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Nerdiest Coaster/Theme Park thing you've done.

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I was travelling back up to Scotland from England myself and decided to stop off at Blackpool PB on way up (its about an hour's detour) It was a cold damp midweek day in March or April and I was about the only one in the park. I headed for the Revolution and got on and it set off with only me on it much to my embarrassment but also a strange sort of pride.

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When I was on he WDWCP I went on tons of behind the scenes tours, classes, etc. but perhaps the best was a tour of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. We got to walk all around the tower, through control rooms, maintenance areas and best of all the 5th dimension floor! One of the coolest parts was getting to ride it with the lights on and sound effects off, totally different and slightly more frightening ride. No wonder they incorporated more lighting effects into the drop shaft on the DCA version. If you look up during the drop sequence, you'll see what I mean.

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Three for me.


3. Going on 2 TPR trips, and signing up for two more

2. Zuma in Tennessee




1. A few years ago I was at SFOT and they had that wire carnival game where you have to get the ring to the bottom of the spiral wire without touching it. I had played it a bunch of times at other places, and was pretty good, but never won. So I decided to give it three chances to win a stupid razor. The first two times I came pretty close and a couple of kids gathered around. So there I am, about 27 years old, surrounded by about eight ten year olds. I give it one last try, and right when I won I threw my hands as high as I could and yelled, "YES!!!!" Immediately I realized that I had reached the top of Nerdom. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Everyone was staring at me.

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I just put on Facebook for my status that I was happy to hear my godson got his everest credit.


I've taken pics of brake fins and so forth.


I doodle coasters in the air with my finger.


I tend to say Mmmmmm...Intamin goodness quite a bit.


I shamefully will ride kiddie coasters for my count AND wear one of my coaster shirts too.


I wear a hip pack at the parks, only because of my glasses and the fact that I'm legally blind, and losing my glasses would be quite a crappy situation.

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I have a bunch of things I do regularly, but none of them are as bad as what some other people have done.


1. I usually wear something amusement park related to an amusement park (ACE shirt, Take the Tunnel shirt, or TPR Hoodie typically).


2. If a kiddie coaster doesn't have a maximum height restriction and there isn't a line (or is a very short one) I will take the time to ride it if I've already got all the other credits in the park. I will never steal a kid just to get a credit.


3. I tend to tell people statistics about a ride if they ask me to describe it ("Tatsu is a B&M flying coaster that goes up a 170 ft lifthill, then down a 111 ft drop and through a corkscrew, zero-g roll, horseshoe, pretzel loop and in-line twist before returning to the station").


4. I post links to my trip reports on Facebook, and some of my friends actually read them.


5. Since I'm going on the IntimidaTour, I have been trying to tell my family members everything about every park on the trip, or at least plan to before I leave.

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KDF...that reminds me of when I was in Art class in Grade Nine (waaay back in 1991) and I had drawn this epic (fail) Arrow multi-looper. I was so proud of it, I took the time drawing the track properly, and when I showed it to him--he said it was terrible. He said it was terribly because the entire thing had lines, and life doesn't have lines (apparently he's never been to a park before).


Out of anger I threw it out, and I'm kicking myself in the @$$ for it now...it had a cutback on it, and a Sea Serpent roll...

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