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Kingda Ka passed inspection today!


From the website:


Dear Valued Guest:

The wait is over — Kingda Ka is now OPEN! We invite you to conquer the tallest, fastest roller coaster on Earth!


We are 100% committed to your playtime and are doing everything we can to make your experience a "great adventure."

Click here for additional information about Kingda Ka.


Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you at Kingda Ka!


Rick McCurley

Vice President and General Manager,

Six Flags Great Adventure

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I was all excited about it reopening and planning a trip down there this weekend. Then I remembered the 5 hour lines it had back in May. Then they showed the new Kingda Ka commercial 3 times in 15 minutes on TV and I decided that instead of standing in line for another 2-5 hours to possibly NOT ride it (like I did back opening weekend) I decided I'll just wait until the fall. Either it will be broke again by then, or crowds will hopefully become reasonable again. Or I'll actually take off work for the next media invite I get. Either way, its good to see they got it reopened within 2 months. Now hopefully its uptime will outlast its downtime.

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^ several times


I got in for the Season Pass holder ERT this morning, and it was absolutely FLYING over the tophat, to the point where the brakes were noticeably slowing the trains as the crested the hill. It felt really good to ride again!


The ride is being run and overseen by all of the parks senior management and there is a crew of about 6 maintenance guys on standby at the ride. One has binoculars and watches the launch of each train. They are taking NO chances.


The queue for the line has been completely re-configured (at least temporarily) with the line only on the path side of the launch (so no one has to cross under it). The have rope queues out on the path with umbrellas and mister fans, plus a bunch of drink carts. They even set up a line outside the park fence with a tent covering it for overflow lines. It's going to be crazy this weekend, but they seem to be ready, with lots of Security stationed all over the lines.

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