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Shanghai Disney Resort Discussion Thread

P. 44: SoReal Virtual Reality experience coming to DisneyTown

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I've had a lot of messages about this store. I'm just glad the rodents are finally getting the love and attention they deserve. Heck, if we keep having to stay at home at least I can save up some extra money for souvenirs when we can finally go!!

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A couple of days ago, ShDL posted photos of the first beam going up for ZOOTOPIA.

Vertical construction has started!

And as usual with a lot of these projects, workers and cast members signed the first beam going up.

And they included a nice little banner from "The City of Zootopia," in the photo. Nice touch.


And in back, a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train rolling by!

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Saw this the other day, I had no clue BT (known for some trance/EDM hits back in the day... and produced a lot of pop music (dirrrttyyy pop!) for those going huh?) wrote some of the scores at Shanghai Disney. Thought that was pretty neat.


Facebook Video:

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A new Virtual Reality experience, SoReal will open in Shanghai Disney's DisneyTown in 2021, taking over the Lakeshore building where the Boathouse Restaurant previously operated. 

SoReal Shanghai Disney DisneyTown Announcement


Today, management representatives from Shanghai Disney Resort and SoReal attended a special celebration ceremony. Joe Schott, President and General Manager of Shanghai Disney Resort, became the founder of Beijing Qitian International Cultural Technology Development Group Co., Ltd. , CEO Qi Xiao presented the golden key representing the lakeside architecture of Disney Town!

With the official handover of the building to SoReal, construction work is about to begin. This new SoReal super-body space experience is scheduled to open to tourists in 2021.

Since its grand opening in 2016, Disney Town’s unique shopping experience, delicious world cuisine, and wonderful live performances have continuously brought surprises to visitors. With SoReal settled on the lakeside of Disney Town, Disney Town will further bring visitors a rich entertainment experience , giving visitors the opportunity to experience the special fun of leading technology!

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 1.24.18 PM.jpeg

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 1.24.03 PM.jpeg

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Shanghai Disneyland just posted photos of the "topping" of the massive show building for ZOOTOPIA's main attraction. The final steel roof piece was signed by officials of the Resort and those involved with the building of it.

By the way, since it's rumored to a be a "police chase" of some kind, this may be the main entrance into the attraction....

....The Zootopia Police Station. Just a guess. 🚨


The all-important officials' group shot, before signing the roof piece.



Lowering the signed piece into position. Photos from Disney.


What the Police Station looked like, in concept artwork c/o Disney.

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^ Someone also rumored earlier, that this could possibly be a Test Track kind of ride. Like Journey/Center/Earth in Tokyo DisneySea?

With the way trackless ride vehicles work, as we've seen so far (flat levels only), it does seem to me that the Test Track way could be the way for this attraction. With "regular" driving speed, speeding up (i.e. The Police Chase) plus going uphill and down (like Journey), it seems more applicable. Trackless vehicles need elevators to travel on different levels, like RotR. So far.

We'll all find out, eventually. 😀

P.S. I also thought that it could be designed and built like Indiana Jones in Disneyland/DisneySea, is.  This too, could work. IMhO.


They just revealed, during the park's New Year's show, the new logo for ShDL's 5th Anniversary coming up.


The logo revealed on the castle during the 2020-2021 New Year's celebration. Photo from Disney.

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So I recently read A RUMOR about ShDL "shopping around" coaster companies with an attraction plan involving two launches and at least two switches in the design. It sounds something like the Grizzly Gulch Runaway Mine Train ride in Hong Kong DL. But that only has one launch to it.

I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the ZOOTOPIA land they're building there, already. That's possibly test track-style or trackless they're going for IMhO. But you never know, hmm?

And as I started with, it's A RUMOR. But ..... anyone else read about this, or have more information?

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ZOOTOPIA construction update. Here's a shot of what can be seen, between The Pooh Ride, and The 7 Dwarfs Mine Train.

This will be the entryway (and exit from) into Zootopia, I believe.


Photo from the net. Thank you to whoever took this shot.


And an overhead shot. And thanks again to "whoever" for taking this shot. It's great!

And I still think that the huge building there (orange crane in front of it), is going to house a Test Track-type attraction. IMhO. :mickey:

Same as "Journey..." over in DisneySea. And Radiator Springs Racers in DCA. The system especially works, for speeding up and slowing down (i.e. Zootopia police car chase?). Basically, it's a Disney "Adult Size" slot car racing set, LOL.

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I am interested to see what kind of ride system this attraction uses. Test Track? Maybe, I was thinking something more along the lines of a trackless dark ride like Runaway Railway, or maybe Rise of the Resistance with no height requirement might be the best fit. We've seen what WDI has done over seas with the trackless dark rides, the animatronics they could make for Zootopia this thing could have a lot of potential. 

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15 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

The system especially works, for speeding up and slowing down (i.e. Zootopia police car chase?).

I friggin' LOVE that idea.  You go on a ride-along with Nick and Judy as they go about their day until things get wild.

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^ From what I have read and seen of it all, it would be certainly be a better choice of 'transport' for this kind of attraction.

Trackless vehicles still need elevators (and such things) to move them up to a higher or lower level.

Funny thing is, the old Alice In Wonderland ride in DL, is really a multi level dark ride, still tracked, but manages to go up and down, level-wise.

On an angle.


Down we go, heading to that Tea Party Finale. Taken Sept.09, 2019.

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The whole city of Shanghai will be subject to lock-downs with a spike in cases since China is still pushing for zero-corona. It seems Disneyland has been shut since March 21st. I think a lot of Chinese parks are going to be hurting and it's hard to see if China can keep the zero policy going for the long run. Hong Kong has been quarantining and hospitalizing everyone and those parks will have been closed for 4 months if they are even actually allowed to reopen.

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Seems to me that China has two options: abandon their “zero Covid” policy or be in lockdown for the rest of eternity. Glad I don’t live there. I’d really like to visit the Disney parks eventually…

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Recent shot posted, of the current construction on ZOOTOPIA ...... Land.


Thanks to whoever took this shot.

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