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Shanghai Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 45: New Zootopia details!

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Two images from Walt Disney show the outside and the interior of the planned Shanghai Disney Resort's Storybook Castle. When work is complete, the castle will become the largest Disney castle to have been built. Visitors will be able to take a 10-minute ferry boat trip from the ground floor of the castle around other scenic spots in the resort. In the heart of Enchanted Storybook Castle is a magnificent winding staircase (left) that will lead guests on a "Once Upon a Time Adventure" featuring Disney princesses, the company said yesterday. An ornate archway (right) provides a grand entrance to the castle, which Walt Disney says is the inspirational icon of Shanghai Disneyland.


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Shanghai Disneyland will start taking shape in the spring, with work set to begin on attractions, government officials said yesterday.


Preparatory work on the first Disneyland on the Chinese mainland began in April, with the theme park scheduled to open in 2015. This stage of the project is set to cost 29 billion yuan (US$4.6 billion), including the park, hotels and leisure facilities. Other stages are planned afterwards.


Jiang Shujie, deputy director with the Shanghai Construction Commission, said nearly 3 billion yuan has been spent on preparatory construction. This includes building roads and drainage systems, as well as sightseeing and traffic structures. Preparatory work should be finished by the spring, after which builders can move on to Disneyland attractions, Jiang said.


Work has begun on a 10-kilometer waterway attraction that will enclose the site. A 5-kilometer stretch is currently being dug at the northwest of the site, Jiang said. He added that two elevated roads connecting the site to the S1 and S2 highways are under construction and could open next April.


A Metro link will also be built.


Authorities have already revealed a rough plan indicating how Shanghai Disneyland could look, attracting great interest.


Jiang said the bidding process for the detailed design had begun, but did not elaborate on likely candidate designers.


The city said it has spent about 100 billion yuan this year on major government-backed construction projects. These were mostly aimed at upgrading traffic and other facilities to boost the local economy.


Officials said there will be a substantial increase in next year's budget for similar work.


Around 30 tunneling machines are currently at work in Shanghai, as the city builds more subway lines and other tunnels, said the construction authority.


By 2015, the Metro network will have grown from 420 to 500 kilometers, said Jiang.

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After a year of construction, the future Disneyland theme park in the Pudong New Area has started to "take shape" with the land leveled, river channel created and some roads built.


Construction crews have almost finished grading the uneven land to prepare it for the large-scale construction in the next step. To reduce subsidence and create a safe amusement park, the builders have adopted a so-called vacuum-preloading method on the 1.68-square-kilometer plot.


They divided the area into 44 parts and inserted pipes into the land to draw ground water. The builder compared the work to "doing embroidery" on the land and said it meets the standard of an airport runway. The land will not sink by more than 1 centimeter for at least 50 years, according to the builders.


About 98 percent of the necessary soil has been removed to form the river around the theme park, and 84 percent of the soil of the future inner lake has been removed.


Construction on Tanghuang Road and Hangcheng Road, the eastern and southern border roads of Disneyland, will be completed and open to traffic by the end of this month, the Pudong New Area construction authorities said yesterday.


The Pudong government is responsible for the construction of 11 Disney-related road projects.


The other nine projects, including the Shenjiang lane elevated road, a bus hub and the major entrance road, are expected to be completed by June 2014.


The 11 road projects, which involve streets totaling 40 kilometers, will cost about 9.4 billion yuan (US$1.5 billion). A total of 492 households and 133 enterprises need to be relocated to make way for the road projects.


The theme park will lie in the heart of the 20-square-kilometer Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone. The first Disneyland theme park on the Chinese mainland broke ground last April, and its first phase is due to open for business in 2015. It's the third one in Asia, after Tokyo and Hong Kong, and the phase 1 project will cost 24.5 billion yuan.




The developers of Shanghai Disneyland secured a 12.9 billion yuan (US$2.04 billion) syndicated loan with a number of Chinese banks for the theme park's first phase of construction.


The deal was signed today in Shanghai as part of the city government's effort to advance the progress of some key infrastructure projects for this year. The Shidongkou power project also won a 4.8 billion yuan syndicated loan while a residential community project in Luodian, Baoshan District, obtained a 3.11 billion yuan loan today.


A syndicated loan is provided by a group of lenders and is structured and arranged by one or several banks known as arrangers.


Such loans have been increasingly used to fund the construction of major infrastructure projects.


The Shanghai Bureau of China Banking Regulatory Commission has said major projects, other than real estate projects, with a funding scale of more than 2 billion yuan should seek syndicated loans.


Globally, syndicated loans have become a key method in funding infrastructure construction and mergers and acquisitions, and it also provides a platform to connect banks and major projects in Shanghai, Vice Mayor Yang Xiong said today.


The first phase of Shanghai Disneyland, scheduled to open in 2015 in Chuansha in Pudong New Area, will cost 24.5 billion yuan. Construction began last April.

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Alain from the Disney and More Blog Here came across some new images for Shanghai. It's still blurry, but you can actually glean some of the attractions that are arriving.




On the right looks like an offshoot of the plans they had for Hong Kong Disney Pirate land with a hybrid Pirates/flume type attraction.




