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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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^ I actually had really good operations and two trains on all major coasters (except Colossus) during my visit. The reason for the waits were crowds, so I can't fault the park there.


I also really liked Derren Brown. I'm not a fan of VR on coasters, but I absolutely loved how it was used on this pseudo haunted house/ghost train.


Hes going on the very last week of school there will be tons of reward trips and because its offpeak, most rides will have one train unless they plan ahead which is kinda unlikely.

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Went on Wednesday 6th, kids have literally just gone back to school following half term and the park was PACKED with kids on school trips. I imagine the park will be busy from school trips now until they break up for summer holidays at the end of July.


Average queue times were Colossus 60 - Nemesis 60 - Stealth 60 - Saw 30 - Swarm 30 - DBGT 60.


I only got on 5 rides all day. FUMING!

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Thorpe Park has sent us a press release announcing the takeover of the park's beach area with a new Love Island experience based on the popular tv show. Thorpe Park Resort will be home to Love Island Lates on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for the six weeks of summer from 26th July. For more information visit http://www.thorpepark.com


Visitors to Thorpe Park Resort will soon be able to take part in an exclusive Love Island experience, including games, themed drinks and a chance to meet contestants from the notorious ITV2 show.


The theme park has announced its beach area will become the world’s only Love Island fan experience for the duration of summer 2018. Fans will be able to experience fun and games including the iconic Love Island lilo race for a chance to win prizes. The takeover will include themed cocktails, beach food, a chance to hire VIP beach huts and a specially-themed chill out zone.


There will also be opportunities to meet previous and current contestants on select dates.


The beach at THORPE PARK Resort will be the only Love Island experience available anywhere in the world for the duration of the series and beyond.


The TV series has continued to grow in popularity since 2015 and the launch of the current series was watched by an average of 2.95 million viewers; ITV2’s highest ever audience.


Divisional Director Dominic Jones said, “Throughout the summer everyone is talking about Love Island and now everyone has the chance to experience what it would be like to be on the ITV2 show, without having to leave the UK. Our beach is open and we’re looking forward to welcoming Love Island fans throughout the summer.”


The Surrey based theme park is celebrating its partnership with the hit ITV2 series with late night opening on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays nights from Thursday 26th July to Saturday 1st September 2018.




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Another day, another ride closure announced by Merlin.


"It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the time has come to say goodbye to a much loved ride here at Thorpe Park Resort and what was the UK’s tallest log flume, Logger’s Leap. Later on this year, fans of the ride will get the chance to own a piece of Logger’s Leap memorabilia via an online auction. We’ll be revealing which props and elements of the ride are up for grabs in an exclusive auction in May. Keep an eye on our social channels for details nearer the time."


Source: Facebook


The ride had been closed for the last three seasons with the park saying the area was under redevelopment and that the flume would be 'splashing back'. Although Loggers was largely uneventful, the last drop was fantastic, and it was a nice antidote to the rest of the doom-and-gloom-inspired attractions around the park.


In line with Merlin ride removal corporate policy, no replacement yet.



The last few years have flume by

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Well, now we know where that next big coaster is going ! Stinks to lose a log flume but...

...but we didn't even need to lose it for a coaster anyway, the ride takes up no room at all really. It's just another example of Merlin not looking after their rides properly. It will be nice to see a new coaster there, though, it's been a while.

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Not just any log flume, but a double dip log flume. Now there are three in the world, I think? Six Flags Great America, Walibi Holland and Walibi Belgium. (EDIT: and Plopsaland De Panne, thanks Jordy)

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Well, now we know where that next big coaster is going

I'm fully expecting another overpriced walkthrough or some other "groundbreaking experience" or something that won't have full actors 80% of the time and will be closed after like 3 years


Aw, come on man! Have you heard about the Project 2020 document? I’m expecting a document to be filed around this time if it is a coaster. Those folks over at Thorpe haven’t had a new coaster in seven long years!

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Not just any log flume, but a double dip log flume. Now there are three in the world, I think? Six Flags Great America, Walibi Holland and Walibi Belgium.


Technically those portable flumes have the small double drops as well. But having such a large double drop is rare. I'm glad I experienced one on CGA's old flume (RIP).

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Visited Thorpe for the first time since 2014 today. The park is looking a bit run down in places, however one thing that has improved significantly since my last visit is the operations! Everything was running at full capacity and operated very efficiently with little to no stacking Saw was also running great, colossus not as great. And the new soundtrack they recieved for the whole park from IMAScore a couple of years ago is fantastic! All in all I had a great day at Thorpe Park

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I have a stupid question (per usual). How fast are the Fastpass lines at Thorpe? Do you generally get on within like 5-10 minutes or is it more like Cedar Point where wait times can still be pretty sizeable?


We're flying out of Heathrow at 4:45 (International, so we should probably leave the park around 1) and debating if it's possible to ride the adult coasters and maybe Ghost Train if we get there at opening on a Sunday in late May. Is that a stupid plan? The alternative is skipping this place entirely but it's so close to the airport that it's a pretty tempting option on getaway day.

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Went in August 2018 and that's how the the Fastpass lines worked for me, as well. They really helped make sure we could ride everything we wanted to and grab multiple re-rides on stuff we wanted. It was especially effective on Swarm - anytime we booked it we practically walked straight onto the ride.

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It has been announced that Black Mirror Labyrinth, a new themed maze experience is coming to Thorpe Park!





As most Netflix fans will attest, Black Mirror has undoubtedly been one of the stand-out shows of the past decade.


So, when some bright spark over at Thorpe Park decided to combine Charlie Brooker’s warped world with the realities of a theme park, it’s safe to say they had our attention.


Based on, you guessed it, none other than the dark and technologically sinister show, Thorpe Park’s latest attraction is set to swap g-force for digi-force.


Black Mirror Labyrinth is the world’s first live Black Mirror experience and takes visitors on a journey they describe as a ‘a sensory-defying dimension’.


As the name would suggest, the new concept involves a maze combined with ‘cutting-edge visual technology’ that’s set to merge the lines between fiction and reality.


Set to open at Thorpe Park in late March, the new experience asks: “will you keep your grip on reality or will you lose yourself in the digital mainframe?”


In basic terms, it means that this labyrinth is set to be an experience that will hit a little too close to home.


In addition to the Black Mirror Labyrinth, the park has also announced the return of the park’s Fright Nights - set to scare any self-respecting horror fan.


Set to join Derren Brown's Ghost Train and The Walking Dead: The RIde, Black Mirror Labyrinth will join a host of exciting (and goosebump inducing) rides.



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I'm curious if this is just a deeply-themed mirror maze or if it will be a larger experience kinda like Ghost Train. I hope it turns out awesome, either way. Black Mirror is great but I'm struggling to see how they can sell their IP as a theme park attraction.

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