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PTR: Kings Island closing day 11/1/09

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After my not too good visit to Cedar Point last week, I really needed another visit to KI. I planned on going closing day but no one could take me. Than on Halloween night my sister said she would take me, but than my mom said not to rely on her, and instead have my neighbor take me. So my neighbor Dave would be taking me and Mitchell. It was about 1am. when I found out I was going, so I had to bed fast. I woke up at 7:30AM. but stayed in bed for 15 minutes, than took a quick shower. By 8:00 I was ready. My neighbor wasn't though, so I waited for him. At about 8:40 we picked up Mitchell. The drive to KI flew by, and before we knew it we were pulling into the parking lot! It was a little after ERT started, so my neighbor couldn't come in. He said he would read his books for a while, than go to Meijer to buy a ticket.


Mitchell & I walked very fast to Diamondback. We saw the line went out to Snake Pit, because Diamondback was testing and not open. We decided to go to Beast since we never go to it during ERT. On our way there we saw a train stuck on the MCBR, within a minute it was going down the drop, and we noticed it was going extremely slow. Over the two smaller hills it barley crested the hills, and it just barley made it through the helix. The splash it made was extremely small. After watching that interesting cycle of Diamondback we went to Beast.


The station was empty so I rode in my favorite seat (second to last.) Nick (dare to fly) surprisingly noticed me with short hair! Beast was running very slow, but we still had a great ride. Since no one was in line we stayed on and rode again. This time it ran a little bit faster. I checked the time and it was about time for the park to open so we made our way to the north side of the park. Backlot had no line so me and Mitch rode in the very front, Backlot crew was pretty fast today! None of the effects worked at all, so when we went to the MCBR we all laughed and said "Wow! This is so action packed, look at that parked helicopter!"


I snapped a few photos after Backlot, than we went to Vortex where we found... No one! We rode in 7-1, and had a great ride. We stopped on the MCBR for a minute or so. When we arrived in the station, people were inline for 7-1, but no one was in line for the okay seat; 5-1 so we rode there. It was significantly more rough, but I still enjoyed my ride.


Mitchell wanted to go check out X-BASE so we went to Firehawk. Maybe about 5 people total were in the station not counting employees! We were going to get a locker by decided not to. We waited 1 train for row 5 on the West station. I was a little nervous my phone or wallet would fly out but luckily it didn't. But as we went through the lie to fly over the lift hill I saw something fly out of the train into the grass. Mitchell freaked out and thought it was his phone. When we got into the station he realized his phone was in his pocket so we didn't worry.


Next we went to Flight of Fear and waited 1 train for one of the middle rows (my favorite.) After an intense great ride on FoF, we decided to ride again, only in row 2. Bad idea, we forgot we were sitting on a wheel! I've never had a more painful ride on FoF ever! I had a headache starting (which is very rare for me.) So we went to see if a B&M would fix it!


The line was pretty much non-existent. We waited 1 train for row 15. Diamondback lost it's roar. I think it only has a loud roar when it's hot out, because the past 3 visit, It had been cold & quiet. When Mitchell got his phone out of the bin, he noticed his wallet was gone. We than realized it had fell off on Firehawk. So we went back to X-BASE and filled out papers for his wallet, than went back to Diamondback and rode some more. We rode about 4 more times, than since we were in the area, we rode Scooby Doo & The Haunted Castle. We waited 7 minute which was the longest we will have waited for anything the whole day! I scored 650, which I guess is okay for it only being my Second ride ever on it and the last time I rode it was in 2003!


I hadn't even been in Action Zone yet, so we made our way there, I snapped some more shots on the way. Drop Zone had no wait so we rode it 6 times without getting off! Those were some of the best rides I've had on DZ (Best was in the morning of June 10th.) As I was getting on Drop Zone I saw Ashley & Kyle (Ashers & kjkjkj), they were on Xtreme Skyflier. While on DZ I joked saying "Look! SOB is a walkon, lets go ride it!" It made me sad not being able to ride SOB these past 4 visits so we went and rode Top Gun. TG had a full station just about, but row 2 was empty so we sat there. Usually I reride TG atleast twice, but after a bad ride on TG I didn't feel like it. So instead we went to Adventure Express. It smelled so nasty back there, we didn't feel like smelling it anymore so we rode Racer in the back seat. I had my camera pouch, camera, wallet, and phone all in my hoodie pocket and didn't realize it! Thankfully it stayed right there!


I than when to Coney Confections and bought some batteries since mine just died. I hadn't been on Eiffel Tower since August so I had to ride it one more time! The park looked so nice with all the leaves changing colors, while up there I took many photos and looked to see how long the lines were. Diamondback had a 5 minute wait which was funny cause we were complaining about how long that is! We went back to Diamondback and rode it 4 times. Someone threw up in row 4 of the green train, now we call the green train, the vomit train. One thing that was weird is that we sat in the gold train each time we rode Diamondback today.


I wanted more photos of Nickelodeon Universe, so I took some. Than went to Drop Zone again and rode 5 or so more times. Little did I know, but that would be my last time riding Drop Zone this year. My friend Brian and some other people texted me saying they just got off Diamondback and are by AE. So I met them there, they had just been at Cedar Point a few hours ago. We rode in the whole back car of AE, than went to Racer and rode in the whole front car. Brian wanted to ride FoF one more time before the end of the season so we went to it where the line was all the way to the 'purple room.' About 3 minutes later we were in the middle of the train. We didn't sit on a wheel this time, so it was enjoyable.


