USA.


Revolution, Colossus, Ghostider, Top Gun were all top 10 once upon a time.

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I think everyone needs to ride Prowler and realize why it is so high.

I've been saying it since June, my friend. One mixed-bag review (read: almost completely positive) and now the consensus is that it's mediocre. Well, here we are and it's in the top ten. Maybe we'll get some more believers now.


That said, I'm excited to see so many mainland European coasters on the list this year! Yay!

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^ I agree that the poll is not perfect, but it's a far better poll than many others out there.


Just look at the top ten list on Mitch's poll version the Golden Tickets:


Mitch's Steel Poll:

1. Bizarro

2. Eagle's Fortress

3. Expedition GeForce

4. Diamondback

5. Goliath

6. Piraten

7. Kawasemi

8. Nemesis

9. Katun

10. Millennium Force


Golden Ticket Awards:

1. Bizarro

2. Millennium Force

3. Nitro

4. Goliath (SFOG)

5. Apollo’s Chariot

6. Expedition GeForce

7. Diamondback

8. Phantom’s Revenge

9. Magnum XL-200

10. Top Thrill Dragster


Mitch's Wood Poll:

1. The Voyage

2. El Toro

3. T Express

4. Boulder Dash

5. Ravine Flyer II

6. Balder

7. Prowler

8. Phoenix

9. Fireball

10. Thunderhead

11. Aska (S)


Golden Ticket Awards:

1. The Voyage

2. Boulder Dash

3. El Toro

4. Phoenix

5. Thunderhead

6. Ravine Flyer II

7. The Beast

8. Prowler

9. Hades

10. Shivering Timbers


While I have disagreements with both polls (mainly based on my personal preference) I would agree with Mitch's poll long before the Golden Tickets (with no offense to the guys at AT, because they are all great people.)


But there is no way that woodies like The Beast and Shivering Timbers or steel coasters like Magnum belong in the Top Ten lists anymore. And Apollo's Chariot, Nitro, Millennium Force, and Goliath above GeForce? Really??? I mean, I like Apollo and all those other rides, don't get me wrong, but they are no GeForce!


And for a ride like Balder, which has been in Mitch's top ten for 7 years to be completely missing from the Golden Ticket awards? Something is not right there. Even if you don't personally agree with it, it should be on that list.



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I know you're already busy with the site, family, and a job...oh, and planning trips; but have you thought about organizing your own poll?


I think TPR members are pretty diverse when it comes to their coasters. Check out the "Where are TPR members from?" there's people from EVERYWHERE! Some even from the moon! The trips aren't really biased on certain coasters, from that I see...I didn't plan on going to Texas to ride coasters, and that's where I went this summer, and found GREAT rides and parks!


I'd say a TPR poll would be pretty accurate....but then again, I bet Mitch's Poll is impacted a good amount by TPR, maybe that's as good as it gets


Just wondering if it's crossed your mind or something we might see in the future!


Then you might be able to weed out those "anti TPR" voters and reprimand them yourself!


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^ I don't think there is anyone who can do better than Mitch's poll so the efforts would be a waste of time, IMO.


But doing TPR Awards based on our (meaning Elissa and my) opinions? ABSOULTELY!


There are not many other people in the world who have been to as many parks or have been on as many rides as we have, and most rides multiple times even in far away places, and from what parks tell me, they really do appreciate and value our opinions.



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The main difference that I see between Mitch's Poll and the Golden Ticket Awards is the lack of international coasters in the latter. Is there a reason why the Golden Ticket Awards don't consider coasters outside of the United States, other than Expedition GeForce?


It seems that if you were to ignore all of the top international coasters in Mitch's Poll, the results are somewhat comparable to the Golden Ticket Awards, with just a few discrepancies in the order.

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