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Ok, I'm finally going to update this thread! I am doing so many trips making individual trip reports would be way too many topics so I'm going to finally catch up and post everything here! Basically here is the rundown of what is to come...


Universal Studios 6/24/2009

Busch Gardens Africa 6/25/2009

Lake Winnie 7/15/2009

Six Flags Over Georgia 7/16/2009

Kemah Boardwalk 9/4/2009

Frontier City 9/5/2009

Sandy Lake Amusement Park 9/5/2009

Six Flags Over Texas 9/5/2009-9/6/2009

Lone Star Coastherthon 9/26/2009

State Fair of Texas 9/27/2009

Fiesta Fest 10/24/2009

Kemah Boardwalk + Houston Rodeo 3/21/2010


And for this year so far, I have planned:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 5/15/2010

California's Great America 5/16/2010

Six Flags Magic Mountain 5/17/2010

Universal Studios/IOA 7/11/2010

All of the Middle America trip 08/2010

Wild Adventures 09/2010

Dania Beach Hurrican 09/2010


...and I guess that is it! Right now I sit at 228 and this summer should bring me to around 330.


Anyways, on to Universal Studios.



So, after spending half of the day at IOA my brother, dad, and I headed over to the other park at the complex, Universal Studios. We had lunch first though, so I guess that is where I will pick up.


Where we had lunch...Hard Rock Cafe! The food was actually pretty good and I didn't even have the stomach to finish it all!


After eating, we headed over to the park. I felt this pictures was obligatory.


Anyways, the first thing you see when you approach the park is Rockit...it was pretty neat how it comes all the way out to City Walk.


Almost inside...


I really like how the whole scanning and fingerprint systems works to get into the park...seemed to run really smooth!


Being the nerd I am, the first thing I did in the park was take pictures of Rockit construction...lame I know!


This where the progress was when I visitied...seemed pretty close to being finished.


I continued to walk to the back of the park, but took a right here instead of looking at Rockit more ;)


Why? Because I have been wanting to ride the Mummy forever, and today was finally the day!


Thank god for the single rider lines! Thanks to it on this ride I was able to skip like an hour wait and ride 5 times really quickly...and I loved the ride. From the good "dark ride" section and awesome coaster section...it was everything I expected!


Since we had our express passes, we decided to jump on Jaws for a quick ride


Our "tour guide" was pretty good but overall I was let down by the attraction...didn't really do anything for me.


Moving on, next we headed over to the other side of the park for some dark ride action.


First up, Men in Black!


Once again, thank god for single rider lines...got on in no time!


Managed to grab a picture of the loading area. I absolutely loved the ride, as the theming was incredible and it seemed to last a really long time...so probably my favorite shooter by far!


Next up we headed over the Krustyland.


Unfortunately, there was no single rider line here. We used our express pass, but it ended up being the longest wait of the day. I was expecting the ride to be pretty cool, but I was let down by this one...I didn't know it was just a simulator.


After the Simpsons Ride I grabbed the kiddie credit. I felt kinda bad using my express pass to cut in front of all the kiddies but ohwell :p


And I think this is the only action shot of the coaster I got...and if you can't tell the weather was starting to get kinda crappy by this point.


After doing the circle, I ended back at Mummy where I got a few more rides. This is how short the single rider line was all day!


After riding Mummy I grabbed some more Rockit pics before heading back over to IOA...


I don't know why, but I thought this was cool so I included it.


I headed back over to IOA to meet up with Adam, who was nice enough to join me at the park for a few hours. He greeted me with a funnel cake, which I happily helped him devour. At IOA I used my express pass to get one more ride on Hulk, then we went over to Dueling Dragons so I could get my Ice credit...still a let down for me on DD, and I prefer Hulk.


After getting those rides we saw Rockit test so we headed back over to Universal so Adam could get an update for the site!


He showed me some cool photo spots and this sorta "secret" entrance into Universal back by where the Blue Man group performs.


OMG trains spotted! (I visited when this was the new fad)


Behind the scenes of a TPR photo update :O


Next up they were doing a filming session for a wrestling show, so Adam and I got the chance to walk under the giant LOOP and take some cool angles







Anyways, it started to get late so my dad wanted to head out and drive down to Tampa...as the next day was BGA :)


So long Rockit! Won't get to ride you until July!


And one last look at IOA. Overall it was a pretty good day, but the crowds were annoying...would have liked to get more rides on Hulk/DD! Next update will be BGA! Thanks for looking.

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I guess I got really lucky with the single rider lines...for example Spiderman had like a 60 minute wait but I only waited like 0-5 mins. People definitely do abuse them, but I at least heard continuously throughout the day reminders that parties will be split up in the single rider line by attendants. As long as they do that, the line is doing its job I guess!

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BGA Time! This was my first time at the park, and I have to say I was just a little dissapointed. I don't know why, but I feel like BGW is much more superior as a total package. Regardless, they have some amazing rides at this park! Image heavy below...


Always a good sight out of your car window...(that is if you're going to the park :D)


Parking lot entrance! Even though we stayed across the street the walk would have been super long!


Took the shuttle to get to the other side of the lot, where the entrance is. And hello Montu!


Since my dad serves our country, we were able to get free tickets for all of us thanks to the Salute to the Heros program!


The park entrance!


The first stop of the day was Gwazi (Since i was excited to ride Sheikra we headed in that direction)


How about Lion? Nope...it was parked right here all day!


Tiger was running with a short line though! Rode it in the front and thought it was a pretty fun ride...albeit rough for a GCI


Around the corner and up a little ways...Sheikra's mammoth track appears out of no where!


Luckily the ride was basically a walk-on! The ride structure just surrounds you from the queue...loved it!


I guess I should have included the entrance picture before...ohwell! Anyways, I think Griffon was a little better after a few rides on Sheikra!


Next up I headed back into the "jungle"...time for some Kumba!


The entire area around the ride was just AWESOME! Loved how detailed everything was and how deep the foliage was.


The station...nestled carefully in the ground


As you can see...no line here either!


And last not but least, the entrace.


I bet this shot has never been see before....but regardless, what an amazing ride! I don't know what it was about Kumba but it just kicked ass


And now with the train a little bit closer...


These super low to the ground fast sections were a perfect mix with the inversions...just awesome.


Incase you were wondering, this is what it looks like on the other side. Enough of Kumba though, on to Timbuktu!


Here we are!


How about Cheetah Chase? It's another one to add to the count.


Unfortunately I already rode this coaster at BGE though...but it had a short line so why not!


Scorpion on the other hand...completely new for me!


First drop love! It's amazing how this little drop generates so much speed.


And of course, you can't forget the amazing loops of Mr. Schwarzkopf!


For whatever reason, Scorpion had a pretty good line! This is where I joined.


Next I wanted to get over the Montu, so I took the sky ride


A look at Sheikra from the sky!


And on the other side...Kumba


Montu, the destination!




And one more look at Sheikra. I will post the rest of my visit shortly!

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