Brian was planning on getting his 300th. ride tonight, conveniently he was at 299, and since I was at 74 I had my 75th. when he had his 300th. in the front seat. Gabriell somewhat announced it on the intercom thing. While on Diamondback I had these flashbacks of all my rides I've had on Diamondback. It made me really sad looking back on the memories. It made me remember my first ride on Diamondback, my first night ride on DB, all of my ERT rides during RWCW, my first rain ride on DB, my first fireworks rides on DB, and my rides on DB when it was foggy and cold. Even though 75 (later 76) doesn't compare to some of your guy's ride counts on DB, it made me realize how much I ride Diamondback, and made me think of how far I've gone on it's trains (401,432ft., which is about 80 miles.)


I grabbed in one last ride on Diamondback in row 14. I can't imagine going 6 months without riding Diamondback... Since today was so memorable I wanted to buy my on ride photo (I also had a huge smile on my face.) But they were taking too long, so instead I bought a license plate and bumper sticker since I get my license this week. Now my car is Diamondback-ized.


Me, Brian, Mitchell, Adam, and a few other people than made our way to Beast for our final rides of the season. Only about a minute after we got there they let us in line. Jackson and Adam sat in the front seat, Me and Mitchell sat in row 2, and I don't remember who sat behind us. This ride on Beast was probably my best yet, even though it was running slow due to the cold, I just loved riding coasters with tons of friends and people who have the same passion as me. When we pulled into the brake run I was really sad it was all over. But Kosmac was awesome and let us stay on one more time! This time going up the lift hill I smelt Outback steakhouse. It made me very hungry! The whole train was cheering and super excited! These two rides on Beast were some of my most memorable rides ever.


I decided to buy my photo since how much fun I had. While leaving the park we all got in one more Mystery Machine photo before the end of the season!


This visit to KI was probably my best yet, I rode so much and a short time and had alot of fun. Thanks to everyone who made this visit what it is, I had an amazing day!


Diamondback: 11

Drop Zone: 11

Beast: 5

Vortex: 3

Backlot: 2

Flight of Fear: 3

Firehawk: 1

Racer: 3

Adventure Express: 2

Top Gun: 1

Eiffel Tower: 1

Scooby Doo & The Haunted Castle: 1


45 rides in just 8 1/2 hours! Pretty good, I must say! And now onto the photos!


Diamondback towering over the whole park.

Backlot Plaza with all the Haunt stuff still out on Display.

Not sure why, but I LOVE this photo, It reminds me of Tennessee Tornado.

Vortex was quiet today.

Almost like ERT!

Not sure why, But I really like ground shots!

Halloween stuff still out.

Vortex looks good today!

I would like this photo more if there was more color, it's too gray.


I have much more photos to post, but imageshack is being slow for me, so I'll post the rest later! And either later tonight, or tomorrow I'll have a video too!

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Part II


The park was empty!

I like how the park looks in the fall.

Coney Mall was actually one of the busiest sections of the park, and look how crowded it is!

Major Fail! This gate was open for about 30 minutes, atleast. Anyone could just walk back there.

Even with Diamondback, Rivertown isn't too busy.

One of the best first drops ever!

I never did see many people riding KI&MVRR.

I like this section of Rivertown alot.

I like this view of Diamondback.

I don't like how my camera sometimes gets these little rainbow things from the sun.

This was all we waited for DB!

And I didn't have to wait in this!

I love Drop Zone!

Didn't wait in any of this, but I wish I could of...

Top Gun had a full station, which is weird since most things today had no line at all.

Top Gun is my second favorite steel coaster at KI.

Part 3 soon!

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Part 3


Blue Racer's station was filled with trash cans.

When I was taking this photo I thought it looked good, but it ended up looking bad.

Nice view of Eiffel Tower.

I'm soooo happy Drop Zone was open.

I didn't ride Slingshot or Xtreme Skyflier this visit, I wish I would of.

Haunt stuff.


Last time I'll see Nickelodeon Universe from up here.

Drop Zone doing it's thing.

Eiffel Tower wasn't crowded at all!

Racer looks nice as always!

Diamondback and DB Trading Post.

See the guy in the green hoodie? He is sitting in the vomit seat!

DB Plaza wasn't busy.

Wild Thornberrie's and Diamondback, something that won't be the same next year.

I'm really hoping they paint Reptar.

This will probably be something like "Snoopy's Great Hot Air Balloon Race"

Avatar & Dora's Brother, next year it will have Snoopy and the yellow bird on it.

It'd be nice if they got lap bars.

I like this photo alot!


Part 4 (final) soon!

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Part 4 (Final)


I really like how Diamondback towers over the whole park.

I hope they fix up this area, it's a little too thrown together.

Although the whole park was empty, Nickelodeon Universe was pretty crowded. Word must of spread it's not going to be here next year.

The skull looks weird not being Haunt.

Kinda funny that the alien thing is just sitting out there.

I love Drop Zone!

Because of the sunlight, Son of Beast looks new right now.

The pond looks nice.

I haven't ridden Delirium since August I think.

I wasn't in the mood to ride Invertigo this visit. I'll ride it again next year.


Thanks for reading, and later I may post some videos!

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