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Shanghai Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 45: New Zootopia details!

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This is the correct concept for Shanghai, there is no outdoor section of this ride.


Also, this image surfaced today:




This bird eye view of Shanghai Disneyland construction looks insanely exciting.




This is a view of their rapids ride. And some eagle-eyed people will notice some other attractions in this image as well.


Here is a larger image

So what all is in this shot? This park is going be massive from the photos surfacing, but I can't place what's what!


Compare to the concept art:




The original from the Google search is MUCH larger!


This image was taken from a google search. I did no add these labels and can not verify if they are correct... However, they seem to be pretty spot on.

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Here are some cool videos that have surfaced. And in typical news fashion, they get things wrong.





The castle is called Storybook Castle, NOT Cinderella castle. LOL



So the videos below are all from a Chinese video site similar to YouTube. Some might display a little space looking man before the video starts. There's nothing wrong, just wait for the countdown to be over. There also might be some pop up window, just hit the X in the top right corner and the video will continue.



This link takes you to a Chinese site that did a drone fly over of the park. This video is where the image of the Raft Ride came from. This video shows two locations with incorrect concept art for the area.


Drove Video


This link is a CGI fly around of the castle and some interior shots with walls removed.


Castle Fly Around


And here is one more for good measure. Some different footage then the first one, but also some of the same.


Last one, I promise.

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I love the placement of the castle over the end of the rapids ride mountain range.

Or was that the pirate ride? Who knows? It's mostly all wrong anyway, heh.


Great amusing finds, Chris.

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I wonder where they'll put the Tron Coaster, hmmm?


Actually, I think the most interested and happy I am, is about the

Explorer Canoes of all things!! Because, this hasn't been duplicated

since the American parks, and Tokyo Disneyland. I think DLParis did have

them in the beginning, then dropped them afterwards.


So - this is very cool, and I hope it succeeds.



(It's the small things, that Disney does so awesomely.)

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^ Great! There's some overview shots around the castle that are nice to figure out.

And that's quite the color for the TRON Coaster outdoor supports.


Merci Chris!


When I found this untitled photo, I wasn't really sure

if this was the actual coaster and it's covering. Turns out, it is!

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And that's quite the color for the TRON Coaster outdoor supports.


The green stuff is only there to protect the track during the roof construction.

The track and supports are both gray for the outdoor section, and black indoors.


© themeparx.com



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Remember, the movie does enter the real world. So it could just be as simple as "you exit the computer."


That's a good point, actually - it doesn't mesh with the lightcycle concept, so there would have to be some transition where you (Sam, I suppose) manage to jump your own motorcycle into the grid. I'd imagine plenty of effects would could make that happen on the brake run immediately following the hill into the building, and I'd be curious to see if maybe some light effects on the bikes (LED panels?) could make them 'transition' from Sam's normal bike to blue/orange lightcycles once you've entered the Grid.


Like I said before: I'm sure they've got it all figured out, and it'll make sense once it all comes together.

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It "might" happen, and I am sure it would look lovely, but maybe a few thousand LEDs are going into

that outdoor mesh canopy. And with it being launched out of the bottom of the show building, it's a

perfect effect prior to entering The Grid (upper track into the bldg.).


That said, I am very curious what that 'thing' is, above The Grid entrance. Looks interesting.




The Grid Entry Portal with ? above it.

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^ Wow. This Disney park is definitely one for exercising in, LOL!

From where I make out the gardens area in front of The Castle, with Dumbo

and the Carousel in there too... wow. That whole area looks like the size of

Hong Kong Disneyland, lol. (Not really. Just about, though.)


Looking forward to the hiking around, there.


EDIT to add: And being able to make out some of the pathway of the outdoor

portion of the Grotto Boat Ride is nice, too.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well let's remember, this was the time period during

the Chinese New Years' celebrations, etc. So Chinese locals had their

(vacation?) time off, and decided to spend it at Tokyo Disney and Ocean Park.


So - avoid the days around any Chinese New Year, is what

I would advise, in advance, at this time.


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I just found this, posted at Screamscape.com .....


(3/19/15) Curious to know what the Tomorrowland Jet Pack Ride may look like? You can read through the actual patent Disney filed for the ride system starting back in 2008. https://www.google.com/patents/US7854660?dq=disney+jet++pack&hl=en&sa=X&ei=u7sJVfn9FoSvogStkILgCw&ved=0CCQQ6AEwAQ


According to the images, the two-person Jet Pack cars wont spin on a vertical axis, but instead may be able to pitch the riders forward quite a bit to experience a semi-flying style posture. There may also be some kind of 'Lift Off" effect sequence that happens at the start of ever ride, where the Jet Packs could use smoke / fog, lights and sound effects to simulate a rocket style lift-off sequence.




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