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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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^^Ouch... Really... Ouch!


Part of me hopes that the breathalyzer thing is true. Sure they have almost no reliability but still there is something so awesome about subjecting park goers to that. Alas, I'm guessing this is some weird PR thing which is never going to actually going to happen.

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^This will be your final warning: I understand you are young, but as a member of TPR we expect your posts to be legible. That means no internet shorthand, proper spelling and grammar, and so on. Please proof read your posts before posting, otherwise your time here will be short lived.

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Is it weird that the part that bothers me the most is the fact they called the Swarm "extreme"?


On the ride spectrum, I've heard several people refer to the ride as intense or extreme due to the unique nature of the ride's first plunge, coupled with the scenery and theming throughout the rest of the layout. Also, the forces on a Wingrider probably differ in feeling from those of a normal B&M sit down.


So for Thorpe and its target audience, I think you could indeed classify the ride as extreme.

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It Is One Of The Most Extreme Rides In The Wrold! I Think And Why Will My Time Be Short Lived How Do I Proow Read


There's a button in the upper left corner when posting that says "Spell Check." Click that before you're done posting and it'll correct most of your spelling mistakes.

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Experience the ultimate overnight stay at the nation’s Thrill Capital from March 2013


For the first time in its 33 year history, the nation’s Thrill Capital THORPE PARK, is set to open its very own accommodation, The Crash Pad, the world’s first fully serviced portable hotel to operate at a major leisure attraction. And with some of Europe’s most extreme rides in its back garden, The Crash Pad will catapult guests from dream to scream in less than 60 seconds when it opens in March 2013.


The Crash Pad will offer visitors the ideal place to crash after a day of experiencing adrenaline-inducing rides. Thrill seeking guests who want to stay the night won’t have to go far as the hotel will be located within screaming distance of the Park’s newest and most extreme rollercoaster, THE SWARM.


With 58 climate controlled rooms sleeping up to 4 guests in one double bed and 2 bunks, The Crash Pad is the ultimate overnight stay for groups of thrill-seeking mates or adrenaline-loving families looking to spend a couple of days trying out some of Europe’s most extreme rides such as the world’s most terrifying rollercoaster, SAW – The Ride, and the Unholy Trinity of Stealth, Colossus and Nemesis Inferno. All rooms will include an en-suite shower room and toilet, flat screen TV and a safe, and a dedicated reception and on-site housekeeping team will ensure guests are looked after and ready to take on a second day of stomach-churning rollercoasters.


Guests who want to crash out after an adrenaline-fuelled day can enjoy a mouth-watering meal in the Park’s in-house bar and recharge with a mix of chilled out evening entertainment. Those who want to keep the party going can take advantage of some of the UK’s most exciting entertainment and events, from comedy shows and concerts to club nights from world famous brands including Ministry of Sound!* And to ensure thrill seekers are up for it two days running a lip-smacking breakfast option will be included. Room packages at The Crash Pad will start from £64 per person per night and will include 2 day Park tickets, selected evening entertainment and breakfast.** Annual Pass holders will be eligible for special rates.


Mike Vallis, Divisional Director of THORPE PARK, said: ‘THORPE PARK is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries with the addition of new rides but we are now excited at the next stage of the Park’s development – our transformation into a short break tourist destination. We look forward to welcoming our first overnight guests when we open The Crash Pad in March next year.’


THORPE PARK have teamed up with innovators in transportable, temporary accommodation, Snoozebox Ltd. The Weybridge based company launched in 2011 at the British Grand Prix and have become an increasingly popular feature and service at major festivals and sporting events in the UK and Europe. The portable hotel can be loaded, stacked and transported with ease and can be fully operational and ready to welcome guests within 48 hours of arriving at a site.


Robert Breare, Snoozebox Chief Executive, said: ‘Our partnership with THORPE PARK is a real first and we’re looking forward to the ride ahead! We’re delighted to share the same passion for innovation and service with THORPE PARK. Snoozebox’s unique and innovative design is a perfect match for one of the country’s most extreme theme parks.’


Booking lines for The Crash Pad will open in December and guests can register their interest in an overnight stay now at THORPEPARK.com


* Club nights operate on selected dates throughout the season and some evening entertainment will be subject to an additional charge

** Based on 4 people sharing



Rumour has it this is all a way for the park to judge if building the hotel will be a financially viable thing to do. I can see pros and cons to this but the one thing I can imagine is the rooms getting trashed by some chavy teens on a regular basis. What are your thoughts on this? Will you be staying next year?




Crash Pad Logo

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Given that there's no guest accomodation in the immediate surrounding area, this could be a great idea. It'll be cheap to build, cheap to run and gives people the option of staying on-site and chucking in a couple of days park entry for good measure. In a group of 4, £64 per person and a couple of days entry is pretty good value, given how much the gate price is. No doubt the price will rocket upwards during peak season, and when Ministry of Sound etc. have their events on (and rightly so), but I can see this easily getting packed out during summer weekends and over holidays and special events.


It's pretty much win-win for Thorpe. If it works, they can choose to expand the Crash Pad site and/or build a purpose built hotel. If (and this is a very big IF) it doesn't work, it won't cost them the Earth to remove it.

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Clever name, I guess...good thing I didn't spend any time wondering what kind of ride this would be, since it isn't one.


How many other portable hotels are out there? They look a bit sad, but I might not mind staying in one, because I (still) love bunk beds.

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