Directly in front of the castle is where they will place the Dumbo spinner and carousel. (This is from the perspective of the castle you'll notice it on the bottom right just to orientate yourself).




And here is an image of the entrance.




The upper left hand shiny building is rumoured to be a TRON coaster still (replacing Space Mountain). The bottom right looks like a version of Jungle cruise. Behind the castle is presumably Fantasyland I *think* it looks like Snow White Dwarf train to the left of the castle and Little mermaid to the right.


No idea about the rest of the left side, but those are some pretty massive looking show buildings!



I'm really glad to see how they are reinventing the Magic Kingdom instead of creating another clone. Ultimately new parks will be under built, but at least with the new vision it won't put so much focus on what is missing. It's seeming more like we are getting a Tokyo DisneySea effort rather than the not-so-great openings of other recent Disney Parks (DCA and Hong Kong I'm looking at you!).



Time to start planning my 2015 visit to Shanghai!

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An exclusive Metro line serving Shanghai Disneyland visitors will be built and put into service in 2015, the same year the amusement park opens to the public.


The new line is a 9.15-kilometer extension of Metro Line 11, starting from Luoshan Road Station in Pudong and ending at the Disney Resort with three stations in between.


The planned Disneyland Station will feature cartoon figures, such as Mickey Mouse. Passengers can enjoy the park's views through large vaults of the semi-underground station.


The project has been approved by authorities, according to a report in today's Jiefang Daily.

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^^ it's looking better and better.

Practically EPIC, the way the design

of the Entrance Gate looks. Very impressive.


Can't wait to get back to China in....2016?


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Walt Disney Co started a recruitment campaign in China on Tuesday for its new theme park in Shanghai.


A total of 39 positions are being offered on the company's website to support the resort project in Shanghai's Pudong district.


Positions include assistant contract manager, IT infrastructure manager, and employees responsible for administrative management matters, purchasing, and engineering projects.


The resort, which is expected to open in 2015, will have a theme park, two hotels, various dining and entertainment venues, recreational facilities, a lake and transportation hubs.


The total investment is expected to reach 24.5 billion yuan ($3.84 billion) for the theme park and 4.5 billion yuan for the hotels and other facilities.

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It's fascinating to see, how each overseas Magic Kingdom so far, manages to change the

"classic layout" of the two U.S. MKs. Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong all did it. The only

two lands that seemed to (roughly) stay put, were Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Until SDL.


Now, Tomorrowland is on the left side, and part of Fantasyland will now be in front of The Castle,

becoming what's being touted as a "New Main Street" for SDL. And stuff happens under this castle, too!


I love it.

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Here's a few photos (I've collected) which include a possible layout of the park, and a model revealed recently. And as far as the "model" goes, it's basically The Castle and the garden and two rides (Dumbo and Carousel) in front on it. And not much else.


Ah well. The garden area looks lovely.


Here's a "possible" layout map of the park.


And the model.




The carousel. Love the horses, lol.


Now, try and squish this castle between your fingers! And look - it's already Christmas there! (tree at right)

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Construction began on Friday on Shanghai Disneyland's Enchanted Storybook Castle, which will be the world's tallest and largest Disney castle.


The Enchanted Storybook Castle will be stationed at the heart of the theme park, which is scheduled to open in 2015.


It will be the most interactive Disney castle yet, complete with entertainment, dining and performance spaces, the company's statement said.


A magnificent winding staircase in the heart of the castle will lead guests on a "Once Upon a Time Adventure", featuring all the Disney Princesses.


The castle will also feature a boat-ride attraction, complete with a secret underground chamber in which fountains of light will leap and dance in shimmering pools, surrounding guests with magic, music and color.


Shanghai Disneyland, the first Disney project in the Chinese mainland, will sit on 3.9 square km, making it three times larger than Hong Kong Disneyland.


The resort is reportedly budgeted at a cost of 24.5 billion yuan ($4 billion) for the theme park and an additional 4.5 billion yuan to build the hotels and restaurant venues.


Disney owns 43 percent of the property. The other 57 percent is held by the State-controlled Shanghai Shendi Group Co Ltd.


The Shanghai Disney project will be the perfect combination of Disney global standards with local best practices, and will truly be "authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese", said Fan Xiping, chairman of Disney's Chinese joint venture partner in Shanghai Disney Resort, Shanghai Shendi Group.


Earlier reports said a large transport terminal will be built alongside the Shanghai Disney Resort.


The terminal, at the western entrance to the park, will include five traffic booths, parking lots for taxis, and a terminus for buses running inside the park.


It will cover 77,492 square meters, with construction expected to take 330 days at a cost of 217 million yuan.


One of the main metro stations at the theme park will feature huge skylights. The Disneypark station, on the metro's Line 11, will be half underground but architecturally in harmony with its surroundings.


Hong Kong Disneyland this March posted its first annual profit, boosted by record attendance, since the theme park opened in 2005.

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MMM, I think I am starting to smell the blossoms on the trees in that welcoming area.


And that castle is becoming one of The Most Magnificent Disney Creations - Ever. IMhO.

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