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Most Photogenic Coasters

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^ How do you not notice that the coaster is built on a mountain when you are looking at the pictures at RCDB. IE this picture ON RCDB.


Or you know, from TPR's own numerous updates from Ocean Park.

Which Airtime&Gravity got his pictures from. TPR has been to the park numerous times, I wonder if anyone has ridden it...

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I've never ridden it. In fact I've never been anywhere near Japan, but I think this coaster is the most beautiful I have seen. It's the White Cyclone at Nagashima Spa Land.




But I would also like to nominate Nemesis at Alton Towers, UK, purely for its fantastic theming and attention to detail.


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...a coaster...that was very accessible and pretty from every angle....

This is what I think when I think "photogenic" (and I agree that HH fits that fantastically). I guess I don't understand how one good picture can make a ride photogenic (like on enclosed rides or unfinished rides), but I'll admit beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Especially since I haven't been many places to see for myself.


As for my picks, Robin Hood always struck me as impressive on the water

As does Kawasemi.

And the theming of Crystal Wings is awesomely photogenic (the ride itself is a bit too obscured IMO).

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I've never been on it, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread was Mantis.

Yeah, maybe it's not the greatest ride, but I love the color scheme, and if you find the right picture, it can be hard to follow the train around the track.


Picture from Coasterimage.com

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