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Shanghai Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 45: New Zootopia details!

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Now I'm curious what the main ride will be. For those who have seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. Is it gonna be the escape through the toilet out of that facility, the runaway boxcar with the drugs, or kind of a summary of the movie's biggest adventures ala Forbidden Journey

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I've been wondering if we'd ever see the flight of passage ride system used anywhere else in the future, not sure if the height requirement of FOP fits for Zootopia but I'm sure there is some exciting potential for that system somewhere in the future.

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^ This could be done like the front of the train that Judy rides to Zootopia,

going through all the eco-systems there as well.


Damn, that reminds me of an original idea they had for the Japan Pavilion at EPCOT.

Riding a Bullet Train through the countryside, with multi-screen projections.

(See below)


Or it could be a trackless vehicle ride system too, since Disney's getting

so good at using it lately, for large scale attractions. (See Galaxy's Edge & Beauty/Beast)


Bullet Train "interior" with surrounding screen tech.


Blue Sky plans for EPCOT Japan Pavilion with Bullet Train "Ride". c.1975 Disney

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How long until the rumors start in full force about this being dropped into Rafiki's Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom?


But seriously this can be great fun and I'm glad to see the continuing investment in all Disney Parks Worldwide right now! Hopefully original blue-sky park ideas can return to fashion in 10-15 years for the parks.

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It appears more and more, that for us, it will be 2025 to see all 3 Disney Asia Park Resorts.


It's six years away. But it'll be worth it when we finally go.


With everything built and open. And during the Christmas Season, too. Jingle!

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Nice to see Zootopia get it's own land, what a great movie. Very glad to see them to get a unique land. Really impressed by some of the design work in that park from the video and pictures I have seen. I could easily see the general layout of Cars Land being the general basis of Zootopia, good call. Generally speaking, would love to see a Slinky Dog Dash appear in the other parks that feature a TSL land.

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  • 4 months later...

From June 3-9, they're celebrating Donald Duck's 85th Birthday at Shanghai Disneyland!

http://www.tdrexplorer.com has posted a little article about the one week celebration which

includes special decorations, as well as souvenirs and food for the occasion.


I love the Donald Butt Headband!




This is called the Special Birthday Restaurant Package. Yum!

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Ooooh Elissa, are you ready for this?


ShanghaiDL just announced a big "Summer Splash" event through the summer,

with decorations, souvenirs, food...


...and you-know-who on stuff, as well as everybody else from Toy Story 4! Including Forky!


It all starts on Friday!


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Disney posted some new artwork for the future Zootopia at ShDL.


Having Zootopia Central Station now in the new artwork...possibly the new attraction's queue, starting in there? Meaning, probably not the Police car chase ride (like Indy Aventure in DL), somebody suggested before?

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A couple of new shots have been posted of the area that the new Zootopia "Land" will occupy, thanks 'Cody' !

Here's one of them. The entry point definitely looks like it will be between Winnie The Pooh and Dwarfs Coaster.


They also recently "broke ground" on the new expansion, but I don't know where pix (or a video) of the ceremony are.


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The Zootopia expansion is pretty interesting to me, I'm excited to see what it ends up being with the ride system and all but I'm also surprised they decided to move forward with that movie as the theme. I know the film was well received both commercially and critically but I don't really think of it as having a brand strong enough to anchor and entire theme park expansion. Maybe it's just me and my perception of the film but seems like there's just a lot of other more popular franchises they could have tapped into for the expansion, unless there's some kind of special connection to the film that the Chinese have I don't know about.

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^ I think Disney is making a sequel and tv series around Zootopia. The IP has a lot of possibilities.


I wasn't aware of that but if that's true it makes more sense now. I mean after I thought about it for a minute everything Imagineering touches turns to gold anyways, I'm convinced they could build a land themed just about anything and it would outstanding haha.

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